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Stations for Network - The Country Network

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1 New York City, New York
23-1(22)480i WDVB-CD EDISON, NJ LocusPoint Networks
2 Los Angeles, California
08-2(8)480i KFLA-LD LOS ANGELES, CA Roy William Mayhugh
6 Houston, Texas
46-1(46)480i KBPX-LD HOUSTON, TX Ion Media Networks
7 San Francisco, California
28-15(21)480i KFTL-CD SAN FRANCISCO, CA LocusPoint Networks
8 Atlanta, Georgia
28-1(28)480i WDWW-LP CLEVELAND, GA DTV America
11 Sacramento, California
49-7(49)480i KSAO-LD SACRAMENTO, CA Cocola Broadcasting
12 Detroit, Michigan
19-1(19)480i WUDL-LD DETROIT, MI DTV America
14 Minneapolis, Minnesota
25-5(25)480i KJNK-LD MINNEAPOLIS, MN DTV America
20 Orlando, Florida
29-4(16)480i WRCF-CD ORLANDO, FL LocusPoint Networks
21 Cleveland, Ohio
41-6(27)480i WEKA-LD Cleveland, OH DTV America
23 St. Louis, Missouri
33-3(33)480i KBGU-LP ST. LOUIS, MO DTV America
25 Indianapolis, Indiana
28-7(28)480i WUDZ-LD TERRE HAUTE, IN DTV America
26 Charlotte, North Carolina
40-2(14)480i WVEB-LD FLORENCE, SC DTV America
28 Salt Lake City, Utah
23-7(23)480i KBTU-LD SALT LAKE CITY, UT DTV America
33 Kansas City, Missouri
21-1(16)480i KAJF-LD Kansas City, MO DTV America
34 Nashville, Tennessee
40-4(40)480i WKUW-LD WHITE HOUSE, TN DTV America
41 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
38-7(38)480i WTSJ-LP MILWAUKEE, WI DTV America
42 Fresno, California
39-5(39)480i KMSG-LD FRESNO, CA Cocola Broadcasting
46 Birmingham, Alabama
46-4(17)480i WUOA-LD BIRMINGHAM, AL DTV America
50 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
42-4(42)480i KBZC-LD Oklahoma City, OK DTV America
51 Memphis, Tennessee
36-5(18)480i WQEK-LD CLARKSDALE, MS DTV America
53 Jacksonville, Florida
35-1(35)480i WRCZ-LD OCALA, FL DTV America
63 Tulsa, Oklahoma
39-1(39)480i KZLL-LD JOPLIN, MO DTV America
76 Des Moines, Iowa
45-2(45)480i KCYM-LD Des Moines, IA DTV America
81 Syracuse, New York
68-2(14)480i WSYT SYRACUSE, NY Brian W. Brady
88 Tyler, Texas
27-4(27)480i KDKJ-LD TYLER, TX DTV America
94 Fayetteville, Arkansas
20-1(20)480i KFLU-LD FORT SMITH, AR DTV America
97 Waco, Texas
34-1(34)480i KZCZ-LD COLLEGE STATION, TX DTV America
102 Monterey, California
27-6(27)480i KYMB-LD MONTEREY, CA Cocola Broadcasting
112 Bakersfield, California
34-05(34)480i KCBT-LD BAKERSFIELD, CA Cocola Broadcasting
117 Boise, Idaho
49-3(49)480i KZAK-LD BOISE, ID Cocola Broadcasting
137 Topeka, Kansas
12-1(12)480i KSQA TOPEKA, KS
147 Joplin, Missouri
49-5(49)480i KPJO-LP PITTSBURG, KS DTV America
154 Amarillo, Texas
15-1(14)480i KAUO-LD AMARILLO, TX DTV America
157 Lubbock, Texas
29-5(29)480i KNKC-LD LUBBOCK, TX DTV America
210 Garden City, Kansas
23-4(23)480i KDGL-LD SUBLETTE, KS High Plains Broadcasting

Number of Affiliates: 36
Population Covered: 39,768,153
Percent of Total: 12.73%

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