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Average Bitrates
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ResolutionAvg. BitrateCountMax BitrateMin Bitrate
1080i13.13 Mbps113318.95 Mbps2 Mbps
720p11.57 Mbps94119.15 Mbps1.55 Mbps
480i3.8 Mbps476916 Mbps0.3 Mbps
480i (4:3)3.89 Mbps403616 Mbps0.3 Mbps
480i (16:9)3.27 Mbps72815.05 Mbps0.3 Mbps
720x480i3.76 Mbps112215.4 Mbps0.35 Mbps
704x480i3.64 Mbps299716 Mbps0.3 Mbps
640x480i4.19 Mbps18115.05 Mbps0.55 Mbps
544x480i2.87 Mbps798 Mbps0.8 Mbps
528x480i5.86 Mbps30714.25 Mbps0.75 Mbps
480x480i2.3 Mbps445 Mbps0.7 Mbps
352x480i1.89 Mbps302.45 Mbps1.05 Mbps
720x480i (4:3)3.85 Mbps87515.4 Mbps0.35 Mbps
704x480i (4:3)3.7 Mbps257816 Mbps0.3 Mbps
640x480i (4:3)4.53 Mbps15315.05 Mbps0.55 Mbps
544x480i (4:3)2.9 Mbps678 Mbps0.8 Mbps
528x480i (4:3)5.96 Mbps29414.25 Mbps0.75 Mbps
480x480i (4:3)2.19 Mbps364.3 Mbps0.7 Mbps
352x480i (4:3)1.89 Mbps272.45 Mbps1.05 Mbps
720x480i (16:9)3.41 Mbps24715.05 Mbps0.95 Mbps
704x480i (16:9)3.29 Mbps41710.75 Mbps0.3 Mbps
640x480i (16:9)2.34 Mbps284.25 Mbps0.65 Mbps
544x480i (16:9)2.68 Mbps124.5 Mbps1.1 Mbps
528x480i (16:9)3.46 Mbps136 Mbps1.7 Mbps
480x480i (16:9)2.8 Mbps85 Mbps1.4 Mbps
352x480i (16:9)1.9 Mbps32 Mbps1.7 Mbps

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