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Stations for Network - Rev\'n

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1 New York City, New York
32-4(32)480i WXNY-LD NEW YORK, NY CMMB America
2 Los Angeles, California
08-6(8)480i KFLA-LD LOS ANGELES, CA Roy William Mayhugh
3 Chicago, Illinois
22-6(24)480i WRJK-LP ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL Major Market Broadcasting
5 Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
38-4(38)480i KVFW-LD FORT WORTH, TX CMMB America
7 San Francisco, California
28-05(28)480i KFTL-CD SAN FRANCISCO, CA LocusPoint Networks
40-4(40)480i KMMC-LD SAN FRANCISCO, CA CMMB America
10 Washington, District of Columbia
49-5(14)480i (w) WWTD-LD WASHINGTON, DC
11 Sacramento, California
08-7(27)480i KBTV-CD SACRAMENTO, CA Mako Communications
49-3(49)480i KSAO-LD SACRAMENTO, CA Cocola Broadcasting
12 Detroit, Michigan
14-6(20)480i WHNE-LD DETROIT, MI
13 Seattle, Washington
46-6(46)480i KUSE-LD SEATTLE, WA Mako Communications
15 Phoenix, Arizona
38-7(38)480i K38IZ-D PHOENIX, AZ Adrian Quinones
18 San Juan, Puerto Rico
25-4(26)480i W26DK-D SAN JUAN, PR Mako Communications
19 Denver, Colorado
05-3(5)480i K05MD-D CRIPPLE CREEK, ETC., CO Mako Communications
16-2(16)480i KHDT-LD DENVER, CO
20 Orlando, Florida
10-1(45)480i WSWF-LD ORLANDO, FL
31 San Antonio, Texas
40-7(40)480i KISA-LD SAN ANTONIO, TX Mako Communications
33 Kansas City, Missouri
25-07(25)480i (w) KCKS-LD KANSAS CITY, KS
35 Greenville, South Carolina
50-3(50)480i WASV-LP ASHEVILLE, NC Digital Networks
39 Las Vegas, Nevada
47-6(48)480i KGNG-LD LAS VEGAS, NV
41 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
21-1(21)480i WMKE-CD MILWAUKEE, WI LocusPoint Networks
42 Fresno, California
04-4(42)480i KVHF-LD FRESNO, CA Cocola Broadcasting
45 Albany, New York
49 Louisville, Kentucky
17-2(41)480i WRLW-CD SALEM, IN
53 Jacksonville, Florida
28-5(28)480i WQXT-CD ST. AUGUSTINE, FL
62 Albuquerque, New Mexico
66 Flint, Michigan
20-3(20)480i WUWB-LD WEST BRANCH, MI
69 Huntsville, Alabama
77 Chattanooga, Tennessee
06-3(38)480i (w) WOOT-LD CHATTANOOGA, ETC., TN Digital Networks
49-2(49)480p WDNN-CD DALTON, GA North Georgia Television
102 Monterey, California
19-4(19)480i (w) KMBY-LD MONTEREY, CA Cocola Broadcasting
105 Wichita, Kansas
30-6(30)480i KSMI-LD WICHITA, KS Digital Networks
112 Bakersfield, California
34-10(34)480i KCBT-LD BAKERSFIELD, CA Cocola Broadcasting
117 Boise, Idaho
41-4(41)480i KBTI-LD BOISE, ID Cocola Broadcasting
49-4(49)480i KZAK-LD BOISE, ID Cocola Broadcasting
124 Cottage Grove, Oregon
44-6(44)480i K44JP-D COTTAGE GROVE, OR South Lane Television
130 Beaumont, Texas
27-5(27)480i KAOB-LD BEAUMONT, TX
132 Corpus Christi, Texas
54-1(20)480i K20JT-D CORPUS CHRISTI, TX Mako Communications
137 Topeka, Kansas
25-07(26)480i WROB-LD TOPEKA, KS
168 Bangor, Maine
13-2(5)480i WEXZ-LD BANGOR, ME
172 Kalispell, Montana
34-4(34)480i KMJD-LD KALISPELL, MT
191 Mankato, Minnesota
24-1(24)480i (w) K24JV-D ST. JAMES, MN Cooperative Television
196 Rapid City, South Dakota
33-3(33)480i KRPC-LP RAPID CITY, SD Digital Networks
199 Cortez, Colorado
27-7(26)480i K26CI-D CORTEZ, ETC, CO Southwest Colorado TV Translator Association
202 Twin Falls, Idaho
17-3(17)480i KYTL-LD TWIN FALLS, ID
235 Glasgow, Montana
18-3(39)480i K39GF-D FORT PECK, MT Valley County TV District #1

Number of Affiliates: 46
Population Covered: 0
Percent of Total: 0.00%

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