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Stations for Network - Azteca America

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1 New York City, New York
39-1(39)720p WNYN-LD NEW YORK, NY
2 Los Angeles, California
54-1(47 → 22)720p KAZA-TV AVALON, CA Weigel Broadcasting
3 Chicago, Illinois
61-1(33)720p WCHU-LD CHICAGO, IL Venture Technologies Group
4 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
36-4(36)480i (w) W36DO-D DARBY, PA Mako Communications
5 Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
55-1(39 → 31)720p KAZD LAKE DALLAS, TX Northstar Media
6 Houston, Texas
51-1(47 → 25)720p KYAZ KATY, TX Northstar Media
7 San Francisco, California
50-1(32 → 0)1080i KEMO-TV SANTA ROSA, CA Northstar Media
9 Boston, Massachusetts
24-1(24 → 5)720p WFXZ-CD BOSTON, MA WGBH Educational Foundation
11 Sacramento, California
49-1(49)480i KSAO-LD SACRAMENTO, CA Cocola Broadcasting
13 Seattle, Washington
44-2(44 → 16)480i KFFV SEATTLE, WA OTA Broadcasting
15 Phoenix, Arizona
41-1(41 → 22)720p KPDF-CA PHOENIX, AZ Northstar Media
16 Tampa, Florida
26-1(26)480i WXAX-CD CLEARWATER, FL Northstar Media
19 Denver, Colorado
07-2(7)480i KMGH-TV DENVER, CO Scripps-Howard
20 Orlando, Florida
14-1(14 → 21)480i WDYB-CD DAYTONA BEACH, FL
22 San Diego, California
33-1(34)1080i XHAS-TDT Tijuana, BN Entravision
49-2(47 → 21)480i XHDTV-TDT Tecate, BN Entravision
24 Portland, Oregon
37-1(27)480i (w) KSLM-LD DALLAS, OR Northwest Television
26 Charlotte, North Carolina
41-1(41)480i WHEH-LD LUMBERTON, NC DTV America
27 Hartford, Connecticut
38-1(38)480i WHCT-LD HARTFORD, NEW HAVEN, CT Venture Technologies Group
28 Salt Lake City, Utah
25-1(25)480i KSVN-CD OGDEN, UT Azteca Broadcasting
39-1(39)480i K39JS-D SALT LAKE CITY, UT Azteca Broadcasting
29 Baltimore, Maryland
69-1(20)480i WQAW-LP LAKE SHORE, MD Northstar Media
30 Raleigh, North Carolina
27-2(22)720p WIRP-LD RALEIGH, NC DTV America
31 San Antonio, Texas
31-1(31) KVDF-CD SAN ANTONIO, TX Northstar Media
36 Columbus, Ohio
17-4(17 → 24) WDEM-CD COLUMBUS, OH Minority Brands
23-4(23) W23BZ-D COLUMBUS, OH Minority Brands
37 West Palm Beach, Florida
34-2(34 → 20)480i (w) WTVX FORT PIERCE, FL Sinclair
39 Las Vegas, Nevada
19-1(19)720p KHDF-CD LAS VEGAS, NV Northstar Media
41 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
38-1(38)720p WTSJ-LP MILWAUKEE, WI DTV America
42 Fresno, California
43-2(39)720p KMSG-LD FRESNO, CA Cocola Broadcasting
48 Austin, Texas
20-1(20)1080i KADF-LD AUSTIN, TX
50 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
31-3(31)480i KXOK-LD ENID, OK
45-1(45 → 31)720p KOHC-CD OKLAHOMA CITY, OK
67 Harlingen, Texas
04-2(31 → 18)480i KGBT-TV HARLINGEN, TX Sinclair
57-1(39)480i KAZH-LP MCALLEN, TX Northstar Media
69 Huntsville, Alabama
70 Tucson, Arizona
14-1(14)720p KUDF-LP TUCSON, AZ
74 El Paso, Texas
07-4(17)480i (w) KVIA-TV EL PASO, TX News-Press & Gazette
88 Tyler, Texas
27-2(27)720p KDKJ-LD TYLER, TX DTV America
94 Fayetteville, Arkansas
48-2(48 → 28)480i K48MR-D BENTONVILLE & ROGERS, AR
97 Waco, Texas
61-1(51)480i KAXW-LD MULLIN, TX DTV America
102 Monterey, California
43-1(46)480i K46LG-D MONTEREY, CA
109 Charleston, South Carolina
112 Bakersfield, California
23-2(10)720p KERO-TV BAKERSFIELD, CA Scripps-Howard
117 Boise, Idaho
51-1(49)480i KZAK-LD BOISE, ID Cocola Broadcasting
118 Salisbury, Maryland
32-1(32)480i (w) WGDV-LD SALISBURY, MD Marquee Broadcasting
136 Palm Springs, California
154 Amarillo, Texas
22-2(22)720p KLKW-LD AMARILLO, TX DTV America
157 Lubbock, Texas
29-2(29)720p KNKC-LD LUBBOCK, TX DTV America
159 Yuma, Arizona
07-2(22)480i KVYE EL CENTRO, CA Entravision
180 Yakima, Washington
39-1(39 → 36)720p KWYT-LP YAKIMA, WA
186 Laredo, Texas
39-2(27)480i KXOF-CD LAREDO, TX Entravision
238 Key West, Florida
08-1(8)1080i WGEN-TV KEY WEST, FL Mapale, LLC

Number of Affiliates: 53
Population Covered: 129,446,356
Percent of Total: 41.43%

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