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Stations for Network - Global

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207 Watertown, New York
11-1(11 → 13)1080i CKWS-DT Kingston, ON Corus Entertainment
30-1(23)1080i CKWS-1 Brighton, ON Corus Entertainment
224 Norwood, New York
26-1(28)480i (w) CKWS-2 Prescott, ON Corus Entertainment
228 Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
12-1(15) CIII-12 Sault Ste Marie, ON Corus Entertainment
244 Saint John, New Brunswick
12-1(12)1080i CHNB-DT Saint John, NB Corus Entertainment
901 Midland, Ontario
07-1(7 → 11)1080i CIII-7 Midland, ON Corus Entertainment
901 Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario
41-1(17)1080i CIII-41 Toronto, ON Corus Entertainment
902 Montreal, Quebec
15-1(15)1080i CKMI-1 Montreal, QC Corus Entertainment
903 Northern British Columbia
12-1(29)1080i CIFG-DT Prince George, BC Corus Entertainment
903 Vancouver, British Columbia
08-1(22)1080i CHAN-DT Vancouver, BC Corus Entertainment
904 Ottawa, Ontario
06-1(14)1080i CIII-6 Ottawa, ON Corus Entertainment
905 Edmonton, Alberta
13-1(13)1080i CITV-DT Edmonton, AB Corus Entertainment
905 Red Deer, Alberta
10-1(28)1080i CITV-1 Red Deer, AB Corus Entertainment
906 Calgary, Alberta
02-1(25)1080i CICT-DT Calgary, AB Corus Entertainment
907 Quebec City, Quebec
20-1(20)1080i CKMI-DT Quebec, QC Corus Entertainment
908 Winnipeg, Manitoba
09-1(19)1080i CKND-DT Winnipeg, MB Corus Entertainment
909 London, Ontario
06-1(23)1080i CIII-DT Paris, ON Corus Entertainment
29-1(35)1080i CIII-29 Sarnia-Oil Springs, ON Corus Entertainment
910 Halifax, Nova Scotia
08-1(8)1080i CIHF-DT Halifax, NS Corus Entertainment
912 Sherbrooke, Quebec
11-1(10)1080i CKMI-2 Sherbrooke, QC Corus Entertainment
913 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
04-1(42 → 20)1080i CFSK-DT Saskatoon, SK Corus Entertainment
915 Regina, Saskatchewan
11-1(11)1080i CFRE-DT Regina, SK Corus Entertainment
916 Peterborough, Ontario
12-1(12)1080i CHEX-DT Peterborough, ON Corus Entertainment
22-1(29)1080i CHEX-2 Oshawa, ON Corus Entertainment
27-1(27)1080i CIII-27 Peterborough, ON Corus Entertainment
919 Thunder Bay, Ontario
04-1(4) CHFD-DT Thunder Bay, ON Dougall Media
920 Lethbridge, Alberta
07-1(7)1080i CISA-DT Lethbridge, AB Corus Entertainment
924 Lloydminster, Alberta and Saskatchewan
02-1(2)1080i CKSA-DT Lloydminster, AB Newcap Television

Number of Affiliates: 28
Population Covered: 1,951,853
Percent of Total: 0.62%

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