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Location on RabbitEars Woodland Hills (GA) TV Stations
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Coordinates: N 33.806-33.808, W 84.338-84.34

ChannelCall SignCity of LicenseASRNAGLRecord TypeHAATPower
4-1 (2)WUVM-LPATLANTA, GA1223132870'LPD-CP796'3 kW NDDIE TUA-O4
17-1 (20)WPCH-TVATLANTA, GA12231321090'DTV-LIC1018'1000 kW NDDIE TUD-05-14/70U-2-B
17-1 (31)WPCH-TVATLANTA, GA12231321152'DTV-CP1079'805 kW NDDIE TUM-AP-O4-14/56H-R-2-T
21-1 (26)WLVO-LDCUMMING, GA1223132928'LPD-LIC854'15 kW NDDielectric TLP-14B-VP-D26
25-1 (30)WBUD-LDAtlanta, GA1223132656'LPD-APP582'15 kW DAPSI PSILP16BH
26-1 (30)WTBS-LDATLANTA, GA12231321152'LPD-LIC1077'15 kW DARFS RD280
28-1 (28)WDWW-LDCLEVELAND, GA1223132930'LPD-LIC856'12 kW NDDIE TUA-O4
28-1 (28)WDWW-LDCLEVELAND, GA1223132930'LPD-CP856'8 kW DADIE TFU-C150
32-1 (29)WANN-CDATLANTA, GA12231321152'DCA-LIC1077'14 kW DARFS RD280
32-1 (20)WANN-CDATLANTA, GA12231321152'DCA-CP1077'11.4 kW DARFS RD280
34-1 (48)WUVG-DTATHENS, GA12231321090'DTV-LIC1018'1000 kW NDDIE TUD-O5-14/70U-2-B
34-1 (18)WUVG-DTATHENS, GA12231321150'DTV-CP1076'1000 kW NDRFS PEP70E
36-1 (25)WATLATLANTA, GA12231321151'DTV-LIC1089'500 kW NDRFS RD280-HP
45-1 (45)W45DX-DATLANTA, GA1223132494'LPD-LIC420'15 kW DAAND ALP16L2-HSW
45-1 (13)W45DX-DATLANTA, GA1223132494'LPD-CP420'0.5 kW DAJAM JSL-V8-CP
46-1 (19)WGCL-TVATLANTA, GA12231321152'DTV-LIC1079'1000 kW NDRFS RD28O-HP
49-1 (49)WUEO-LDMACON, GA1223132930'LPD-LIC856'4 kW NDDIE TUA-O4
49-1 (11)WUEO-LDMACON, GA1223132721'LPD-CP646'3 kW DADIE THB-C1-1H/1HD-1-R
51-1 (14)WAGC-LDATLANTA, GA12231321152'LPD-LIC1077'10 kW DARFS RD280
51-1 (15)WAGC-LDATLANTA, GA12231321152'LPD-CP1077'15 kW DAPSI PSIUP2-CUSTOM
63-1 (44)WHSG-TVMONROE, GA12231321090'DTV-LIC1018'1000 kW NDDIE TUD-05-14/70U-2-B
63-1 (44)WHSG-TVMONROE, GA12231321090'DTV-STA1018'500 kW NDDIE TUD-05-14/70U-2-B
69-1 (43)WUPAATLANTA, GA12231321152'DTV-LIC1081'1000 kW NDDIE TFU-32GTH-R 04
69-1 (36)WUPAATLANTA, GA12231321152'DTV-CP1078'1000 kW NDDIE TUM-AP-O4-14/56H-2-T
89.3C1WRFGATLANTA, GA 548'FM-LIC486'65 kW DA SHI 6810-5R-DA
91.9AWCLKATLANTA, GA 1063'FM-LIC991'0.48 kW ND SHI 6014-1/3
92.9C1WZGCATLANTA, GA 1142'FM-LIC1115'64 kW ND ERI COG-1083-10CP
93.7DW229AGATLANTA, GA 1063'FX-LIC 0.25 kW DA  
94.9C1WUBLATLANTA, GA 1142'FM-LIC1083'78 kW ND ERI COG-1083-10CP, 10 bay, 0.75 wavelength spaced
96.1C0WWPWATLANTA, GA 1142'FM-LIC1083'97 kW ND ERI COG-1083-10CP, 10 bay, 0.75 wavelength spaced
97.9DW250BCATLANTA, GA 1063'FX-LIC995'0.25 kW ND  
98.9DW255CJATLANTA, GA 1063'FX-LIC988'0.144 kW DA  
99.7C0WWWQATLANTA, GA 1142'FM-LIC1115'96.6 kW ND ERI COG-1083-10CP
101.1DW266BWWINDER, GA 955'FX-LIC879'0.25 kW DA  
101.1DW266BWWINDER, GA 955'FX-APP879'0.005 kW DA  
101.1DW266BWWINDER, GA 955'FX-CP879'0.08 kW DA  
101.5C0WKHX-FMMARIETTA, GA 1142'FM-LIC1079'100 kW ND ERI COG-1083-10CP

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