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Location on RabbitEars Missouri City (TX) TV Stations
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Coordinates: N 29.555-29.59, W 95.485-95.52

ChannelCall SignCity of LicenseASRNAGLRecord TypeHAATPower
2-1 (35)KPRC-TVHOUSTON, TX10473481906'DTV-LIC1919'1000 kW NDDIE TFU-26GTH-R 04
6-1 (6)KCVH-LDHOUSTON, TX10596221325'LPD-CP1336'3 kW NDKAT TVO-4
8-1 (8)KUHTHOUSTON, TX10285551001'DTX-LIC1017'33.3 kW NDERI ESW-4H7-HSO-8
8-1 (8)KUHTHOUSTON, TX10646961877'DTV-LIC1890'49.8 kW DAJampro JCPD-10/4(40) BIII
10-1 (10)KUVM-LDHOUSTON, TX10596221430'LPD-LIC1441'3 kW DADielectric TLS-V4/VP-R
11-1 (11)KHOUHOUSTON, TX10113501936'DTV-LIC1946'60 kW DADIE THV-12A11-R S190
11-1 (11)KHOUHOUSTON, TX10113501499'DTX-LIC1434'25 kW DADIE TLS-V4/VP-R S180
12-1 (10)KHLM-LDHOUSTON, TX10596221430'LPD-LIC1441'3 kW DADielectric TLS-V4/VP-R
13-1 (13)KTRK-TVHOUSTON, TX10408151913'DTV-LIC1929'32.4 kW NDRCA TCL-16A13
14-1 (24)KETH-TVHOUSTON, TX10646961883'DTV-LIC1903'1000 kW DARFS PHP-80
15-1 (15)KVVV-LDHOUSTON, TX10646961617'LPD-LIC1630'15 kW DAMCI 955212
15-1 (15)KVVV-LDHOUSTON, TX10646961617'LPD-STA1630'15 kW DAMCI 955414
15-1 (15)KVVV-LDHOUSTON, TX10646961617'LPD-CP1630'15 kW DAMCI 955212
20-1 (19)KTXHHOUSTON, TX10596221745'DTX-LIC1759'520 kW DADIE TFU-24WB-R WC
20-1 (19)KTXHHOUSTON, TX10596221942'DTV-LIC1955'1000 kW DADIE TFU-24GTH-R S200
20-1 (19)KTXHHOUSTON, TX10285551722'DTX-LIC1739'475 kW DADIE TFU-24WB-R
20-1 (19)KTXHHOUSTON, TX10596221722'DTX-CP1736'475 kW DADIE TFU-24WB-R
20-1 (19)KTXHHOUSTON, TX10285551946'DTV-CP1962'1000 kW DADIE TFU-24GTH-R S200
21-1 (14)KVQT-LDHOUSTON, TX10646961299'LPD-CP1313'15 kW DAPSI PSILP16AWCR-14-CP
22-1 (23)KLTJGALVESTON, TX10646961883'DTV-LIC1900'350 kW DARFS PHP80
26-1 (26)KRIVHOUSTON, TX10285551946'DTV-LIC1962'800 kW DAERI ATW25H3-CTCX-26S
26-1 (26)KRIVHOUSTON, TX10596221722'DTX-CP1736'435 kW DADIE TFU-24WB-R
26-1 (26)KRIVHOUSTON, TX10285551736'DTX-LIC1752'525 kW DAERI ATW22H3-ESC1
26-1 (26)KRIVHOUSTON, TX10285551946'DTV-CP1962'1000 kW DAERI ATW25H3-CTCX-26S
26-1 (26)KRIVHOUSTON, TX10285551722'DTX-LIC1739'435 kW DADIE TFU-24WB-R
28-1 (28)KUGB-CDHOUSTON, TX10646961585'DCA-LIC1599'15 kW DAERI AL12M-28-PLC
28-1 (28)KUGB-CDHOUSTON, TX10646961585'DCA-STA1599'10.5 kW DAERI AL12M-28-PLC
28-1 (28)KUGB-CDHOUSTON, TX10646961585'DCA-CP1599'15 kW NDDIE TUM-O4-03/12M-T
34-1 (20)KUVM-CDMISSOURI CITY, TX1059622961'DCA-LIC971'15 kW DAMCI 955316
39-1 (34)KIAHHOUSTON, TX10473481906'DTV-LIC1923'1000 kW NDDIE TFU-30GTH/VP-R O6
45-1 (30)KXLN-DTROSENBERG, TX10596221932'DTV-LIC1942'1000 kW DAERI ATW26H4-ETCX3-30H
47-1 (22)KTMDGALVESTON, TX10646961946'DTV-LIC1959'1000 kW DAERI ATW19HS6-ETCX-22H
47-1 (22)KTMDGALVESTON, TX10646961280'DTX-LIC1293'600 kW DADielectric TFU-16DSB-D
49-1 (32)KPXB-TVCONROE, TX10113501601'DTV-LIC1608'1000 kW DADIE TFU-31JSC/VP-R 4S150
50-1 (7)KDHU-LDHOUSTON, TX10646961968'LPD-LIC1983'0.3 kW NDSCA TVO
50-1 (7)KDHU-LDHOUSTON, TX10646961968'LPD-CP1983'3 kW DASWR SWCVL4OI/07
51-1 (25)KYAZKATY, TX10596221942'DTV-LIC1952'1000 kW DARFS PEPL42C
55-1 (33)KTBUCONROE, TX10596221946'DTV-LIC1959'1000 kW DARFS PEPL42C
57-1 (31)KUBE-TVBAYTOWN, TX10646961886'DTV-LIC1903'1000 kW DAERI ATW30HS4-ESCX-31H
57-1 (31)KUBE-TVBAYTOWN, TX10646961654'DTV-STA1667'600 kW DADielectric TFU-16WB-R C160
61-1 (21)KZJLHOUSTON, TX10596221942'DTV-LIC1952'880 kW DARFS PEPL42C
67-1 (36)KFTH-DTALVIN, TX10646961886'DTV-LIC1900'1000 kW DARFS PHP80U22211E
93.7CKQBTHOUSTON, TX10596221155'FX-LIC1175'37 kW NDERI SHPX-10AC
97.9CKBXXHOUSTON, TX 1007'FX-LIC1020'7 kW DA
102.1CKMJQHOUSTON, TX 1706'FM-LIC1719'100 kW DA
94.5CKTBZ-FMHOUSTON, TX10646961417'FX-LIC1437'65 kW NDERI SHPX-8AC6, eight sections
91.5DK218EJHOUSTON, TX10596220'FX-LIC1781'0 kW DA
91.5DK218EJHOUSTON, TX10596220'FX-CP1782'0 kW DASCA 2 Skewed CL-CMs
92.9CKKBQPASADENA, TX10500051906'FM-LIC1919'93.7 kW NDERI COG-1083-12CP
100.3CKILT-FMHOUSTON, TX1064696945'FX-LIC965'40 kW NDSWR FM10/6
100.3CKILT-FMHOUSTON, TX10500051906'FM-LIC1919'95 kW DAERI COG-1080
95.7CKKHHHOUSTON, TX10646961736'FX-LIC1752'74 kW NDDIE DCBR-C3SP-10FMB/30U-2
95.7CKKHHHOUSTON, TX 1906'FM-LIC1919'95 kW DAERI COG 1080
105.7CKHCB-FMHOUSTON, TX 1598'FM-LIC1614'100 kW ND
101.1CKLOLHOUSTON, TX 1040'FX-LIC1063'7 kW ND
101.1CKLOLHOUSTON, TX10646961506'FX-LIC1526'70 kW NDERI SHPX-8AC6, eight sections
101.1CKLOLHOUSTON, TX 1906'FM-LIC1919'96 kW NDERI COG-1083-12CP
99.1CKODAHOUSTON, TX10646961506'FX-LIC1526'70 kW NDERI SHPX-8AC6
99.1CKODAHOUSTON, TX10500051906'FM-LIC1919'96 kW NDERI COG 1080
104.1CKRBEHOUSTON, TX 1020'FX-LIC1030'7.4 kW DA
104.1CKRBEHOUSTON, TX1064696735'FX-LIC755'48.9 kW NDERI SHPX-6AE
104.1CKRBEHOUSTON, TX10646961736'FX-LIC1752'86 kW NDDIE DCBR-C3SP-10FMB/30U-2
104.1CKRBEHOUSTON, TX10500051906'FM-LIC1919'92.18 kW NDERI COG3-78T-12-240-2
96.5CKHMXHOUSTON, TX10646961417'FX-LIC1437'65 kW NDERI SHPX-8AC6
96.5CKHMXHOUSTON, TX10500051906'FM-LIC1919'97 kW NDERI COG-1083-12CP
88.7CKUHFHOUSTON, TX10408151706'FM-LIC1719'100 kW NDADC X-Dipole panel-6
88.7CKUHFHOUSTON, TX10408151476'FX-LIC1489'100 kW NDJAM JLLP-12
88.7CKUHFHOUSTON, TX10646961942'FM-CP1955'100 kW DA
88.3DK202EPHOUSTON, TX10596221801'FX-LIC1811'0.006 kW NDNicom BKG-77
95.1DK236ARMISSOURI CITY, TX10596221801'FX-LIC1810'0.099 kW ND
102.5DK296HJRICHMOND, TX10646961739'FX-CP1753'0.1 kW DASCA 2 Skewed CLFMs
98.7DK254BZHOUSTON, TX10646961791'FX-CP1806'0.25 kW DASCA 2 Skewed CL-CMs

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