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Stations for Network - Antenna TV

This network was launched by Tribune in January 2011 as a compliment to Weigel's This TV, which airs on many of Tribune's stations.

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1 New York City, New York
11-2(11)480i WPIX NEW YORK, NY Nexstar Broadcasting
2 Los Angeles, California
05-2(35)480i KTLA LOS ANGELES, CA Nexstar Broadcasting
2 Ridgecrest, California
05-2(27)480i K27NX-D RIDGECREST, CA Indian Wells Valley TV Booster
3 Chicago, Illinois
09-2(19)480i WGN-TV CHICAGO, IL Nexstar Broadcasting
4 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
16-2(7)480i (w) W07DC-D ALLENTOWN/BETHLEHEM, PA Tegna
17-2(17)480i WPHL-TV PHILADELPHIA, PA Nexstar Broadcasting
5 Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
33-2(32)480i KDAF DALLAS, TX Nexstar Broadcasting
6 Houston, Texas
39-2(11)480i KHOU HOUSTON, TX Tegna
7 San Francisco, California
04-2(7)480i KRON-TV SAN FRANCISCO, CA Nexstar Broadcasting
24-03(24)480p KAAP-LD SANTA CRUZ, CA Major Market Broadcasting
24-03(11)480p KPJC-LD SAN FRANCISCO, CA Jeff Chang
7 Ukiah, California
04-2(51 → 19)480i K51AQ-D UKIAH, CA Television Improvement Association of Ukiah
8 Atlanta, Georgia
36-3(25)480i WATL ATLANTA, GA Tegna
9 Boston, Massachusetts
17-4(28)480i WWOO-LD WESTMORELAND, NH Jeffrey Winemiller
31-6(30)480i WCRN-LD Boston, MA 5GTV, LLC
10 Washington, District of Columbia
50-2(15)480i WFDC-DT ARLINGTON, VA Entravision
11 Sacramento, California
40-2(22)480i KTXL SACRAMENTO, CA Nexstar Broadcasting
12 Detroit, Michigan
20-2(32)480i (w) WDIV-TV DETROIT, MI Graham Holdings
13 Centralia, Washington
22-3(15)480i (w) K15MI-D CENTRALIA/CHELASIS, WA Fox Television Stations
13 Seattle, Washington
22-3(36)480i (w) KZJO SEATTLE, WA Fox Television Stations
22-3(29)480i (w) K29ED-D EVERETT, WA Fox Television Stations
14 Alexandria, Minnesota
23-06(14)480i (w) K14LZ-D ALEXANDRIA, MN Selective TV
14 Minneapolis, Minnesota
23-06(22)480i (w) WUCW MINNEAPOLIS, MN Sinclair
14 Willmar, Minnesota
23-06(14)480i (w) K14LF-D WILLMAR, MN UHF TV
05-4(34)480i (w) K34HO-D WILLMAR, MN UHF TV
15 Cottonwood, Arizona
15-2(33)480i K33NZ-D COTTONWOOD, AZ Scripps-Howard
15-2(23)480i K23FZ-D CAMP VERDE, AZ Camp Verde TV Club
15 Phoenix, Arizona
15-2(15)480i KNXV-TV PHOENIX, AZ Scripps-Howard
15 Prescott, Arizona
15-2(19)480i K19KV-D PRESCOTT, AZ Scripps-Howard
16 Tampa, Florida
08-3(9)480i (w) WFLA-TV TAMPA, FL Nexstar Broadcasting
17 Miami, Florida
39-3(27)480i WSFL-TV MIAMI, FL Scripps-Howard
19 Anton, Colorado
31-2(15)480i (w) K15MH-D ANTON, CO
19 Denver, Colorado
22-2(21)480i (w) KFCT FORT COLLINS, CO Nexstar Broadcasting
31-2(36)480i (w) KDVR DENVER, CO Nexstar Broadcasting
19 Haxtun, Colorado
31-2(33)480i (w) K33GM-D HAXTUN, CO Region 1 Translator Association
19 Holyoke, Colorado
31-2(30)480i (w) K30GO-D PLEASANT VALLEY, CO Region 1 Translator Association
31-2(17)480i (w) K17EU-D HOLYOKE, CO Region 1 Translator Association
19 Idalia, Colorado
31-2(29)480i (w) K29HD-D IDALIA, CO Region 1 Translator Association
19 Julesburg, Colorado
31-2(36)480i (w) K36PS-D JULESBURG, CO Region 1 Translator Association
31-2(20)480i (w) K20KO-D JULESBURG, CO Region 1 Translator Association
19 Steamboat Springs, Colorado
22-2(12)480i (w) Breckenridge, CO Summit Public Radio and TV
19 Wray, Colorado
31-2(15)480i (w) K15MD-D WRAY, CO Region 1 Translator Association
19 Yuma, Colorado
31-2(31)480i (w) K31PC-D YUMA, CO Region 1 Translator Association
20 Orlando, Florida
10-06(29)480i (w) WSWF-LD ORLANDO, FL Major Market Broadcasting
21 Cleveland, Ohio
08-2(8)480i WJW CLEVELAND, OH Nexstar Broadcasting
22 San Diego, California
69-2(26)480i KSWB-TV SAN DIEGO, CA Nexstar Broadcasting
23 St. Louis, Missouri
02-2(33)480i (w) KTVI ST. LOUIS, MO Nexstar Broadcasting
24 Astoria, Oregon
32-2(34)480i (w) K34DC-D ASTORIA, OR Nexstar Broadcasting
32-2(29)480i (w) K29IB-D GRAYS RIVER, ETC., WA Nexstar Broadcasting
24 Longview, Washington
32-2(15)480i (w) K15IX-D RAINIER, OR Rural Oregon Wireless Television
24 Portland, Oregon
32-2(25)480i (w) KOIN PORTLAND, OR Nexstar Broadcasting
24 The Dalles, Oregon
32-2(23)480i (w) K23OV-D Hood River, OR Rural Oregon Wireless Television
32-2(7)480i (w) K07YV-D THE DALLES, OR Nexstar Broadcasting
24 Tillamook, Oregon
32-2(23)480i (w) K38CZ-D LINCOLN CITY/NEWPORT, OR Nexstar Broadcasting