Program Association Table

PAT Version Number: 5
Transport Stream ID: 17521 (0x4471)

PMT PID 48 (0x0030) - Program 1 CFJP-DT

Program Map Table(s)

Program Number: 1 CFJP-DT
Descriptor: ATSC Component Name Descriptor
PCR PID: 0x0031

Stream Type: 0x02 MPEG-2 Video PID 49 (0x0031)
MPEG Video: Bitrate 18.065 Mbps Resolution 1920 x 1080i
MPEG Video: Framerate 29.97 fps Aspect Ratio 16:9 Chroma Format 4:2:0
AFD descriptor: 1000 (Active format is the same as the coded frame)
Descriptor: Data Stream Alignment Descriptor

Stream Type: 0x81 AC-3 Audio PID 51 (0x0033)
AC3: Bitrate 384 Kbps Sample Rate 48 KHz
AC3: Mode complete main Coding 3/2 5 L, C, R, SL, SR
AC3: Center Mix Level -3.0 dB Surround Mix Level -3.0 dB
AC3: LFE Mode On Dialogue normalization -24 dB
Descriptor: Registration Descriptor
Descriptor: ATSC Component Name Descriptor
Descriptor: ATSC AC-3 audio Descriptor
Descriptor: ISO639 Language Descriptor

Stream Type: 0x06 ISO/IEC 13818-1 PES packets containing private data PID 59 (0x003b)
Descriptor: Registration Descriptor

Terrestrial Virtual Channel Table

Channel 1
Service Name: CFJP-DT
TSID: 17521 (0x4471)
Channel Number: 35.1
Carrier Frequency: 0
Modulation Mode: ATSC (8 VSB)
Source ID: 1
Descriptor: ATSC Service Location Descriptor
Service Location Descriptor:
PCR PID 0x0031
Stream Type 0x02 (MPEG-2 Video) ESPID = 0x0031 Language =
Stream Type 0x81 (AC-3 Audio) ESPID = 0x0033 Language =
Stream Type 0x06 (ISO/IEC 13818-1 PES packets containing private data) ESPID = 0x003b Language =

MPEG-2 Statistics

TableSections ProcessedCRC Errors

Continuity errors: 0
TEI errors: 0
Sync Losses: 0
Retunes: 0
Calculated multiplex rate: 19392670 bps

General Information

Source: HDHomeRun 8VSB
Tuner: Channel 35 (599 MHz)
Signal: Locked Signal 78 Quality 61
Network Type: ATSC
Run Time: 000:00:09

PID Usage Chart

0x0000 (0.08% ~ 0.02 Mbps)
0x0000 MPEG-2 Program Assocation Table
0x0030 (0.02% ~ 0.00 Mbps)
0x0030 MPEG-2 PMT for program 1
0x0031 (95.52% - 18.52 Mbps)
0x0031 MPEG-2 Video for program 1
0x0033 (2.03% ~ 0.39 Mbps)
0x0033 AC-3 Audio for program 1
0x003b (0.46% ~ 0.09 Mbps)
0x003b ISO/IEC 13818-1 PES packets containing private data for program 1
0x1ffb (0.10% ~ 0.02 Mbps)
0x1ffb ATSC Base PID (TVCT, MGT, RT, STT)
0x1fff (1.79% ~ 0.35 Mbps)
0x1fff MPEG-2 NULL Packet