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Petitions for Digital Reassignments
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FAC-IDAPP-IDCall SignCity of LicenseHAATPowerChannelStatus
96823300981KOTATVRAPID CITY, SD 570'8 kW DA Channel 2GRANT
96879301047WRCBTVCHATTANOOGA, TN 1066'37 kW DA Channel 13GRANT
96890301110WBKP-DRCALUMET, MI 1272'96.2 kW DA Channel 11GRANT
96950301298KNOETVMONROE, LA 1702'5 kW ND  Channel 7GRANT
96988301342WDIQ-DRDOZIER, AL 1289'1 kW ND  Channel 11GRANT
3806301651WPGX-RMPANAMA CITY, FL 872'130 kW DA Channel 9GRANT
97090301680WCTV-DRTHOMASVILLE, GA 2030'1000 kW ND  Channel 46GRANT
97150301850KUWBOGDEN, UT 4122'200 kW ND  Channel 48GRANT
97338302345KMCC-DRLAUGHLIN, NV 2679'50 kW ND  Channel 32APP
97538302659NEWSPRINGFIELD, IL 328'100 kW ND  Channel 65DEL
97592302748KSPSTVSPOKANE, WA 1830'21.6 kW ND  Channel 8GRANT
36607302897KJZZ-TVSALT LAKE CITY, UT 4155'200 kW ND  Channel 46APP
97909303277WVFX-DRCLARKSBURG, WV 852'30 kW DA Channel 10GRANT
39828303315  941'60 kW DA Channel 12APP
97944303339FREDERICKSBURG, TX 328'500 kW ND  Channel 63APP
97987303417KSBW-DRSALINAS, CA 2269'24.2 kW DA Channel 10GRANT
98016303464WRNNTVKINGSTON, NY 1249'200 kW DA Channel 48APP
98100303607WNIN-DREVANSVILLE, IN 574'15 kW DA Channel 12GRANT
10188303685KIIICORPUS CHRISTI, TX 947'160 kW DA Channel 8APP
48608303761WPXM-TVMIAMI, FL 918'66.2 kW DA Channel 31APP
36730303876NEW-DRPROVO, UT 4122'403 kW ND  Channel 44GRANT
39968303984  590'28.6 kW ND  Channel 8GRANT
31971303992WBRZBATON ROUGE, LA 1689'30 kW DA Channel 13GRANT
98306304060WCIA-DRCHAMPAIGN, IL 941'4.5 kW ND  Channel 5APP
98323304086KNVO-DRMCALLEN, TX 944'200 kW ND  Channel 49GRANT
98525304552KAUTTVOKLAHOMA CITY, OK 1558'1000 kW DA Channel 40GRANT
20342304571WTVI-DRCHARLOTTE, NC 1279'2 kW ND  Channel 11GRANT
158936304982KYES-DRANCHORAGE, AK 820'45 kW ND  Channel 6GRANT
98721305130KNSO-DRMERCED, CA 1744'12.9 kW ND  Channel 5GRANT
98749305160KULCOGDEN, UT 4122'304 kW ND  Channel 36GRANT
98780305237KTVN-DRRENO, NV 2971'12 kW ND  Channel 13GRANT
122343432403WMAZ-DRMACON, GA 780'5 kW ND  Channel 4GRANT
122352432471KRNV-DRRENO, NV 2810'16.8 kW DA Channel 7GRANT
122571463921KBTX-DRBRYAN, TX 1564'1000 kW DA Channel 50GRANT
122624491721KJRR-DRJAMESTOWN, ND 442'1000 kW DA Channel 18GRANT
122625491725KBRR-DRTHIEF RIVER FALLS, MN 600'1000 kW DA Channel 32GRANT
122728492595WMAE-DRBOONEVILLE, MS 734'2.1 kW ND  Channel 8APP
122729492596KAKW-DRKILLEEN, TX 1813'39.4 kW ND  Channel 13GRANT
122731492599WPPB-DRBOCA RATON, FL 1016'1000 kW ND  Channel 40GRANT
122740492942NEWPANAMA CITY, FL 869'27 kW DA Channel 8GRANT
123154495552KOCO-DROKLAHOMA CITY, OK 1462'42 kW DA Channel 7GRANT
123157495573KESQ-DRPALM SPRINGS, CA 3526'120 kW ND  Channel 44APP
123158495576WSWS-DRPHENIX CITY, AL 1371'126 kW ND  Channel 31APP
123160495578KRCRTVREDDING, CA 3627'166 kW ND  Channel 34GRANT
123162495585KTRVNAMPA, ID 2719'17 kW ND  Channel 13GRANT
123164495593WWLTVNEW ORLEANS, LA 1000'1000 kW ND  Channel 36GRANT
123165495594WPXT-DRPORTLAND, ME 869'750 kW ND  Channel 43GRANT
123166495595WNYT-DRALBANY, NY 1380'10 kW ND  Channel 12GRANT
123167495597WOLFTVHAZLETON, PA 1600'546 kW ND  Channel 45GRANT
123169495599WNPAJEANNETTE, PA 987'437 kW ND  Channel 49GRANT
123170495602KHSDTVLEAD, SD 1889'34.8 kW ND  Channel 10GRANT
123171495603KSGWTVSHERIDAN, WY 1220'50 kW ND  Channel 13GRANT
123173495605WGNT-DRPORTSMOUTH, VA 970'800 kW ND  Channel 50GRANT
123175495608KWBTMUSKOGEE, OK 823'200 kW ND  Channel 20APP
123181495622KRTV-DRGREAT FALLS, MT 590'160 kW DA Channel 7GRANT
123183495624WCVERICHMOND, VA 1072'160 kW ND  Channel 42GRANT
123185495631KRISTVCORPUS CHRISTI, TX 954'160 kW ND  Channel 13GRANT
123186495632KYPX-DRLITTLE ROCK, AR 1095'1000 kW DA Channel 44GRANT
123187495633KPXG-DRSALEM, OR 1492'17 kW ND  Channel 4GRANT
123202495833WHTJ-DRCHARLOTTESVILLE, VA 1154'50 kW ND  Channel 46GRANT
123203495836WTKR-DRNORFOLK, VA 1026'1000 kW ND  Channel 40GRANT
123204495839KLRN-DRSAN ANTONIO, TX 862'8.3 kW DA Channel 8GRANT
123207495879KMBCTVKANSAS CITY, MO 1170'115 kW DA Channel 7GRANT
123209495917WUNMTVJACKSONVILLE, NC 1840'65 kW DA Channel 18GRANT
123210495919KDUHTVSCOTTSBLUFF, NE 1941'32.4 kW DA Channel 7GRANT
123231495994WTVJ-DRMIAMI, FL 1043'1000 kW ND  Channel 31GRANT
123232495996KXGN-DRGLENDIVE, MT 498'30 kW ND  Channel 10GRANT
123233495997WILLTVURBANA, IL 990'30 kW ND  Channel 9GRANT
123237496006KTNV-DRLAS VEGAS, NV 2000'26.4 kW DA Channel 12GRANT
123246496050KOTI-DRKLAMATH FALLS, OR 2200'45.3 kW ND  Channel 13GRANT
123251496067WKYTTVLEXINGTON, KY 983'5 kW ND  Channel 13GRANT
123352497787WCPX-DRCHICAGO, IL 1571'100 kW DA Channel 43APP
123548499209WMEB-DRORONO, ME 1230'15 kW ND  Channel 9GRANT
123764499753WRUA-DRFAJARDO, PR 2876'50 kW DA Channel 38APP
124048500359KFTR-DRONTARIO, CA 3040'155 kW ND  Channel 29GRANT
124935507480WXXA-DRALBANY, NY 1423'10 kW ND  Channel 7GRANT
124940507837KVVU-DRHENDERSON, NV 1334'85.6 kW ND  Channel 9GRANT
124945509089KAUN-TVSIOUX FALLS, SD 754'93 kW DA Channel 51GRANT
124946509103WLIO-DRLIMA, OH 541'30 kW DA Channel 8GRANT
124947509106KHNEHASTINGS, NE 1200'200 kW ND  Channel 28GRANT
124948509107WINK-DRFORT MYERS, FL 1479'20 kW ND  Channel 9APP
124949509108KTRE-TVLUFKIN, TX 669'9.25 kW DA Channel 11APP
124951509211WCSC-DRCHARLESTON, SC 1958'1000 kW ND  Channel 47GRANT
124952509292WTVA-TVTUPELO, MS 1777'7.7 kW ND  Channel 8APP
124955509296KLTV-TVTYLER, TX 990'7 kW ND  Channel 10APP
124956509297KDOR-DRBARTLESVILLE, OK 970'150 kW ND  Channel 32APP
124957509330WANE-DRFORT WAYNE, IN 829'82 kW ND  Channel 31GRANT
124958509338WQHBSUMTER, SC 882'500 kW DA Channel 39GRANT
124959509381WLEX-DRLEXINGTON, KY 944'1000 kW DA Channel 39GRANT
124960509402KEMV-TVMOUNTAIN VIEW, AR 1394'20 kW ND  Channel 13GRANT
124965509661KETS-TVLITTLE ROCK, AR 1781'2.1 kW DA Channel 5GRANT
124971509833KETG-TVARKADELPHIA, AR 1069'7.3 kW ND  Channel 13GRANT
124972509837WLBT-TVJACKSON, MS 2000'3.2 kW DA Channel 9GRANT
124973509840WVER-TVRUTLAND, VT 1348'15 kW DA Channel 9GRANT
124974509842KJEO-TVFRESNO, CA 1958'330 kW ND  Channel 34GRANT
124976509848WFGX-TVFORT WALTON BEACH, FL 724'1000 kW ND  Channel 50GRANT
124979509952WHNO-TVNEW ORLEANS, LA 833'300 kW DA Channel 21GRANT
125789513635KAFT-TVFAYETTEVILLE, AR 1668'19 kW ND  Channel 9GRANT
125989514412WOWK-DRHUNTINGTON, WV 1298'895 kW DA Channel 47GRANT
127697520701KCBD-TVLUBBOCK, TX 760'15 kW ND  Channel 9GRANT
127948522708WDTV-DRWESTON, WV 829'10 kW DA Channel 6GRANT
128526526151  1462'1000 kW ND  Channel 41APP
128637526573KAME-DRRENO, NV 619'50 kW ND  Channel 20GRANT
130512537173KEZI-TVEUGENE, OR 1644'548 kW DA Channel 44GRANT
130515537186WTIC-DRHARTFORD, CT 1613'500 kW DA Channel 31GRANT
130518537201KCEN-DRTEMPLE, TX 1879'7.5 kW ND  Channel 9GRANT
130771538379KPAX-DRMISSOULA, MT 2042'28 kW ND  Channel 7GRANT
130772538384KBZK-TVBOZEMAN, MT 1000'160 kW ND  Channel 13GRANT
131151541512WWAC-TVATLANTIC CITY, NJ 682'200 kW DA Channel 44GRANT
131406545618KTVM-TVBUTTE, MT 1889'1000 kW ND  Channel 33GRANT
131407545620KNME-DRALBUQUERQUE, NM 4227'250 kW ND  Channel 35GRANT
131409545625KRXI-RMRENO, NV 2807'16.8 kW ND  Channel 10APP
131410545626KOAM-DRPITTSBURG, KS 1102'4.2 kW ND  Channel 13GRANT
131803547404WFVT-TVROCK HILL, SC 1951'1000 kW ND  Channel 24DEL
132727554970KUSM-DRBOZEMAN, MT 1000'160 kW DA Channel 8GRANT
132860558786KECI-DTMISSOULA, MT 2020'9.83 kW ND  Channel 5APP
133029563237WJSU-DRANNISTON, AL 1177'15.6 kW DA Channel 9DIS
133086564323KOLO-DRRENO, NV 2929'15.6 kW ND  Channel 9GRANT
133449566952WSET-DRLYNCHBURG, VA 2050'660 kW ND  Channel 34GRANT
133451566965KTUL-DRTULSA, OK 1630'7 kW DA Channel 10GRANT
135813570963KASY-DRALBUQUERQUE, NM 4221'245 kW ND  Channel 45GRANT
135874571851WGTQ-DTSAULT SAINT MARIE, MI 954'24 kW DA Channel 9GRANT
135876571873WMED-DRCALAIS, ME 435'3.5 kW ND  Channel 10GRANT
135877571875KVCT-TVVICTORIA, TX 1020'18 kW ND  Channel 11GRANT
135878571886KSAXDRALEXANDRIA, MN 1115'1000 kW ND  Channel 36GRANT
135879571887WCIV-TVCHARLESTON, SC 1958'340 kW ND  Channel 34GRANT
135880571888KTVQ-TVBILLINGS, MT 541'160 kW ND  Channel 10GRANT
135881571889KXLF-DRBUTTE, MT 1928'10.7 kW DA Channel 5GRANT
135882571890WHTM-DRHARRISBURG, PA 1134'14 kW DA Channel 10GRANT
135883571891WTGL-TVCOCOA, FL 1685'13 kW ND  Channel 53GRANT
135936573217WDKY-DRDANVILLE, KY 1108'750 kW ND  Channel 22DIS
135937573245WGNM-TVMACON, GA 731'1000 kW ND  Channel 45GRANT
135946573723WGTV-TVATHENS, GA 1001'16 kW DA Channel 12GRANT
135976574937WMAB-DTMISSISSIPPI STATE, MS 1144'4.3 kW ND  Channel 10GRANT
136011575327WAIQ-TVMONTGOMERY, AL 600'750 kW ND  Channel 27GRANT
136012575335WSFA-TVMONTGOMERY, AL 1738'600 kW DA Channel 14GRANT
136034576030WCES-DRWRENS, GA 1428'4.9 kW DA Channel 2GRANT
136035576048WVAN-DRSAVANNAH, GA 960'10 kW DA Channel 13GRANT
136036576051WXGA-DRWAYCROSS, GA 939'4.6 kW DA Channel 9GRANT
136037576053WACS-DRDAWSON, GA 1086'4.9 kW DA Channel 8GRANT
136038576055WABW-DRPELHAM, GA 1556'0.75 kW DA Channel 5GRANT
136146579475WFRV-DTGREEN BAY, WI 1193'1000 kW DA Channel 39GRANT
136353587131KCSM-DRSAN MATEO, CA 1457'1000 kW ND  Channel 43GRANT
136354587150WCBD-DRCHARLESTON, SC 1840'1000 kW ND  Channel 50GRANT
136359587227KSWK-TVLAKIN, KS 462'100 kW DA Channel 8GRANT
136518591952KSWO-DRLAWTON, OK 1073'138 kW ND  Channel 11GRANT
136531592333WBPH-DTBETHLEHEM, PA 931'3.2 kW DA Channel 9GRANT
136540592421WCMV-DRCADILLAC, MI 1308'500 kW DA Channel 17GRANT
136541592426WCMW-DRMANISTEE, MI 341'200 kW DA Channel 58GRANT
136542592434KOCV-TVODESSA, TX 268'500 kW ND  Channel 38GRANT
136543592440WBGU-DRBOWLING GREEN, OH 1049'200 kW ND  Channel 20DIS
136612594248WACY-TVAPPLETON, WI 1102'50 kW DA Channel 27GRANT
136615594337KSKN-DTSPOKANE, WA 1954'1000 kW ND  Channel 48DIS
136675595972KDLO-DRFLORENCE, SD 797'3.7 kW ND  Channel 2GRANT
136678596064KPLO-DRRELIANCE, SD 1108'40 kW DA Channel 13GRANT
136685596236WVNY-DRBURLINGTON, VT 2738'4.5 kW DA Channel 13GRANT
136688596359KWES-DRODESSA, TX 1303'25.1 kW ND  Channel 13GRANT
136691596518WTOM-DRCHEBOYGAN, MI 551'80 kW DA Channel 35GRANT
136702596847KACV-DRAMARILLO, TX 1702'5 kW ND  Channel 8GRANT
136805599591WCVI-DRCHRISTIANSTED, VI 427'0.85 kW ND  Channel 23GRANT
136807599593KION-DTMONTEREY, CA 2453'500 kW DA Channel 32DEL
136808599610KWHM-TVWAILUKU, HI 4257'87 kW DA Channel 45GRANT
136842600634KIII-DRCORPUS CHRISTI, TX 947'160 kW DA Channel 8GRANT
136899601702WECT-TVWILMINGTON, NC 951'33 kW ND  Channel 44GRANT
136903601737KTMD-DRGALVESTON, TX 1964'1000 kW ND  Channel 48GRANT
136915602370KNCT-TVBELTON, TX 1289'200 kW DA Channel 38GRANT
136943602833WVNSLEWISBURG, WV 1863'3.8 kW DA Channel 8GRANT
137169605032KSRE-TVMINOT, ND 829'1000 kW ND  Channel 40GRANT
137305607054WCFT-DRTUSCALOOSA, AL 2102'5.4 kW DA Channel 5GRANT
137370608356KUPN-DRSTERLING, CO 669'599 kW ND  Channel 23DEL
137380608830KUID-DTMOSCOW, ID 1115'128.5 kW ND  Channel 12GRANT
137410610748KHIZ-TVBARSTOW, CA 3017'156 kW ND  Channel 47APP
137527615138WJAL-TVSILVER SPRING, MD 567'100 kW DA Channel 39APP
137574616271KJWY-TVJACKSON, WY 983'1 kW ND  Channel 4GRANT
137592616729WPXJ-DRBATAVIA, NY 915'1000 kW DA Channel 15APP
137942625563NEWLACROSSE, WI 1462'1000 kW ND  Channel 41GRANT
137977626493KTOO-DRJUNEAU, AK -1050'0.748 kW ND  Channel 10GRANT
137999626663KTBN-DRSANTA ANA, CA 2919'1000 kW DA Channel 33APP
138360628556KTUU-DRANCHORAGE, AK 787'21 kW DA Channel 10GRANT
138410628697KAKM-TVANCHORAGE, AK 787'50 kW DA Channel 8GRANT
158707655381WHMC-TVCONWAY, SC 820'20 kW ND  Channel 9GRANT
158748657170KVLY-DRFARGO, ND 1779'414 kW ND  Channel 44GRANT
158886664505KVTV-DRLAREDO, TX 859'200 kW DA Channel 31APP
159161675754NEWCARLETON, QU    Channel 55VACANT
159182675984RED DEER, AB    Channel 20VACANT
159190676032KIMO-DRANCHORAGE, AK 787'41 kW DA Channel 12GRANT
159212676395WETMELMIRA, NY 1190'525 kW DA Channel 33APP
159332680507WTTV-DRBLOOMINGTON, IN 1170'840 kW DA Channel 48GRANT
159566689866WJSU-DRANNISTON, AL 1177'15.6 kW DA Channel 9GRANT
159642692482NEWHAMILTON, ON 983'75 kW ND  Channel 35APP
159643692550NEWHAMILTON, ON 983'75 kW ND  Channel 35APP
160267971568WSTE-TVPONCE, PR 288'50 kW DA Channel 8GRANT
161702980982WABG-DRGREENWOOD, MS 2000'1000 kW DA Channel 32GRANT
161900990123WEDN-DRNORWICH, CT 629'6 kW ND  Channel 9APP
161906990448  1892'25 kW DA Channel 10APP
161907990449KALO-DRHONOLULU, HI 1892'14.275 kW DA Channel 10GRANT
161984995758KETZ-DREL DORADO, AR 1774'6 kW DA Channel 12GRANT
162013997700KSEE-DRFRESNO, CA 1971'326 kW DA Channel 38GRANT
1626391014838KBEH-DROXNARD, CA 1761'390 kW ND  Channel 23APP
1634481021358CFMT-TV-1LONDON, ON 983'75 kW ND  Channel 47APP
1637051023132CBFT-14LA TUQUE, QU 983'550 kW ND  Channel 29APP
1637061023133CBMET-DRLA TUQUE, QU 328'0.2 kW ND  Channel 50APP
1640441029265KFBB-DRGREAT FALLS, MT 590'28.6 kW ND  Channel 8GRANT
1640461029295  941'60 kW ND  Channel 12GRANT
1640481029299WFXL-DRALBANY, GA 941'60 kW DA Channel 12GRANT
1645101035623WMUR-DRMANCHESTER, NH 1033'27.5 kW ND  Channel 9APP
1706911175618TESTTEST FOR JOYCE, TX 1620'57.3 kW ND  Channel 39APP
1730031207132TESTBATAVIA, NY 915'11.77 kW DA Channel 8APP
1730041207137TESTBATAVIA, NY 915'747.21 kW DA Channel 49APP
1730061207150TESTBATAVIA, NY 915'773.7 kW DA Channel 51APP
1777381231980KRCA-DRRIVERSIDE, CA 2974'553.6 kW DA Channel 35GRANT
1782281251288WFXS-DRWITTENBERG, WI 1066'740 kW DA Channel 31GRANT
1782291251364KCEB-DRLONGVIEW, TX 1236'940 kW DA Channel 51GRANT
1782301251373KMBC-DRKANSAS CITY, MO 1174'1000 kW ND  Channel 29GRANT
1782311251379WHME-DRSOUTH BEND, IN 1000'933 kW ND  Channel 46GRANT
1782321251385WHMB-DRINDIANAPOLIS, IN 990'530 kW ND  Channel 20GRANT
1782331251388KWHD-DRCASTLE ROCK, CO 616'1000 kW ND  Channel 45GRANT
1782361251502WSWB-DRSCRANTON, PA 1154'100 kW ND  Channel 31GRANT
1782371251503WTLH-DRBAINBRIDGE, GA 1958'230 kW ND  Channel 50GRANT
1782381251505KSTU-DRSALT LAKE CITY, UT 3968'1000 kW DA Channel 28GRANT
1782401251513KHQ-DRSPOKANE, WA 2141'1000 kW DA Channel 15GRANT
1782411251516KSPS-DRSPOKANE, WA 1830'45.1 kW ND  Channel 7GRANT
1782421251539KALO-DRHONOLULU, HI 1892'262 kW DA Channel 38GRANT
1782431251551KUPU-DRWAIMANALO, HI 1223'12 kW ND  Channel 15GRANT
1782441251557WNEP-DRSCRANTON, PA 1669'490 kW ND  Channel 50GRANT
1782451251583KGMB-DRHONOLULU, HI 2184'40 kW DA Channel 22GRANT
1782471251622WWPX-DRMARTINSBURG, WV 1321'860 kW ND  Channel 51APP
1782481251627WJSP-DRCOLUMBUS, GA 1510'2 kW ND  Channel 11DIS
1782491251641WABI-DRBANGOR, ME 1318'11.98 kW ND  Channel 12DIS
1782501251643KTCI-DRST. PAUL, MN 1354'700 kW DA Channel 38APP
1782521251662WWSI-DRATLANTIC CITY, NJ 971'7 kW DA Channel 10DIS
1782531251671KTXA-DRFORT WORTH, TX 1640'1000 kW ND  Channel 19GRANT
1782541251676WDLI-DRCANTON, OH 957'900 kW DA Channel 49GRANT
1782561251680WPGD-DRHENDERSONVILLE, TN 1351'1000 kW ND  Channel 33GRANT
1782591251806KTLM-DRRIO GRANDE CITY, TX 1892'355 kW ND  Channel 40GRANT
1782601251807KVIH-DRCLOVIS, NM 669'5 kW ND  Channel 12GRANT
1782611251808KLTS-DRSHREVEPORT, LA 1069'50 kW ND  Channel 24GRANT
1782621251810KYLE-DRBRYAN, TX 1479'1000 kW DA Channel 29GRANT
1782631251812WXOW-DRLA CROSSE, WI 1141'200 kW ND  Channel 48GRANT
1782641251814KCFG-DRFLAGSTAFF, AZ 987'160 kW DA Channel 9APP
1782651251843KBMY-DRBISMARCK, ND 934'75 kW ND  Channel 17GRANT
1782661251845WIFR-DRFREEPORT, IL 721'345 kW ND  Channel 41GRANT
1782671251847WBRA-DRROANOKE, VA 2067'1000 kW DA Channel 26DIS
1782681251848KVMD-DRTWENTYNINE PALMS, CA 3457'500 kW DA Channel 50DIS
1782691251856WSAH-DRBRIDGEPORT, CT 1205'990 kW DA Channel 41DIS
1782701251859KNAZ-DRFLAGSTAFF, AZ 1525'283 kW DA Channel 22GRANT
1782711251863WTVM-DRCOLUMBUS, GA 1662'50 kW ND  Channel 11GRANT
1782721251866WFXG-DRAUGUSTA, GA 1256'413 kW ND  Channel 31GRANT
1782731251868WAFF-DRHUNTSVILLE, AL 1889'356 kW ND  Channel 48GRANT
1782741251889WPXD-DRANN ARBOR, MI 961'1000 kW DA Channel 19DIS
1782751251892WHNT-DRHUNTSVILLE, AL 1741'575 kW DA Channel 46GRANT
1782781251942KXGN-DRGLENDIVE, MT 499'1 kW ND  Channel 5GRANT
1782791251943KXVO-DROMAHA, NE 1558'490 kW DA Channel 38GRANT
1782801251991KPTW-DRCASPER, WY 1863'2.3 kW DA Channel 8GRANT
1782811252007WFQX-DRCADILLAC, MI 1397'175 kW DA Channel 32GRANT
1782821252018WFUP-DRVANDERBILT, MI 1062'108 kW ND  Channel 45GRANT
1782841252030WWAZ-DRFOND DU LAC, WI 1161'25 kW DA Channel 5GRANT
1782851252034KPTH-DRSIOUX CITY, IA 1928'1000 kW DA Channel 49GRANT
1782861252042KUNP-DRLA GRANDE, OR 2535'50 kW DA Channel 16GRANT
1782871252046WHDT-DRSTUART, FL 232'1000 kW ND  Channel 42GRANT
1782881252054WDKY-DRDANVILLE, KY 1154'1000 kW ND  Channel 31GRANT
1782891252060WSYX-DRCOLUMBUS, OH 938'1000 kW ND  Channel 48GRANT
1782901252062WMSN-DRMADISON, WI 1476'280 kW ND  Channel 49GRANT
1782921252129WETA-DRWASHINGTON, DC 846'674 kW DA Channel 51DIS
1782931252135WYDO-DRGREENVILLE, NC 672'250 kW ND  Channel 47GRANT
1782951252230KWSE-DRWILLISTON, ND 911'84.9 kW ND  Channel 11GRANT
1784251259871KSWT-DRYUMA, AZ 1574'20 kW DA Channel 13GRANT
1784261259880KHGI-DRKEARNEY, NE 1115'8 kW ND  Channel 13GRANT
1784371260432  1699'770 kW DA Channel 20APP
1784531260977KSNB-DRSUPERIOR, NE 1108'4.4 kW DA Channel 4GRANT
1784671261756KWNB-DRHAYES CENTER, NE 724'3 kW ND  Channel 6GRANT
1784771262871WCOV-DRMONTGOMERY, AL 1699'460 kW DA Channel 20GRANT
1784801263072WISE-DRFORT WAYNE, IN 736'320 kW ND  Channel 18GRANT
1788311269643KTVG-DRGRAND ISLAND, NE 610'1000 kW DA Channel 16GRANT
1789011275211WNYO-DRBUFFALO, NY 1079'200 kW DA Channel 29DIS
1790031277809KWKT-DRWACO, TX 1830'1000 kW DA Channel 25DIS
1790161278791KTBN-DRSANTA ANA, CA 2919'1000 kW DA Channel 33GRANT
1805751287301KDMI-DRDES MOINES, IA 2000'839 kW ND  Channel 19GRANT
1806291293774KYLE-DRBRYAN, TX 721'50 kW DA Channel 28GRANT
1806451295791KACV-DRAMARILLO, TX 1305'30 kW ND  Channel 9GRANT
1806691297450KDCU-DRDERBY, KS 1131'1000 kW ND  Channel 31GRANT
1807061299735WNYO-DRBUFFALO, NY 1233'198 kW DA Channel 49GRANT
1808721310834KTCI-DRST. PAUL, MN 1354'700 kW DA Channel 23GRANT
1808731310835WHNT-DRHUNTSVILLE, AL 1741'250 kW ND  Channel 19GRANT
1808741310875WDIV-TVDETROIT, MI 921'973 kW DA Channel 45APP
1808881311835WPXD-DRANN ARBOR, MI 961'345 kW DA Channel 50GRANT
1809431314937WVUE-DRNEW ORLEANS, LA 957'850 kW DA Channel 29GRANT
1809491315540KBCI-DRBOISE, ID 2827'25 kW ND  Channel 9GRANT
1809761317533WABI-DRBANGOR, ME 1318'12 kW ND  Channel 13GRANT
1809861318264KNMD-DRSANTA FE, NM 4178'5.14 kW ND  Channel 8GRANT
1809951318816KKTV-DRCOLORADO SPRINGS, CO 2378'550 kW DA Channel 49GRANT
1810111319463KSCW-DRWICHITA, KS 1473'19.1 kW ND  Channel 12GRANT
1810121319466KWCH-DRHUTCHINSON, KS 1380'1000 kW ND  Channel 19GRANT
1810321321095WHDH-DRBOSTON, MA 944'948 kW ND  Channel 42GRANT
1810491323005WLOX-DRBILOXI, MS 1200'715 kW DA Channel 39GRANT
1810521323075WEDY-DRNEW HAVEN, CT 288'60 kW ND  Channel 41GRANT
1810891324095KTXA-DRFORT WORTH, TX 1705'1000 kW ND  Channel 29GRANT
1810901324100KTVT-DRFORT WORTH, TX 1640'1000 kW ND  Channel 19GRANT
1811031324900WPBN-DRTRAVERSE CITY, MI 1289'500 kW DA Channel 47GRANT
1811131325233KVNV-DRMIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP, NJ 859'10 kW ND  Channel 3DIS
1811141325234KJWP-DRWILMINGTON, DE 856'10 kW ND  Channel 2DIS
1811151325237WLS-DRCHICAGO, IL 1689'473.33 kW ND  Channel 44GRANT
1812741327535WLGA-DROPELIKA, AL 1744'800 kW ND  Channel 30GRANT
1812991327674WLBT-DRJACKSON, MS 2046'535 kW ND  Channel 30GRANT
1813001327675WDAM-DRLAUREL, MS 508'75 kW ND  Channel 7GRANT
1821661329796WKYT-DRLEXINGTON, KY 980'1000 kW DA Channel 36GRANT
1827321330705WTTA-DRST. PETERSBURG, FL 1436'1000 kW ND  Channel 32GRANT
1832581333120WINK-DRFORT MYERS, FL 1456'1000 kW ND  Channel 50GRANT
1833001333967WCPO-DRCINCINNATI, OH 1000'850 kW ND  Channel 22GRANT
1835781338670WGHP-DRHIGH POINT, NC 1197'1000 kW ND  Channel 35GRANT
1836791340640KDMD-DRANCHORAGE, AK 984'17.2 kW DA Channel 33GRANT
1838241346297KWTV-DROKLAHOMA, OK 1567'1000 kW DA Channel 39GRANT
1838911348864WBIQ-DRBIRMINGHAM, AL 1198'1000 kW DA Channel 39GRANT
1842701355071KFDM-DRBEAUMONT, TX 898'350 kW ND  Channel 25GRANT
1849461357926TESTTEST, NS 1088'48 kW ND  Channel 6APP
1879521395479WWJX-DRJACKSON, MS 491'50 kW ND  Channel 23GRANT
1880331397548WTVF-DRNASHVILLE, TN 1407'1000 kW DA Channel 25GRANT
1890101410011WJAL-DRSILVER SPRING, MD 580'50.7 kW DA Channel 39APP
1890221411054KTSM-DREL PASO, TX 1892'250 kW DA Channel 16GRANT
1890371411179WAND-DRDECATUR, IL 1285'900 kW ND  Channel 17GRANT
1890891412895NEWKALISPELL, MT 2722'186 kW ND  Channel 46GRANT
1891271414116KSQA-DRTOPEKA, KS 921'100 kW DA Channel 22DIS
1891561414606WJW-DRCLEVELAND, OH 1039'600 kW ND  Channel 31APP
1891611414712KVIA-DREL PASO, TX 1892'263 kW DA Channel 17GRANT
1892701419295WFXG-DRAUGUSTA, GA 1190'37 kW DA Channel 51APP
1894391426541WNCT-DRGREENVILLE, NC 1886'1000 kW ND  Channel 45APP
1894401426543WJHL-DRJOHNSON CITY, TN 2322'917 kW ND  Channel 29APP
1894411426593WJTV-DRJACKSON, MS 1610'1000 kW ND  Channel 28APP
1894421426617WRDW-DRAUGUSTA, GA 1538'751 kW ND  Channel 31APP
1894431426619WBTW-DRFLORENCE, SC 1961'1000 kW ND  Channel 41APP
1895801428755WVTM-DRBIRMINGHAM, AL 1321'990 kW DA Channel 21APP
1895821428767WEAU-DREAU CLAIRE, WI 2020'1000 kW ND  Channel 38GRANT
1896141430576WFLA-DRTAMPA, FL 1525'740 kW DA Channel 14APP
1896151430582WJHG-DRPANAMA, FL 1476'1000 kW DA Channel 18GRANT
1896161430593WCYB-DRBRISTOL, VA 2489'1000 kW ND  Channel 29APP
1896371432120WNCF-DRMONTGOMERY, AL 1551'720 kW DA Channel 31GRANT
1896441432336WMC-DRMEMPHIS, TN 1010'1000 kW ND  Channel 17APP
1896451432337WMC-DRMEMPHIS, TN 1010'1000 kW ND  Channel 17APP
1896461432341KWNB-DRHAYES CENTER, NE 734'1000 kW ND  Channel 18APP
1896471432342KHGI-DRKEARNEY, NE 1131'1000 kW ND  Channel 21APP
1896481432343KSWT-DRYUMA, AZ 1561'1000 kW ND  Channel 16APP
1900581462780KFXL-DRLINCOLN, NE 393'1000 kW ND  Channel 15GRANT
1905061499859WTBCEDAR RAPIDS, IA 1918'850 kW DA Channel 29APP
1905071499863WTBTOLLESON, AZ 1758'1000 kW DA Channel 14APP
1905081499864WTBKANSAS CITY, MO 1111'1000 kW DA Channel 32APP
1905091499867WTBOKLAHOMA CITY, OK 1501'1000 kW DA Channel 14APP
1905101499869WTBGARY, IN 1715'1000 kW DA Channel 14APP
1905111499870WTBRANCHO PALOS VERDES, CA 3112'1000 kW DA Channel 50APP
1905121499872WTBCORDELE, GA 360'91 kW ND  Channel 18APP
1905141499879WTBEL PASO, TX 1722'250 kW DA Channel 14APP
1905151499880WTBGREENVILLE, NC 459'114 kW ND  Channel 39APP
1905161499881WTBMARIANNA, FL 833'50 kW DA Channel 14APP
1905171499882WTBLONGVIEW, TX 1243'500 kW DA Channel 38APP
1905181499883WTBBEND, OR 674'84.1 kW DA Channel 17APP
1905221499965WTBOGDEN, UT 429'18 kW ND  Channel 14APP
1905291501141WEPX-TVGREENVILLE, NC 462'278 kW ND  Channel 26GRANT
1917081562398KGAN-DRCEDAR RAPIDS, IA 1918'850 kW ND  Channel 29GRANT
1977671601113KSBI-DROKLAHOMA CITY, OK 1083'1000 kW ND  Channel 23GRANT
1979701628357WHMESOUTH BEND, IN 967'300 kW DA Channel 48GRANT
1981671644397WPXSMOUNT VERNON, IL 682'160 kW DA Channel 11GRANT
1982141646893KPXE-DRKANSAS CITY, MO 1111'1000 kW DA Channel 30GRANT
1982151646899WPXA-DRROME, GA 2040'691.8 kW DA Channel 31GRANT
1982281647683WKEF-DRDAYTON, OH 1151'525 kW DA Channel 18GRANT
1983391654086KCEC-DRDENVER, CO 800'549.5 kW DA Channel 26GRANT
1984191662555KCEB-DRLONGVIEW, TX 1243'500 kW DA Channel 26GRANT
1984341664530WLAJ-DRLANSING, MI 983'483.3 kW DA Channel 25GRANT
1985741675657KOHD-DRBEND, OR 674'84.1 kW DA Channel 18GRANT
1985811676098WJAR-DRPROVIDENCE, RI 1003'1000 kW DA Channel 50GRANT
1992161720582KPPX-DRTOLLESON, AZ 1797'645 kW ND  Channel 31APP
1992871723243WSST-DRCORDELE, GA 350'91 kW ND  Channel 22APP
2037071805984WSWG-DRMOULTRIE, GA 829'50 kW DA Channel 43APP

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