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Post-IA LPTV and Translator Displacements
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FAC-IDFile No.Call SignCity of LicenseHAATPowerChannelStatus
2680000089338WWBP-LPFREEDOM, PA 581'3 kW ND  Channel 2CP
4770000029589K48GC-DFLORENCE, OR 644'3 kW ND  Channel 34CP
22580000072577WSLF-LDPORT ST. LUCIE, FL 405'15 kW DA Channel 21CP
24890000054486K51AEMONITOR, ETC., WA -1346'0.19 kW DA Channel 21CP
24930000054432K49KV-DSTEMILT, ECT, WA 2430'0.06 kW DA Channel 17CP
24940000054491K42IH-DEAST WENATCHEE, WA -1183'0.197 kW DA Channel 28CP
25130000054434K51DR-DWENATCHEE, WA 758'0.27 kW DA Channel 23CP
25170000054490KWCC-LDWENATCHEE, WA -1179'0.194 kW DA Channel 25CP
33500000054903K41HH-DAUSTIN, NV 609'0.04 kW DA Channel 21CP
33530000054902K46FB-DAUSTIN, NV 609'0.04 kW DA Channel 35CP
36010000071959WVCI-LPORLANDO, FL 346'3 kW ND  Channel 4CP
50070000035603K47HTROSEBURG, OR 584'3.38 kW DA Channel 14CP
50120000035598K48GO-DCAVE JUNCTION, OR 1907'0.6 kW DA Channel 16CP
65310000052110K50GL-DBONNERS FERRY, ID 2629'0.383 kW DA Channel 26CP
65350000052108K46HZ-DBONNERS FERRY, ID 2324'0.383 kW DA Channel 17CP
70790000054556KCVH-LDHOUSTON, TX 1335'3 kW ND  Channel 6CP
70850000150005K18JL-DPHOENIX, AZ 1532'3 kW DA Channel 12CP
73690000052540DDKDFQ-LPPRESCOTT, AZ 2521'9.2 kW ND  Channel 27PRCAN
92050000054937WLLB-LDPORTLAND, ME 264'2 kW ND  Channel 6CP
102910000030456KUMO-LDST LOUIS, MO 841'15 kW DA Channel 32CP
103210000072059WPXB-LDDAYTONA BEACH, FL 385'15 kW DA Channel 17CP
107870000071831K38MK-DCHEYENNE WELLS, CO 613'0.236 kW ND  Channel 30CP
109370000053801DDWMOE-LDMOBILE, AL 1041'12 kW DA Channel 33PRCAN
109470000028952K39DMELLENSBURG, WA 1208'13.3 kW DA Channel 27CP
111370000051803K22HS-DEUREKA SPRINGS, AR 563'2 kW ND  Channel 12CP
134690000054782K28GY-DSANTA BARBARA, ETC., CA 2907'3.95 kW DA Channel 19CP
140010000052471KFUL-LDSAN LUIS OBISPO, CA 1379'2 kW DA Channel 23CP
141390000054648K41CBLUCERNE VALLEY, CA -299'15 kW DA Channel 23CP
141520000106498KIJR-LPLUCERNE VALLEY, CA 648'1.5 kW DA Channel 30CP
148830000051831K40KC-DTULSA, OK 370'2 kW DA Channel 27CP
148840000051762K27JP-DLITTLE ROCK, AR 389'5 kW DA Channel 15CP
156570000054535WEBU-LPWEBB, MS 419'15 kW ND  Channel 22CP
157580000117962WSCF-LDMELBOURNE, FL 341'15 kW DA Channel 31CP
157750000054917WKNI-LPANDALUSIA, AL 332'11 kW DA Channel 35CP
157770000053714WAAO-LDANDALUSIA, AL 304'14.2 kW DA Channel 32CP
162300000054868KSOY-LDMCALLEN, TX 1369'15 kW DA Channel 34CP
163940000054939W45BZJACKSONVILLE, FL 567'15 kW DA Channel 26CP
169440000143215KNXT-LPBAKERSFIELD, CA 1152'3 kW DA Channel 6CP
172370000053047WWRD-LPDAYTON, OH 414'3 kW ND  Channel 10CP
174010000029580K39EO-DCRESCENT CITY, CA 253'3.8 kW DA Channel 19CP
177840000051769W14CX-DKNOXVILLE, TN 783'4.4 kW DA Channel 21CP
191100000053914K43GQ-DKLAGETOH, AZ 459'0.205 kW ND  Channel 27CP
191970000092818K23DT-DTAHOE CITY, CA 2866'5 kW DA Channel 34CP
194090000054349K42DZ-DBATTLE MOUNTAIN, NV 2157'0.1 kW DA Channel 34CP
198480000054892K47DG-DEUREKA, NV 2466'0.3 kW ND  Channel 33CP
198490000054891K51GR-DEUREKA, NV 2466'0.3 kW ND  Channel 22CP
215920000149635WCQT-LPCULLMAN, AL 249'1.5 kW ND  Channel 25CP
231640000080470K45HL-DREDSTONE, CO -368'0.012 kW DA Channel 32CP
233000000054317KJPX-LPJOPLIN, MO 375'10 kW DA Channel 28CP
238440000054142WFBI-LDSOUTH EAST MEMPHIS, TN 583'15 kW DA Channel 34CP
239240000053814W08EG-DTOCCOA, GA 396'15 kW ND  Channel 28CP
250420000054340W42CKHAGERSTOWN, MD 218'2.5 kW ND  Channel 25CP
255390000054428WZDT-LPNAPLES, FL 219'15 kW ND  Channel 36CP
256160000054028K45KT-DSARGENTS, CO 1479'2.21 kW DA Channel 23CP
258230000053644K49IT-DHAGERMAN, ID 144'0.252 kW DA Channel 18CP
259840000053123K38BU-DGRUVER, TX 423'0.42 kW ND  Channel 23CP
259850000053126K44CC-DGRUVER, TX 423'0.42 kW ND  Channel 34CP
259860000053125K40DD-DGRUVER, TX 423'0.42 kW ND  Channel 24CP
259870000053124K42CF-DGRUVER, TX 423'0.42 kW ND  Channel 21CP
262510000051813WDNM-LDMEMPHIS, TN 474'15 kW DA Channel 22CP
280920000054085K41GI-DIMLAY, NV 734'0.2 kW DA Channel 27CP
281080000081205K11MU-DMcdermitt, NV 250'0.15 kW DA Channel 22APP
285660000135240KFLA-LDLOS ANGELES, CA 2901'15 kW DA Channel 19APP
289430000051766KCTL-LDLIVINGSTON, TX 364'15 kW DA Channel 29CP
289610000051785KIBN-LDLUFKIN, TX 721'5 kW ND  Channel 24CP
297100000054053W47DAMELBOURNE, FL 425'15 kW ND  Channel 36CP
311410000123962KIVY-LDCROCKETT, TX 416'15 kW DA Channel 17CP
313500000053236WGBS-LDCARROLLTON, VA 380'2.7 kW ND  Channel 12CP
316470000054790W50BOASHVILLE, AL 618'15 kW DA Channel 32CP
321440000052580WVQS-LDISABEL SEGUNDA, PR 2733'4 kW DA Channel 14CP
323160000054532W24AY-DLILESVILLE/WADESBORO, NC 417'6 kW DA Channel 17CP
331440000027874KOHA-LDOMAHA, NE 474'15 kW DA Channel 27CP
337180000054686K47DHCLOVIS, NM 413'7.7 kW ND  Channel 28CP
339550000030286WFYW-LPFAIRFIELD/WATERVILLE, ME 429'0.1 kW DA Channel 35CP
342840000054794K43AG-DEDWARDS, CA 1158'15 kW DA Channel 32CP
345360000075033K18DT-DCOEUR D'ALENE, ID 1587'3 kW DA Channel 16CP
348840000054520K26LE-DCASCADE, ID -547'0.49 kW DA Channel 29CP
351370000054621WJHJ-LPNEWPORT NEWS, ETC., VA 376'15 kW ND  Channel 34CP
353170000053898K49ET-DMANY FARMS, AZ 2342'1 kW DA Channel 21CP
394910000052515DDDKWWB-LPMESQUITE, ETC., NV 3235'1 kW DA Channel 29PRCAN
407430000054589K38IMALBUQUERQUE, NM 3901'15 kW DA Channel 34CP
408020000054543KMBU-LPENTERPRISE, UT 1228'0.1 kW DA Channel 16CP
413630000054586DDWHSH-LPROCHESTER, NY 349'15 kW DA Channel 25PRCAN
416010000106809K12POTEMECULA, CA 337'3 kW DA Channel 3CP
423420000054800K25FW-DCORSICANA, TX 1020'3 kW DA Channel 7CP
423420000126784K25FW-DCORSICANA, TX 254'15 kW DA Channel 28APP
424280000054582DDK43GNDELTA, OAK CITY, ETC, UT 18'1 kW DA Channel 9PRCAN
424310000054580DDK51GGDELTA, OAK CITY, ETC, UT 19'1 kW DA Channel 8PRCAN
476880000072128WDSS-LDSYRACUSE, NY 526'15 kW DA Channel 21CP
485710000053307DDK44GDCROWNPOINT, NM 112'0.132 kW ND  Channel 17PRCAN
491830000051745W33AY-DSPRINGFIELD, IL 393'15 kW DA Channel 31CP
491880000139592WDMY-LPTOLEDO, OH 486'1.5 kW ND  Channel 6CP
492370000074683WKSY-LDSUMMERVILLE/TRION, GA 694'15 kW DA Channel 17CP
492390000051756WCNT-LPCHATTANOOGA, TN 611'15 kW DA Channel 15CP
497330000136283KJYY-LDPORTLAND, OR 853'15 kW DA Channel 29CP
498820000071920W26DC-DROSLYN, NY 394'1 kW DA Channel 8CP
512840000152150W28AJALLINGTOWN, CT 195'6 kW DA Channel 24CP
534330000053902KVFW-LDFORT WORTH, TX 985'3 kW DA Channel 7CP
535320000054750KGDR-LPRUIDOSO, NM 2841'15 kW DA Channel 20CP
544550000029420KRLB-LDRICHLAND, ETC, WA 885'4.9 kW DA Channel 29CP
544560000029552KWWO-LDWALLA WALLA, WA 639'3.5 kW DA Channel 32CP
555650000054667K43AI-DFARMINGTON, NM 547'3.17 kW DA Channel 31CP
560940000054541KDLU-LPST. GEORGE, UT 220'0.1 kW ND  Channel 4CP
565170000031023KCTU-LDWICHITA, KS 235'2.7 kW ND  Channel 23CP
566760000080471K40IO-DCARBONDALE, CO 2501'0.64 kW DA Channel 24CP
566850000080465K41LA-DCARBONDALE, CO 2517'0.64 kW DA Channel 22CP
566990000075127K50IN-DWOODY CREEK, CO 354'0.055 kW DA Channel 26CP
567020000075178K46KI-DWOODY CREEK, CO 354'0.06 kW DA Channel 14CP
567740000054126KCTF-LPTWIN FALLS, ID 564'8 kW DA Channel 33CP
567770000054144KCJY-LPTWIN FALLS, ID 564'15 kW DA Channel 16CP
567930000054820KEDD-LDLOS ANGELES, CA 189'15 kW DA Channel 27CP
568140000053776KCBB-LDBOISE, ID 1565'15 kW DA Channel 19CP
574480000053653K39JS-DSALT LAKE CITY, UT 3932'3 kW DA Channel 9CP
575920000035957W39CV-DMINOCQUA, WI 223'2.3 kW DA Channel 35CP
588990000040241K45GD-DROMEO, ETC., CO 98'0.1 kW DA Channel 33CP
592560000054775KSAW-LDTWIN FALLS, ID 548'15 kW DA Channel 28CP
603170000053998K48JH-DCAPULIN, ETC., NM 1937'0.31 kW ND  Channel 27CP
603180000053997K46BY-DCAPULIN, ETC., NM 1937'0.31 kW ND  Channel 25CP
603190000053995K42CH-DCAPULIN, ETC., NM 1937'0.31 kW ND  Channel 21CP
603200000053996K44CG-DCAPULIN, ETC., NM 1937'0.31 kW ND  Channel 23CP
603210000053999K50DY-DCAPULIN, ETC., NM 1937'0.31 kW ND  Channel 29CP
603690000051821WWKQ-LDQUEBRADILLAS, PR 209'2.5 kW DA Channel 34CP
605540000048498W41DO-DNEW YORK, NY 837'15 kW DA Channel 33APP
614260000120384WDTB-LDHAMBURG, NY 568'15 kW DA Channel 18CP
614910000054234K39EY-DCORTEZ, CO 1231'0.5 kW DA Channel 3CP
621800000054638WAUG-LDRALEIGH, NC 262'3 kW ND  Channel 4CP
625980000054793K44LE-DKASILOF, AK 394'0.23 kW DA Channel 23CP
627670000053988K39AA-DNINILCHICK, AK 303'15 kW DA Channel 35CP
643390000054796WOTM-LDBIRMINGHAM, AL 197'9 kW DA Channel 35CP
648560000053696WWXY-LDSAN JUAN, PR 1033'2 kW DA Channel 6CP
649820000051701KRJR-LPSACRAMENTO, CA 174'3 kW DA Channel 12CP
650960000081270K51AQ-DUKIAH, CA 1387'0.89 kW DA Channel 19CP
651120000081269K41AFUKIAH, CA 1387'0.89 kW DA Channel 24CP
651140000081267K47ALUKIAH, CA 1387'0.89 kW DA Channel 20CP
651180000081268K39AGUKIAH, CA 1387'0.89 kW DA Channel 25CP
651220000081272K43AFUKIAH, CA 1387'0.89 kW DA Channel 23CP
651260000081271K45AHUKIAH, CA 1387'0.89 kW DA Channel 22CP
670100000052038W48CLGRAND RAPIDS, MI 370'4 kW DA Channel 27CP
670150000052015W41BQASHEVILLE, NC 1083'2.5 kW DA Channel 22CP
670230000049057K43JVPROVO, UT 2635'1.5 kW DA Channel 16CP
675430000052727KHDT-LDDENVER, CO 764'3 kW DA Channel 10CP
677880000054397WEIJ-LDFORT WAYNE, IN 581'15 kW ND  Channel 17CP
677900000099026WFHD-LPANN ARBOR, MI 79'3 kW DA Channel 2APP
678360000054923WDMC-LDCHARLOTTE, NC 613'8 kW DA Channel 20CP
678780000054548KEVE-LDVANCOUVER, WA 1288'8.6 kW DA Channel 31CP
679670000054738WCEE-LDCHARLOTTE, NC 613'13 kW DA Channel 17CP
679760000054524WPVS-LPMILWAUKEE, WI 1030'2.9 kW ND  Channel 9CP
679890000054757WGUD-LDPASCAGOULA, MS 259'0.5 kW DA Channel 31CP
680020000054375W51DULAFAYETTE, IN 313'15 kW ND  Channel 29CP
680260000054940WLWD-LDSPRINGFIELD, OH 858'3 kW ND  Channel 5CP
680610000054928WRJK-LPARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL 1500'0.4 kW DA Channel 11CP
680610000105856WRJK-LPARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL 1500'2.4 kW DA Channel 36APP
684110000089350WIIC-LDPITTSBURGH, PA 480'1 kW DA Channel 10APP
685140000030029K44EN-DMETHOW, WA 2435'0.4 kW DA Channel 36CP
687020000053140K50CX-DTUCUMCARI, NM 628'0.61 kW ND  Channel 23CP
687030000053141K46BU-DTUCUMCARI, NM 628'0.61 kW ND  Channel 26CP
687040000053142K38FP-DTUCUMCARI, NM 628'0.61 kW ND  Channel 21CP
687050000053143K40DK-DTUCUMCARI, NM 628'0.61 kW ND  Channel 24CP
695020000054488K40AE-DCASHMERE, ECT, WA -367'0.373 kW ND  Channel 15CP
700980000052041W24CP-DDURHAM, NC 1229'3 kW DA Channel 36CP
701010000054924K45IM-DMONROE, LA 486'15 kW DA Channel 29CP
704210000052511WUDT-LDDetroit, MI 718'3 kW DA Channel 8CP
709680000054542K09KPTOQUERVILLE, UT 645'0.015 kW DA Channel 12CP
709690000054544KVBT-LPSANTA CLARA, ETC., UT 3509'0.9 kW DA Channel 26CP
710600000054716K51DJ-DVERDI/MOGUL, NV 2211'0.36 kW DA Channel 27CP
715120000054763W07BJITHACA, NY 293'15 kW DA Channel 34CP
721590000053934K45DY-DNEW MOBEETIE, TX 421'0.48 kW ND  Channel 29CP
721600000053931K39AN-DNEW MOBEETIE, TX 421'0.48 kW ND  Channel 22CP
721610000053933K43ED-DNEW MOBEETIE, TX 421'0.48 kW ND  Channel 27CP
721630000053932K41BW-DNEW MOBEETIE, TX 421'0.48 kW ND  Channel 24CP
722410000054605K50IY-DELY & MCGILL, NV 845'3.549 kW DA Channel 17CP
724790000054745WJOS-LDPOMEROY, OH 106'15 kW DA Channel 31CP
725400000124745WMPJ-LDCALHOUN CITY, MS 179'1 kW DA Channel 27APP
730810000130447W33CR-DCHAMBERSBURG, PA 1334'15 kW DA Channel 20CP
732940000053201DDW38CBLITTLETON, NH 1077'15 kW ND  Channel 25PRCAN
733270000131982W28DP-DPOTTSVILLE, PA 392'0.8 kW ND  Channel 29CP
733580000053980W38DL-DADAMS, MA 2073'15 kW ND  Channel 35CP
736680000075136K48LO-DWOODY CREEK, CO 354'0.055 kW DA Channel 27CP
736700000075137K38LD-DWOODY CREEK, CO 354'0.055 kW DA Channel 32CP
743760000051752K20KF-DDAVENPORT, IA 806'15 kW DA Channel 33CP
743790000051774W24DL-DSAGINAW, MI 268'2.3 kW DA Channel 34CP
745020000054825W20EF-DNEW YORK, NY 854'0.135 kW DA Channel 17APP
1250560000054799W40BUPANAMA CITY, FL 323'15 kW ND  Channel 34CP
1251570000030155K40IJ-DTOPEKA, KS 714'5 kW DA Channel 22CP
1251650000052029W45DN-DWASHINGTON, DC 389'3 kW DA Channel 10CP
1251990000054612KZSA-LPSAN ANGELO, TX 254'15 kW ND  Channel 24CP
1252570000054552K12QVVICTORVILLE, CA 54'12 kW ND  Channel 22CP
1252790000051823K49KT-DBEND, OR 1864'5 kW DA Channel 36CP
1252840000054196K10PL-DVICTORIA, TX 81'15 kW ND  Channel 14CP
1254810000031876KQSX-LPCAL - OREGON, CA 896'1 kW DA Channel 33CP
1254960000029581K42IQ-DFLAGSTAFF, AZ 1851'1 kW DA Channel 21CP
1256840000074386KEOO-LDMIDLAND, TX 471'15 kW DA Channel 24CP
1257390000112364W32FQ-DCHRISTIANSTED, VI 1085'1 kW ND  Channel 32CP
1258530000054883WTBZ-LPGAINESVILLE, FL 309'12 kW DA Channel 14CP
1263220000052116K40HZWICHITA FALLS, TX 362'15 kW ND  Channel 23CP
1267000000052045KHGS-LDGLENWOOD SPRINGS, CO -227'0.75 kW ND  Channel 27CP
1268590000054570K45IQAMARILLO, TX 191'10 kW DA Channel 24CP
1268880000054884W40BZTUPELO, MS 192'5 kW DA Channel 14CP
1269770000054000K48KBCHICO, CA 163'15 kW DA Channel 34CP
1269780000054885K47HP-DELKO, NV 456'1 kW DA Channel 24CP
1271920000054571W42CWHATTIESBURG, MS 490'5 kW DA Channel 27CP
1272160000029550K43LK-DLAWTON, OK 596'2.5 kW DA Channel 34CP
1272190000045666W48DP-DATLANTIC CITY, NJ 379'15 kW DA Channel 24CP
1273840000054351KENY-LPALAMOSA, CO 57'5 kW ND  Channel 36CP
1274960000029488WHOB-LDBUXTON, NC 77'0.12 kW DA Channel 35CP
1277580000054886K46HNODESSA, TX 144'5 kW ND  Channel 25CP
1277640000054354WVVK-LPMARTIN, KY 1339'15 kW ND  Channel 26CP
1277850000054780KHFD-LDDALLAS, TX 1006'3 kW DA Channel 13CP
1278750000054553WUVI-LDChicago, IL 232'3 kW ND  Channel 3CP
1279020000071926K50MU-DTYLER, TX 566'3 kW DA Channel 10CP
1280370000054183KZTE-LDFULTON, AR 301'15 kW ND  Channel 29CP
1280550000104166K21OR-DEAGLE PASS, TX 410'15 kW ND  Channel 22APP
1283640000054706WBKM-LPCHANA, IL 572'1 kW DA Channel 25CP
1283660000054708WCRD-LPFreeport, IL 651'3 kW DA Channel 9CP
1283950000054093KOPS-LDBEAUMONT, TX 349'15 kW ND  Channel 25CP
1284700000054751KPKS-LPSAN ANGELO, TX 354'15 kW DA Channel 36CP
1285030000152402K48ON-DODESSA, TX 435'15 kW ND  Channel 19APP
1286050000104171NEWLaredo, TX 752'15 kW ND  Channel 18APP
1287170000071846DDKWYM-LPLARAMIE, WY 484'15 kW DA Channel 25PRCAN
1287580000054882K39GLSTARR VALLEY, NV 1168'0.73 kW DA Channel 35CP
1289780000054281KSCD-LPHEMET, CA 2704'3 kW DA Channel 27CP
1289780000144431KSCD-LPHEMET, CA 2285'3 kW DA Channel 3APP
1291500000054872K38IF-DELKO, NV 1812'0.205 kW DA Channel 28CP
1292260000054282KPCD-LPSan fernando, CA 2098'1 kW DA Channel 27CP
1293060000051588WVUX-LDFAIRMONT, WV 508'1 kW ND  Channel 10CP
1293700000148643W23FE-DSavannah, GA 92'2 kW DA Channel 31CP
1294200000071815K35OZ-DCHICO, CA 18'15 kW DA Channel 35CP
1294790000053926K39GH-DQUANAH, TX 355'0.25 kW DA Channel 20CP
1295750000053928K43HD-DQUANAH, TX 355'0.25 kW ND  Channel 35CP
1296180000152688KRMV-LDWALNUT, CA 1637'3 kW DA Channel 6APP
1296320000071908W24EU-DERIE, PA 899'15 kW ND  Channel 24CP
1296520000053929K41HQ-DQUANAH, TX 355'0.25 kW ND  Channel 24CP
1299740000054186KYAM-LDHEREFORD, TX 428'15 kW ND  Channel 27CP
1300000000054762K44HHLUBBOCK, TX 308'15 kW ND  Channel 17CP
1300480000054568KVDO-LDALBANY, OR 1010'2.5 kW DA Channel 34CP
1300520000054569KPWC-LDTILLAMOOK, OR 842'3 kW ND  Channel 6CP
1301710000042866K40MT-DBONNERS FERRY, ID 2772'0.23 kW DA Channel 31CP
1301740000052033K47JK-DPOCATELLO, ID 1029'1 kW DA Channel 20CP
1301750000051896K18HQ-DSANDPOINT, ID 2811'0.285 kW DA Channel 19CP
1301780000052053KMSX-LDSACRAMENTO, CA 456'15 kW DA Channel 33CP
1301850000053422K44GH-DALEXANDRIA, MN 391'0.75 kW DA Channel 28CP
1301930000071805K20OP-DDULUTH, MN 513'7.5 kW DA Channel 20CP
1301990000051972K48KJ-DGENEVA, MN 562'5 kW DA Channel 21CP
1302070000051966K38MM-DINTERNATIONAL FALLS, MN 169'0.6 kW ND  Channel 35CP
1302090000051902K43JE-DLAKE CRYSTAL, MN 482'7.5 kW DA Channel 25CP
1302130000053426K47JE-DOLIVIA, MN 401'1 kW DA Channel 15CP
1302150000054341K43MH-DVESTA, MN 326'5 kW DA Channel 34CP
1302160000053425K47JC-DWADENA, MN 178'2.5 kW DA Channel 22CP
1302220000051758W28DQ-DWINDSOR, VT 2204'1 kW DA Channel 29CP
1302410000054101KKTM-LPALTUS, OK 95'15 kW ND  Channel 21CP
1303450000054252KZHO-LDHOUSTON, TX 998'3 kW ND  Channel 3CP
1303460000071930K09AAB-DLUBBOCK, TX 825'3 kW DA Channel 9CP
1303550000152387K40NW-DYUMA, AZ 113'15 kW ND  Channel 31APP
1303670000054206KYLU-LPLUBBOCK, TX 63'15 kW ND  Channel 36CP
1304030000071933W44DL-DPANAMA CITY, FL 261'15 kW DA Channel 15CP
1304390000137660WOWZ-LPSALISBURY, MD 860'15 kW DA Channel 33CP
1304430000054251WNDC-LPSALISBURY, MD 392'15 kW ND  Channel 17CP
1304570000053940WGOX-LDCRESTVIEW, FL 397'15 kW DA Channel 36CP
1304700000054805W32EI-DPORT JERVIS, NY 539'15 kW DA Channel 33APP
1304750000127436W25FA-DNew york, NY 657'15 kW DA Channel 28CP
1305020000053774KPMC-LDBAKERSFIELD, CA 1187'3.2 kW DA Channel 32CP
1307090000054781K27KMWENDOVER, UT 513'0.5 kW ND  Channel 31CP
1307670000071984K12XM-DBOISE, ID 2553'3 kW ND  Channel 12CP
1309400000052068KHVM-LDMINNEAPOLIS, MN 474'15 kW DA Channel 18CP
1309410000052074KTCJ-LDMINNEAPOLIS, MN 474'3 kW DA Channel 13CP
1309570000054275KQFW-LDDALLAS, TX 407'3 kW DA Channel 11CP
1310170000075132K44GQ-DWOODY CREEK, CO 354'0.055 kW DA Channel 25CP
1310270000080469K44JQ-DREDSTONE, CO -368'0.012 kW DA Channel 21CP
1310430000054707WMKB-LPRochelle, IL 622'9 kW DA Channel 18CP
1310440000112251WDWA-LDDamascus, VA 170'0.35 kW DA Channel 29CP
1311040000054279WJTD-LPJACKSON, TN 509'15 kW DA Channel 22CP
1311370000051843K51KRBILLINGS, MT 293'5 kW DA Channel 31CP
1311380000051841K45KS-DBILLINGS, MT 303'5 kW DA Channel 19CP
1313480000051834K43JQ-DBISMARCK, ND 110'2 kW DA Channel 23CP
1671590000054391K40JV-DSTATELINE, ETC., CA 73'15 kW ND  Channel 16CP
1672690000052006K38JX-DGRAND JUNCTION, CO 909'5 kW DA Channel 14CP
1673120000054819KMRZ-LDLOS ANGELES, CA 2301'1.15 kW DA Channel 26CP
1673140000054813WNJJ-LDPATERSON, NJ 539'15 kW DA Channel 30CP
1673540000054635W30CO-DWHEELING, WV 449'15 kW ND  Channel 17CP
1673560000035614W41DK-DKEYSER, WV 1361'15 kW ND  Channel 16CP
1673570000054634W08EE-DMARTINSBURG, WV 927'15 kW DA Channel 27CP
1673580000054636W23DR-DROMNEY, WV 913'15 kW ND  Channel 21CP
1674780000054614KYHT-LDLAKE CHARLES, LA 281'15 kW ND  Channel 14CP
1674890000051817K39JC-DBUTTE, MT 129'1 kW DA Channel 34CP
1675090000054185KEGG-LDTULSA, OK 583'15 kW ND  Channel 35CP
1675260000029548K42IM-DMINOT, ND 70'1 kW DA Channel 35CP
1675910000054718K44IR-DLUCERNE, WY 116'0.35 kW ND  Channel 22CP
1677430000054145K29HW-DAUSTIN, TX 286'7.5 kW ND  Channel 32CP
1677550000053054KXKW-LDLAFAYETTE, LA 920'15 kW DA Channel 30CP
1680380000054749WAZS-LDNORTH CHARLESTON, SC 281'15 kW DA Channel 23CP
1680390000054748WJNI-LDNORTH CHARLESTON, SC 281'15 kW DA Channel 28CP
1680600000053957WGEN-LDMIAMI, FL 543'3 kW ND  Channel 8CP
1680680000143395WIIW-LDNASHVILLE, TN 813'15 kW DA Channel 14CP
1680740000054141WWWN-LDMEMPHIS, TN 583'15 kW DA Channel 16CP
1681410000054584WRTN-LDALEXANDRIA, TN 1037'12 kW DA Channel 17CP
1684810000054671WTBT-LDTAMPA, FL 750'3 kW DA Channel 8CP
1687690000029418WSFG-LDBERRY, AL 334'15 kW DA Channel 31CP
1688050000052730KHTX-LDHUNTSVILLE, TX 707'15 kW DA Channel 29CP
1811780000071800W32FN-DMACON, GA 734'10 kW DA Channel 32CP
1812060000071780W48DV-DTALLAHASSEE, FL 554'15 kW ND  Channel 14CP
1812280000053000KCCF-LDLos osos, CA 863'15 kW DA Channel 33CP
1813870000071946W28EY-DFORT WAYNE, IN 431'15 kW DA Channel 28CP
1814630000052239K23KI-DSeattle, WA 321'15 kW DA Channel 20CP
1814630000151904K23KI-DSeattle, WA 755'5 kW DA Channel 20APP
1815330000072471W07DW-DTALLAHASSEE, FL 391'2 kW DA Channel 7CP
1816100000054715K22JW-DBAY CITY, TX 657'15 kW ND  Channel 16CP
1816160000054554K40KX-DCENTERVILLE, TX 300'15 kW ND  Channel 32CP
1816190000071951WAWA-LDDOTHAN, AL 190'15 kW ND  Channel 35CP
1817420000054545K38LK-DJACKS CABIN, CO -51'1 kW DA Channel 25CP
1818240000054011DW34ED-DTRUJILLO ALTO, PR 533'5 kW DA Channel 35CP
1818450000051603DDWCZC-LDAUGUSTA, GA 239'3 kW ND  Channel 13PRCAN
1818540000071936W16EE-DAUGUSTA, GA 308'15 kW ND  Channel 16CP
1818560000074337WRDP-LDCOLUMBUS, GA 407'15 kW ND  Channel 16CP
1818580000071972W23FA-DCOLUMBUS, GA 291'15 kW ND  Channel 23CP
1818610000071968W31EU-DCOLUMBUS, GA 397'9.6 kW ND  Channel 31CP
1818930000080466K48LW-DREDSTONE, CO -364'0.012 kW DA Channel 16CP
1819830000071904WEAE-LDSPRINGFIELD, IL 84'15 kW ND  Channel 21CP
1820120000074456WJDO-LDMACON, GA 254'15 kW ND  Channel 29CP
1820500000074302KULC-LDPORT ARTHUR, TX 498'15 kW ND  Channel 26CP
1820590000054049KNXG-LDCOLLEGE STATION, TX 1383'15 kW DA Channel 27CP
1820690000071898WIDO-LDWILMINGTON, NC 335'15 kW DA Channel 34CP
1820840000072037K20OO-DCERES, CA 48'15 kW DA Channel 20CP
1820920000053055DDW26DS-DLA GRANGE, GA 108'15 kW ND  Channel 16PRCAN
1821070000119256KGLR-LDSPARKS, NV 392'5 kW DA Channel 35CP
1822270000072946K09AAA-DCARSON CITY, NV 2285'3 kW DA Channel 9CP
1822360000052241KJDN-LDLOGAN, UT 1096'3 kW DA Channel 6CP
1822840000071879K20ON-DBAKERSFIELD, CA 45'0.5 kW DA Channel 20CP
1823160000071871W30EN-DEAU CLAIRE, WI 197'1 kW ND  Channel 30CP
1824060000071948W20EP-DTROY, AL 467'15 kW DA Channel 20CP
1824190000151090K27PC-DYUMA, AZ 1296'3 kW DA Channel 27CP
1824720000071875W26FH-DTALLAHASSEE, FL 199'0.05 kW ND  Channel 26CP
1824890000054798KCDL-LDNAMPA, ID 2536'15 kW ND  Channel 36CP
1824930000054783K21KJ-DMINERAL WELLS, TX 188'0.2 kW DA Channel 11CP
1825310000053755DDK31KU-DRAPID CITY, SD 420'10 kW ND  Channel 15PRCAN
1825660000051664DKEID-LDLUFKIN, TX 621'5 kW ND  Channel 18CP
1825870000072035KQKT-LDTYLER, TX 301'13.9 kW ND  Channel 18CP
1826770000149748K32OW-DIberia, MO 181'0.6 kW DA Channel 32CP
1826800000071872K30QM-DKENNEWICK, WA 84'1 kW ND  Channel 30CP
1827520000071884K14ST-DSILVER SPRINGS, NV 1899'0.1 kW ND  Channel 14CP
1828280000078221KTNR-LDLAREDO, TX 179'3 kW DA Channel 2CP
1828300000098709KZVS-LDAnchorage, AK 755'3 kW ND  Channel 9CP
1828840000071777K49EP-DEVANSVILLE, IN 398'15 kW DA Channel 35CP
1829250000073539WFDY-LDALBANY, GA 397'9 kW DA Channel 28CP
1829260000052733DDW38EM-DALBANY, GA 267'4.8 kW DA Channel 16PRCAN
1829300000137428W21EL-DVALDOSTA, GA 156'9.55 kW DA Channel 21CP
1829620000129104KPJC-LDSan Francisco, CA 449'15 kW ND  Channel 15APP
1829640000150099K26PR-DNEEDLES, CA -198'15 kW DA Channel 26CP
1829840000143380KEVO-LDSUN VALLEY, NV -330'0.1 kW DA Channel 16CP
1830040000098113W24EW-DMACON, GA 359'15 kW DA Channel 24CP
1830180000072175K36QA-DLUFKIN, TX 219'15 kW DA Channel 36CP
1830260000053169WVDO-LDCAROLINA, PR 1869'3 kW DA Channel 4CP
1830290000097659KZVY-LDANCHORAGE, AK 755'3 kW ND  Channel 13CP
1830300000098629KZVX-LDAnchorage, AK 755'10 kW ND  Channel 23CP
1830800000054609K51LK-DREDDING, CA 1470'3 kW DA Channel 2CP
1832060000051796K31MU-DLINGLEVILLE-CROWLEY, TX 450'3 kW DA Channel 7CP
1832240000071806W34FO-DAUGUSTA, GA 415'5 kW DA Channel 34CP
1834120000054919W24DW-DCULEBRA, PR 773'15 kW DA Channel 19CP
1836120000074397KRDJ-LDLUBBOCK, TX 381'3 kW DA Channel 10CP
1836200000052630DDKBLI-LDLINCOLN, NE 223'3 kW ND  Channel 11PRCAN
1836370000074392KIWG-LDBOISE, ID 35'15 kW ND  Channel 14CP
1836400000071996W26FE-DMONTGOMERY, AL 193'8.2 kW ND  Channel 26CP
1836640000051750K16IP-DBONNERDALE, AR 197'15 kW ND  Channel 19CP
1836660000071822K48ME-DVAIL, CO 383'15 kW ND  Channel 22CP
1836880000099531K24OE-DJACKSON, WY 929'0.5 kW ND  Channel 24CP
1837780000071791W22FD-DDODGE CENTER, MN 297'15 kW DA Channel 22CP
1837970000051781W24DS-DPARKERSBURG, WV 509'1 kW DA Channel 21CP
1838400000054898K49LG-DEUREKA, NV 1469'0.3 kW ND  Channel 29CP
1838420000054896K38LR-DEUREKA, NV 1469'0.3 kW ND  Channel 15CP
1838570000072250W19EU-DWILMINGTON, NC 402'15 kW DA Channel 19CP
1838600000097357K12XO-DMIDLAND/ODESSA, TX 248'3 kW DA Channel 12CP
1838750000054890K43MM-DBEOWAWE, NV -465'0.3 kW DA Channel 21CP
1839240000051815K46KW-DTYLER, TX 14'3 kW DA Channel 24CP
1839260000071925KMZB-LDAMARILLO, TX 418'15 kW ND  Channel 35CP
1839270000072101K23PA-DKLAMATH FALLS, OR 2232'10 kW DA Channel 23CP
1839280000072005W31EP-DPANAMA CITY, FL 192'15 kW ND  Channel 31CP
1839760000074673K13AAV-DRENO, NV 2127'2 kW DA Channel 13CP
1840190000052042K19IR-DENID, OK 303'15 kW DA Channel 32CP
1840210000034990K44KG-DREDDING, CA 1458'0.5 kW DA Channel 24CP
1840220000034998K42JQ-DREDDING, CA 1458'5 kW DA Channel 27CP
1840340000053906W44DH-DCAGUAS, PR -60'15 kW DA Channel 33CP
1840350000052013W48DU-DALBANY, GA 407'5 kW DA Channel 29CP
1840370000072241W27EP-DDESTIN, FL 204'15 kW DA Channel 27CP
1840380000071941K29NT-DFORT SMITH, AR 138'15 kW ND  Channel 29CP
1840580000071821W44DD-DVALDOSTA, GA 597'15 kW DA Channel 32CP
1840590000071818W36FI-DVALDOSTA, GA 597'15 kW DA Channel 36CP
1840600000072736K09AAC-DFARGO, ND 403'3 kW DA Channel 9CP
1840610000073133K10RQ-DFARGO, ND 410'3 kW DA Channel 10CP
1840690000071813W22FE-DAUGUSTA, ME 460'15 kW DA Channel 22CP
1840710000071799K48MV-DGARDEN CITY, KS 444'15 kW DA Channel 17CP
1840960000071802K18NM-DTEXARKANA, AR 256'15 kW DA Channel 18CP
1840970000071810K39LD-DTEXARKANA, AR 256'15 kW DA Channel 25CP
1840990000072734K33QJ-DTEXARKANA, AR 256'15 kW DA Channel 33CP
1841420000072100K24NW-DCOLLEGE STATION, TX 369'15 kW DA Channel 24CP
1841510000071803K34QN-DEMPORIA, KS 338'15 kW DA Channel 34CP
1841660000151594W25FT-DBARABOO, WI 412'7.5 kW DA Channel 25CP
1841670000151596W22FK-DBARABOO, WI 412'7.5 kW DA Channel 22CP
1841680000151595W36FN-DBARABOO, WI 412'7.5 kW DA Channel 36CP
1841860000072314K19MS-DALEXANDRA, MN 222'2 kW DA Channel 19CP
1842230000073085K29NY-DALEXANDRA, MN 222'15 kW DA Channel 29CP
1842750000071923W29FI-DTERRE HAUTE, IN 272'15 kW ND  Channel 29CP
1842850000072053W18EY-DCANTON, OH 107'15 kW DA Channel 18CP
1843060000071827K16NO-DBEATRICE / FAIRBURY, NE 280'5 kW ND  Channel 16CP
1843280000071991W26FD-DLA CROSSE, WI 195'15 kW ND  Channel 26CP
1843460000029998WTMQ-LDJACKSONVILLE, NC 350'15 kW ND  Channel 32CP
1844580000072872W20EO-DSALISBURY, MD 312'15 kW DA Channel 20CP
1844620000074290KJNM-LDFAYETTEVILLE, AR 364'14.7 kW DA Channel 20CP
1845130000073028K31PP-DSIOUX CITY, IA 503'15 kW DA Channel 31CP
1845300000071949WFEJ-LDNEW BERN, NC 227'15 kW ND  Channel 31CP
1845320000072072W20EM-DNEW BERN, NC 204'15 kW ND  Channel 20CP
1845500000086353DDW50EQ-DLUMBERTON, NC 254'15 kW DA Channel 19PRCAN
1845530000071943W18EV-DNEW BERN, NC 227'15 kW ND  Channel 18CP
1845560000071784K19MT-DSPRINGDALE, AR 434'15 kW DA Channel 19CP
1845580000072052K14SX-DLAWTON, OK 268'15 kW DA Channel 14CP
1846020000072731K34QO-DSPRINGDALE, AR 434'15 kW DA Channel 34CP
1846240000071808K26PE-DPONCA CITY, OK 730'14.2 kW DA Channel 26CP
1846250000071812K22OD-DPONCA CITY, OK 730'13.5 kW DA Channel 22CP
1846350000072045K35PC-DROCHESTER, MN 299'15 kW ND  Channel 35CP
1846370000071905KMWE-LDSAINT CLOUD, MN 257'15 kW DA Channel 17CP
1846410000071906K26PF-DSAINT CLOUD, MN 257'11.3 kW DA Channel 26CP
1847170000035784K49LJ-DCASPER, WY 1765'5 kW DA Channel 22CP
1847180000074429WDRJ-LDALBANY, GA 308'15 kW DA Channel 26CP
1847230000051839K49LK-DNORTH PLATTE, NE 453'2 kW ND  Channel 20CP
1847620000071856WEDK-LDEFFINGHAM, IL 241'15 kW ND  Channel 25CP
1847640000072327W14ES-DCHAMPAIGN, IL 361'15 kW ND  Channel 14CP
1848070000143600W19EZ-DHOUGHTON LAKE, MI 734'15 kW DA Channel 19CP
1848080000151171W20EV-DHOUGHTON LAKE, MI 32'4 kW DA Channel 20CP
1848090000151117W31FF-DMAPLE VALLEY, MI 44'15 kW DA Channel 31CP
1848100000151198W27ET-DMAPLE VALLEY, MI 44'10 kW DA Channel 27CP
1848110000151116W04DY-DMAPLE VALLEY, MI 44'3 kW DA Channel 4CP
1849430000143601W31FA-DELMHURST, MI 817'15 kW ND  Channel 31CP
1850760000071793W30EL-DMONTGOMERY, AL 298'15 kW DA Channel 30CP
1851940000073393W32FJ-DMONTGOMERY, AL 298'15 kW DA Channel 32CP
1852280000153007K25QP-DRANGER, TX 96'8 kW DA Channel 25CP
1852340000071820K42JZ-DSALINAS, CA 2197'3 kW DA Channel 3CP
1852620000054603K48MW-DELY & MCGILL, NV 825'3.549 kW DA Channel 16CP
1852720000053300WNTE-LDMAYAGUEZ, PR 1994'14 kW DA Channel 30CP
1852730000071916W18EW-DJACKSON, TN 325'15 kW ND  Channel 18CP
1852740000071918W17EI-DJACKSON, TN 309'15 kW DA Channel 17CP
1852900000153008K36QJ-DWESTBROOK, TX 37'7 kW DA Channel 36CP
1852940000071775K14SY-DCOLUMBUS, NE 132'15 kW DA Channel 14CP
1853030000153006K27PD-DCOAHOMA, TX -10'9 kW DA Channel 27CP
1853260000071866W29FM-DWYOMING, DE 333'15 kW DA Channel 29CP
1853290000054895K41LU-DEUREKA, NV 2466'0.3 kW ND  Channel 17CP
1853860000153167K20OX-DTAHOKA, TX 50'15 kW DA Channel 20CP
1854100000071978K30QL-DASTORIA, OR 99'15 kW ND  Channel 30CP
1854400000074672K13AAU-DCARSON CITY, NV 2283'2 kW DA Channel 13CP
1854460000071979K33QI-DPUEBLO, CO 289'15 kW ND  Channel 33CP
1854470000071982K32OG-DPUEBLO, CO 289'15 kW ND  Channel 32CP
1854480000071981K14SS-DPUEBLO, CO 289'15 kW ND  Channel 14CP
1855050000074534W19DU-DCLARKSBURG, WV 635'10 kW DA Channel 29CP
1855240000072099W21EB-DCLARKSBURG, WV 635'5 kW DA Channel 21CP
1855250000072947W28EX-DCLARKSBURG, WV 635'10 kW DA Channel 28CP
1855260000072016WJEA-LDAUGUSTA, GA 411'15 kW ND  Channel 17CP
1855300000051948K42KZ-DCALEXICO, CA 265'15 kW ND  Channel 29CP
1855380000071990W35DV-DAUGUSTA, GA 378'15 kW ND  Channel 35CP
1855500000071877W25FM-DLAKE CHARLES, LA 97'1 kW ND  Channel 25CP
1855570000071870W39DX-DVINTON, LA 101'1 kW ND  Channel 30CP
1855580000071816K22KA-DROLLA, MO 549'15 kW DA Channel 23CP
1856030000154531W22DY-DMYRTLE BEACH, SC 62'9 kW DA Channel 35APP
1856040000154541W41DY-DMYRTLE BEACH, SC 62'9 kW DA Channel 14APP
1856050000154524W42ED-DMYRTLE BEACH, SC 62'9 kW DA Channel 15APP
1856090000151119W06DK-DFLORENCE, SC 43'3 kW DA Channel 6CP
1856100000071776K22OH-DHELENA, MT 665'15 kW DA Channel 22CP
1856250000054894K43MT-DEUREKA, NV 2466'0.3 kW ND  Channel 25CP
1856670000071839W29FJ-DDOTHAN, AL 190'15 kW DA Channel 29CP
1856820000153629K07AAN-DSANTA MARIA, CA -157'3 kW DA Channel 7CP
1856830000153596K14TK-DSANTA MARIA, CA -151'15 kW DA Channel 14CP
1857220000152947K21PE-DTYLER, TX -25'5 kW DA Channel 21CP
1857250000153641K18NU-DSAN LUIS OBISPO, CA 1818'1 kW DA Channel 18CP
1857400000071977K18NL-DYAKIMA, WA -54'12.1 kW ND  Channel 18CP
1857440000071980K33QM-DGRAND FORKS, ND 314'15 kW ND  Channel 33CP
1857450000152050K15MV-DBOZEMAN, MT -368'0.3 kW DA Channel 15CP
1857670000151289K26PT-DCOLUMBIA, MO 102'4 kW DA Channel 26CP
1857720000151139K21PD-DCOLUMBIA, MO 15'15 kW DA Channel 21CP
1857930000154639W43DF-DMACON, GA -37'9 kW DA Channel 21APP
1858110000151203K30QX-DDULUTH, MN 132'15 kW DA Channel 30CP
1858120000151118K17OV-DDULUTH, MN 132'15 kW DA Channel 17CP
1858220000071874K24NX-DSANTA BARBARA, CA 852'5 kW DA Channel 24CP
1858230000071873K25QG-DSANTA BARBARA, CA 852'0.05 kW DA Channel 25CP
1858570000153422K45MW-DSENTINEL, AZ 74'3 kW DA Channel 6APP
1858870000153537K20OY-DHORACE, ND 37'9 kW DA Channel 20CP
1859210000153192K38NY-DLORDSBURG, NM 629'15 kW DA Channel 22APP
1859220000153207K42LA-DLORDSBURG, NM 629'3 kW DA Channel 6APP
1859230000153220K44LI-DLORDSBURG, NM 629'15 kW DA Channel 28APP
1859280000153767K06QU-DVIAN, OK 17'3 kW DA Channel 6CP
1859300000153384K17OZ-DMULBERRY, AR -97'9 kW DA Channel 17CP
1859340000153276K31PZ-DCLARKSVILLE, AR 50'9 kW DA Channel 31CP
1859490000153250K48NR-DDEMING, NM 274'8 kW DA Channel 24APP
1859530000154109K41MH-DMULLAN, ID -465'15 kW DA Channel 17APP
1859580000154215K44KW-DPLAINS, MT 1070'15 kW DA Channel 21APP
1859780000154266K50MK-DCOLUMBUS, MT 42'15 kW DA Channel 16APP
1859810000153970K12XS-DBILLINGS, MT 540'3 kW DA Channel 12CP
1860190000153908K21PF-DSAUK CENTRE, MN 47'15 kW DA Channel 21CP
1860410000154220K50MJ-DDRUMMOND, MT 69'15 kW DA Channel 29APP
1860430000154192K43NI-DDEER LODGE, MT -579'15 kW DA Channel 20APP
1860460000154263K49MA-DSAINT XAVIER, MT 540'3 kW DA Channel 9APP
1860740000153568K23PR-DVALLEY CITY, ND 180'15 kW DA Channel 23CP
1861120000145823W19FA-DBangor, ME 829'15 kW ND  Channel 19CP
1861130000151041W36FM-DETNA, ME 1251'10 kW DA Channel 36CP
1861540000151053W17ER-DCORDELE, GA 12'3 kW DA Channel 17CP
1861770000154261K47NK-DWORDON, MT 540'3 kW DA Channel 8APP
1861790000150856W23FI-DVALDOSTA, GA 50'15 kW DA Channel 23CP
1861860000150882W34FW-DJASPER, FL 59'15 kW DA Channel 34CP
1861870000150690W06DI-DJASPER, FL 60'3 kW DA Channel 6CP
1862160000152911K32OY-DCASPER, WY 1662'5 kW DA Channel 32CP
1862270000153275K33QR-DEL DORADO, AR 130'9 kW DA Channel 33CP
1862680000153783K23PS-DMULDROW, OK 272'9 kW DA Channel 23CP
1863220000150745W30EZ-DPURVIS, MS 23'15 kW DA Channel 30CP
1863230000152894W35EA-DMERRILL, WI 84'15 kW DA Channel 35CP
1863250000152902W06DL-DMERRILL, WI 84'3 kW DA Channel 6CP
1863340000153820K25QQ-DFORT RILEY, KS 164'15 kW DA Channel 25CP
1863350000153818K41NN-DFORT RILEY, KS 163'5 kW DA Channel 32APP
1863380000150891W14EY-DBYRON, GA 64'15 kW DA Channel 14CP
1863460000150838W06DJ-DAUBURN, MS 65'3 kW DA Channel 6CP
1863650000150837W19FB-DTRAVERSE CITY, MI 284'15 kW DA Channel 19CP
1864030000153907K19NC-DRUSHMORE, MN 85'15 kW DA Channel 19CP
1864470000153905K34QZ-DWELLS, MN 22'5 kW DA Channel 34CP
1864490000153904K23PT-DWELLS, MN 22'5 kW DA Channel 23CP
1864570000153906K30QY-DOAKLAND, MN 52'15 kW DA Channel 30CP
1864730000150674K03JE-DVICTORIA, TX 72'3 kW DA Channel 3CP
1864740000150647K04SD-DVICTORIA, TX 72'3 kW DA Channel 4CP
1864760000072223W26FG-DEAU CLAIRE, WI 661'15 kW DA Channel 26CP
1864780000150694K30QW-DGERONIMO, OK 51'5 kW DA Channel 30CP
1864790000150840K21PC-DGERONIMO, OK 51'15 kW DA Channel 21CP
1864860000153316W03BW-DMIDLAND CITY, AL 76'3 kW DA Channel 3CP
1864870000153345W24FA-DMIDLAND CITY, AL 76'9 kW DA Channel 24CP
1866030000153251K35PM-DSPRING CREEK, NV 926'5 kW DA Channel 35CP
1866170000150246K08QM-DWENDOVER, UT 39'3 kW DA Channel 8CP
1866180000150247K03JD-DWENDOVER, UT 39'3 kW DA Channel 3CP
1866270000153493K41MO-DLAKE HAVASU, AZ -477'3 kW DA Channel 10APP
1866360000150506K27PB-DHILO, HI -538'1 kW DA Channel 27CP
1866370000150505K17OU-DHILO, HI -538'1 kW DA Channel 17CP
1866400000153393K34QY-DGOLDEN VALLEY, AZ -284'6 kW DA Channel 34CP
1866410000153392K08QN-DGOLDEN VALLEY, AZ -284'3 kW DA Channel 8CP
1866450000150839K12XQ-DMONROE, LA 96'3 kW DA Channel 12CP
1866570000153725K44LZ-DBAKERSFIELD, CA 27'5 kW DA Channel 16APP
1866710000153678K19NB-DGUSTINE, CA -158'5 kW DA Channel 19CP
1866720000153735K27PE-DGUSTINE, CA -158'9 kW DA Channel 27CP
1866900000153760K21PG-DGALENA, KS 30'5 kW DA Channel 21CP
1866930000152725K17OY-DCENTERVILLE, WA 1715'10 kW DA Channel 17CP
1866940000152888K07AAM-DCENTERVILLE, WA -811'3 kW DA Channel 7CP
1866950000152889K10RV-DCENTERVILLE, WA -811'3 kW DA Channel 10CP
1867060000150932K14TI-DHATCH, NM -315'1 kW DA Channel 14CP
1867130000072051K14SV-DMC ALESTER, OK 303'15 kW DA Channel 14CP
1867190000153217K49NC-DSOCORRO, NM -269'15 kW DA Channel 19APP
1867240000151901W28FD-DGREENVILLE, FL 76'15 kW DA Channel 28CP
1867670000151200K14TJ-DORLAND, CA 35'4 kW DA Channel 14CP
1867720000150632W18FB-DSUTTON, WV 317'15 kW DA Channel 18CP
1867750000150626W14EX-DROANOKE, WV 331'15 kW DA Channel 14CP
1867760000150627W28FC-DROANOKE, WV 331'4 kW DA Channel 28CP
1867780000150860W25FR-DCLARKSBURG, WV 373'0.5 kW DA Channel 25CP
1867790000151040W25FS-DCLARKSBURG, WV 371'0.1 kW DA Channel 25CP
1867890000072038K44LC-DALEXANDRIA, LA 812'15 kW DA Channel 29CP
1868000000153440K50NK-DPARKER, AZ 975'3 kW DA Channel 5APP
1868040000153531K44MD-DPARKER, AZ 975'3 kW DA Channel 4APP
1868340000071826W17DV-DSTARKVILLE, MS 441'15 kW ND  Channel 18CP
1868360000071801W23FD-DSTARKVILLE, MS 474'15 kW ND  Channel 23CP
1868390000071787W26FF-DTUPELO, MS 383'15 kW ND  Channel 26CP
1868420000072181W21EC-DTUPELO, MS 283'15 kW DA Channel 21CP
1868470000145126K19MZ-DARRIBA, CO 133'15 kW ND  Channel 19CP
1868650000071860W50ES-DELMIRA, NY 689'15 kW DA Channel 17CP
1868670000072856K32OH-DDULUTH, MN 521'15 kW ND  Channel 32CP
1869080000153816K20OZ-DRUSSELL, KS 111'15 kW DA Channel 20CP
1869200000153817K36QK-DOGDEN, KS 162'5 kW DA Channel 36CP
1872450000074531W45DZ-DELMIRA, NY 722'3 kW DA Channel 11CP
1872470000074532W12DP-DELMIRA, NY 722'3 kW DA Channel 12CP
1872690000071894K34QK-DJONESBORO, AR 329'15 kW ND  Channel 34CP
1872710000148869KJNB-LDJONESBORO, AR 349'15 kW ND  Channel 16CP
1872730000071893K14SW-DJONESBORO, AR 329'15 kW ND  Channel 14CP
1872820000072041W16EF-DMARQUETTE, MI 463'15 kW ND  Channel 16CP
1873950000071975W32FO-DALBANY, GA 33'15 kW ND  Channel 32CP
1873960000071915WCEG-LDALBANY, GA 308'15 kW ND  Channel 14CP
1874120000132732W14DQ-DOrlando, FL 347'3 kW ND  Channel 3CP
1874180000131306W36EC-DLakeland, FL 88'8 kW DA Channel 15CP
1874460000153740K49MP-DLAKEPORT, CA 1827'2 kW DA Channel 17APP
1874710000153557K16NV-DBISMARCK, ND 274'9 kW DA Channel 16CP
1874840000150844K19NA-DIDAHO FALLS, ID 45'5 kW DA Channel 19CP
1874920000154166K42LI-DDUBOIS, ID -31'15 kW DA Channel 24APP
1874990000154216K48OA-DDELL, MT -668'15 kW DA Channel 25APP
1875250000154214K43OG-DWOLF CREEK, MT 1327'15 kW DA Channel 16APP
1876330000152842K15MW-DBELLINGHAM, WA 122'5 kW DA Channel 15CP
1876440000071927W30EM-DOCALA, FL 263'15 kW ND  Channel 30CP
1877090000125236KGRF-LDGILA RIVER INDIAN CO, AZ -52'15 kW DA Channel 21CP
1877540000071924KAOM-LDSWEETWATER, TX 249'15 kW ND  Channel 14CP
1877630000072360WXTM-LDERIE, PA 53'6 kW DA Channel 18CP
1878270000071788K28QJ-DDULUTH, MN 513'15 kW DA Channel 28CP
1878280000054046WGEI-LDENTERPRISE, AL 188'15 kW DA Channel 27CP
1878290000054045WFRW-LDENTERPRISE, AL 1511'15 kW DA Channel 14CP
1878310000071902K23OZ-DMONROE, LA 284'14.3 kW ND  Channel 23CP
1878500000071804W26FI-DOKEECHOBEE, FL 289'15 kW DA Channel 26CP
1878590000071817K35PA-DMASON CITY, IA 254'15 kW DA Channel 35CP
1878630000054904K44LL-DAUSTIN, NV 603'0.04 kW DA Channel 28CP
1879220000071950W32FM-DSELMA, AL 212'15 kW ND  Channel 32CP
1880230000071993W39DS-DEVANSVILLE, IN 270'1 kW ND  Channel 25CP
1880480000071882K35OY-DCOLUMBIA, MO 333'15 kW ND  Channel 35CP
1880510000071938K14TA-DFORT SMITH, AR 364'15 kW ND  Channel 14CP
1880690000074400W31ET-DFORT WAYNE, IN 280'15 kW DA Channel 31CP
1880700000071876K16NP-DCAPE GIRARDEAU, MO 502'15 kW ND  Channel 16CP
1880720000071795K30NE-DCAPE GIRARDEAU, MO 401'15 kW ND  Channel 31CP
1880830000074374K34QP-DJEFFERSON CITY, MO 333'15 kW ND  Channel 34CP
1881040000075122K43NL-DSNOWMASS VILLAGE, CO -680'0.1 kW DA Channel 33CP
1881050000075124K45MB-DSNOWMASS VILLAGE, CO -680'0.07 kW DA Channel 35CP
1881060000075126K49MB-DSNOWMASS VILLAGE, CO -680'0.07 kW DA Channel 17CP
1885790000074952KCKW-LDEUGENE, OR 887'5 kW DA Channel 25CP
1885800000072030K18NP-DFARGO, ND 229'15 kW DA Channel 18CP
1885810000072032K22OG-DFARGO, ND 245'15 kW ND  Channel 22CP
1886240000074344WZDS-LDEVANSVILLE, IN 109'15 kW ND  Channel 18CP
1886760000098928K25QL-DCHICO, CA -75'15 kW DA Channel 25CP
1886980000051652DDW21DM-DTUSCALOOSA, AL 483'3 kW DA Channel 8PRCAN
1887010000071986W34FN-DTUSCALOOSA, AL 417'15 kW ND  Channel 34CP
1887020000074438WEEL-LDTUSCALOOSA, AL 417'15 kW ND  Channel 22CP
1887220000053475W36EP-DYAUCO, PR 827'10 kW DA Channel 35CP
1887310000071889K14SU-DKEOKUK, IA 512'15 kW ND  Channel 14CP
1887440000071899KEOF-LDFORT DODGE, IA 506'15 kW ND  Channel 17CP
1887460000071886W27EN-DMOUNT VERNON, IL 331'15 kW ND  Channel 27CP
1887470000071888W21ED-DMOUNT VERNON, IL 331'15 kW ND  Channel 21CP
1887520000146632W27ES-DJACKSONVILLE, IL 119'5.6 kW DA Channel 27CP
1887680000071890W17EH-DQUINCY, IL 512'15 kW ND  Channel 17CP
1887710000054306KLHO-LDOKLAHOMA CITY, OK 435'15 kW ND  Channel 26CP
1887880000071969W23FB-DGREENVILLE, MS 297'15 kW ND  Channel 23CP
1887890000071970W29FH-DGREENVILLE, MS 297'15 kW ND  Channel 29CP
1887900000053058DDW47EM-DGREENVILLE, MS 302'15 kW ND  Channel 16PRCAN
1888140000054037W24EI-DNaranjito, PR 2701'3 kW DA Channel 4CP
1888300000072010W27EO-DPANAMA CITY, FL 159'15 kW DA Channel 27CP
1888310000074403W14ET-DPANAMA CITY, FL 192'15 kW ND  Channel 14CP
1888370000072036KEOT-LDABILENE, TX 257'15 kW ND  Channel 31CP
1897450000054926K38NR-DALEXANDRIA, LA 355'3 kW DA Channel 4CP
1898630000139140WNDR-LDAUBURN, NY 102'2 kW DA Channel 32CP
1901050000054666WAGC-LDATLANTA, GA 1076'15 kW DA Channel 15CP

629 displacements filed.
568 are granted, 44 are pending.

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