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Location on RabbitEars Webb Hill (UT) TV Stations
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Coordinates: N 37.058-37.07, W 113.569-113.581

ChannelCall SignCity of LicenseASRNAGLRecord TypeHAATPower
2-1 (9)KMYUST. GEORGE, UT105331223'DTV-LIC141'3.2 kW DADIE THP-C1-4-1R
2-1 (9)KMYUST. GEORGE, UT105331223'DTV-CP187'160 kW DADIE THP-C1-4-1R
2-1 (21)KMYUST. GEORGE, UT105331223'DTV-RM141'250 kW NDDielectric TFU-21EST/VP-R O4
4-1 (23)K23NY-DST. GEORGE, UT105331262'LPT-LIC203'0.2 kW DAAND AL8
5-1 (20)K20GJ-DBLOOMINGTON, UT 49'LPT-LIC214'0.4 kW NDSCA SL-8
8-1 (16)K16DS-DST. GEORGE, UT 20'LPT-LIC192'0.25 kW NDSCA SL-8
9-1 (19)K19LV-DST. GEORGE, UT121268475'LPT-LIC250'0.7 kW DASCA SL-8
11-1 (14)K14RO-DST. GEORGE, ETC., UT 49'LPT-LIC214'0.25 kW DASCA SL-8
13-1 (4)KDLU-LPST. GEORGE, UT 56'LPD-CP220'0.1 kW NDScala TVO-2
13-1 (21)KKRP-LDST. GEORGE, UT126208236'LPD-LIC204'0.3 kW NDScala SCA/SL-8
14-1 (24)K24CYST. GEORGE, UT 46'LPT-CP222'0.3 kW NDSCA SL-8
18-1 (18)KUEWST. GEORGE, UT121268475'DTV-LIC220'1.62 kW DASCA SL8
30-1 (22)KUWB-LDBLOOMINGTON, UT105331259'LPT-LIC200'0.13 kW DASCA 2X3KBBU
30-1 (22)KUWB-LDBLOOMINGTON, UT105331262'LPT-CP227'0.2 kW DAAND AL8
98.5DK253BBST. GEORGE, UT12403860'FX-LIC163'0 kW DA
89.9DK210DUST. GEORGE, ETC., UT 20'FX-LIC128'0.052 kW DA
103.7DK279BNST. GEORGE, UT 30'FX-LIC187'0.14 kW ND
94.1DK231BPST. GEORGE, UT126208230'FX-LIC141'0.085 kW ND
97.7DK249EQST. GEORGE, UT124038666'FX-LIC121'0.075 kW DA
90.9DK215CFST. GEORGE, UT 0'FX-LIC154'0 kW DA
88.1DK201DPST. GEORGE, UT124038692'FX-LIC227'0.092 kW ND
93.1DK226BQST. GEORGE, UT 66'FX-CP222'0.25 kW NDNICOM BKG77
105.7LP100KWBR-LPST. GEORGE, UT105331298'FL-LIC410'0.005 kW NDFMA FMAA200
101.1LP100KFUR-LPST. GEORGE, UT 92'FL-LIC220'0.02 kW NDNWE NWE-34
102.7DK274CQST. GEORGE, UT126208239'FX-LIC210'0.099 kW ND
91.7DK219LJSAINT GEORGE, UT105919552'FX-LIC231'0.065 kW ND
95.3DK237GAST. GEORGE, UT126208239'FX-LIC210'0.25 kW ND
95.3DK237GAST. GEORGE, UT 95'FX-CP251'0.125 kW NDERI LPX-2E-HW
96.3DK242BVST. GEORGE, UT 95'FX-CP167'0.25 kW NDERI LPX-2E-HW
91.3AKXDSSANTA CLARA, UT124038672'FM-LIC135'0.45 kW NDNIC BKG77
92.5DK223DCST. GEORGE, UT124038666'FX-CP200'0.099 kW DA
105.1DKPLD-FM2ST. GEORGE, UT126208236'FB-LIC192'2.05 kW ND

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