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Location on RabbitEars Walnut Grove (CA) TV Stations
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Coordinates: N 38.232-38.289, W 121.452-121.514

ChannelCall SignCity of LicenseASRNAGLRecord TypeHAATPower
3-1 (35)KCRA-TVSACRAMENTO, CA10128551519'DTX-LIC1516'1000 kW NDDIE TFU-30GTH-R 04
3-1 (35)KCRA-TVSACRAMENTO, CA10156861906'DTV-LIC1900'1000 kW NDDIE TUG-05-16/80H-2-B
6-1 (9)KVIESACRAMENTO, CA10122781959'DTV-LIC1959'33 kW NDDIE THV-5A9/VP-R O4
6-1 (9)KVIESACRAMENTO, CA10122781811'DTX-LIC1814'33 kW NDJAM JSL 4/9 SHO-V
6-1 (9)KVIESACRAMENTO, CA10122781959'DTV-CP1959'33.7 kW NDDIE THV-5A9/VP-R O4
10-1 (10)KXTVSACRAMENTO, CA10114041594'DTX-LIC1591'62 kW DADielectric TLS-V12 BB
10-1 (10)KXTVSACRAMENTO, CA10114042011'DTV-LIC2008'28.6 kW NDDIE TCL-12A10
13-1 (25)KOVRSTOCKTON, CA10128551437'DTX-LIC1427'388.6 kW DAJAM JSH-25/D25 TEO WITH JSH-25/D21
13-1 (25)KOVRSTOCKTON, CA10114042005'DTV-LIC1998'1000 kW NDDIE TFU-29JTH/VP-R O4
29-1 (21)KSPX-TVSACRAMENTO, CA10128551467'DTV-LIC1460'1000 kW DAERI ATW26H4-ETCX-21H
31-1 (24)KMAX-TVSACRAMENTO, CA10128551437'DTX-CP1427'388.6 kW DAJAM JSH-25/D21 TEO WITH JSH-24/D25 TEO
31-1 (24)KMAX-TVSACRAMENTO, CA10114041946'DTV-LIC1939'1000 kW NDDIE TFU-29JSC/VP-R O4
33-1 (3)KCSO-LDSACRAMENTO, CA10122781699'LPD-LIC1696'3 kW DAJAM JCPD-1/2(2)V
33-1 (3)KCSO-LDSACRAMENTO, CA10122781699'LPD-STA1696'5 kW DAJAM JCPD-1/2(2)V
40-1 (22)KTXLSACRAMENTO, CA10122781972'DTV-LIC1965'1000 kW DADIE TFU-19ETT/VP-R 4C170
58-1 (23)KQCASTOCKTON, CA10156861906'DTV-LIC1900'425 kW NDDIE TUG-O5-16/80H-1-B
58-1 (23)KQCASTOCKTON, CA10156861736'DTX-LIC1726'363 kW NDDIE TFU-28DSC-R O4
58-1 (23)KQCASTOCKTON, CA10156861906'DTV-CP1900'1000 kW NDDIE TUG-O5-16/80H-1-B
64-1 (26)KTFK-DTSTOCKTON, CA10114041959'DTV-LIC1952'850 kW DAERI ATW28H4-ESP4-26H
89.7BKLRSLODI, CA10122781601'FM-LIC1598'2.5 kW DAERI 1093-1CP-DA

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