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Location on RabbitEars Tuckers Corner (FL) TV Stations
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Coordinates: N 26.78-26.84, W 81.74-81.81

ChannelCall SignCity of LicenseASRNAGLRecord TypeHAATPower
11-1 (50)WINK-TVFORT MYERS, FL10197241452'DTV-LIC1453'1000 kW DADIE TFU-24JBH/VP-R O8 SP
11-1 (31)WINK-TVFORT MYERS, FL10197241362'DTV-CP1365'793 kW DADIE TFU-31JSC/VP-R 4C130
11-1 (50)WINK-TVFORT MYERS, FL12130761270'DTV-STA1273'567 kW DADIE TFU-24WB
11-1 (31)WINK-TVFORT MYERS, FL12130761270'DTV-STA1273'579 kW DADIE TFU-24WB
20-1 (15)WBBH-TVFORT MYERS, FL12316971487'DTV-LIC1489'1000 kW DAAND ABBP14H3-HTP4X-15/41
20-1 (15)WBBH-TVFORT MYERS, FL12316971487'DTV-STA1489'620 kW DAAND ABBP14H3-HTP4X-15/41
26-1 (28)WZVN-TVNAPLES, FL12316971487'DTV-CP1491'1000 kW DADielectric TUM30-P4-14/42H-1-R
26-1 (15)WZVN-TVNAPLES, FL12316971487'DTV-STA1489'1000 kW DAAND ABBP14H3-HTP4X-15/41
30-1 (31)WGCUFORT MYERS, FL1020483896'DTV-LIC899'297 kW NDDIE TFU-32JSC-B
30-1 (22)WGCUFORT MYERS, FL1020483902'DTV-CP906'750 kW DADIE TFU-24DSC/VP-R 3BP260
36-1 (35)WFTX-TVCAPE CORAL, FL10023621322'DTV-LIC1325'930 kW DADIE TFU-26DSC-R 3BP230 DC
36-1 (34)WFTX-TVCAPE CORAL, FL10023621277'DTV-CP1283'1000 kW DADIE TFU-31JTH/VP-R 3BP230
36-1 (35)WFTX-TVCAPE CORAL, FL12130761323'DTV-STA1329'822 kW DAERI ATW28H5-HSPX-34/35H
46-1 (45)WXCWNAPLES, FL12130761496'DTV-LIC1496'1000 kW DADIE TFU-30DSC-R3P320BNT
46-1 (32)WXCWNAPLES, FL10197241286'DTV-CP1289'1000 kW DADIE TFU-31JSC/VP-R 3P320BNT
46-1 (32)WXCWNAPLES, FL12130761270'DTV-STA1273'85 kW DADIE TFU-24WB
49-1 (33)WRXY-TVTICE, FL12130761401'DTV-LIC1407'1000 kW DAMCI 9556812
49-1 (33)WRXY-TVTICE, FL12130761401'DTV-CP1407'1000 kW DADIE TFU-28DSC-R 3BP260
51-1 (20)WLZE-LDFORT MYERS, FL12130761201'LPD-LIC1204'15 kW NDSWR LP 16/20
51-1 (27)WLZE-LDFORT MYERS, FL10197241056'LPD-CP1060'15 kW NDDIE TLP-16A
51-1 (27)WLZE-LDFORT MYERS, FL12130761201'LPD-STA1204'5.7 kW NDDIE TLP-16A
96.9CWINK-FMFORT MYERS, FL10197241496'FM-LIC1499'98 kW NDDIE TDM-5FM
96.9CWINK-FMFORT MYERS, FL10197241319'FX-LIC1322'98 kW NDHAR FMH-10AC
100.1C1WZJZPORT CHARLOTTE, FL12130761060'FM-LIC1060'84 kW DAERI MP-8AC-DA, eight sections
90.1C1WGCU-FMFORT MYERS, FL1020483810'FM-LIC814'100 kW ND
90.1C1WGCU-FMFORT MYERS, FL1020483722'FX-LIC725'30 kW NDERI LP-5C-SP
100.5DW263BIFORT MYERS, FL12130761050'FX-LIC1052'0.25 kW ND

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