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Location on RabbitEars Flat Top Butte (ID) TV Stations
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Coordinates: N 42.723-42.733, W 114.407-114.426

ChannelCall SignCity of LicenseASRNAGLRecord TypeHAATPower
6-1 (28)KSAW-LDTWIN FALLS, ID1236585112'LPD-LIC550'15 kW DAJAM JUHD-5/3 (15)
7-1 (20)KTFT-LDTWIN FALLS, ID1243414325'LPD-LIC743'15 kW NDDIE TLP-12A
11-1 (11)KMVTTWIN FALLS, ID1040035607'DTV-LIC1060'40 kW NDGE TY30H
11-1 (16)KMVTTWIN FALLS, ID1040035633'DTV-RM1086'110 kW NDDielectric TFU-20GTH/VP-R O4
13-1 (22)KIPTTWIN FALLS, ID1236585151'DTV-LIC597'77.98 kW NDDIE TLP-24 (C) PM
13-1 (22)KIPTTWIN FALLS, ID1236585151'DTS-LIC597'77.98 kW NDDIE TLP-24 (C) PM
14-1 (14)KSVT-LDTWIN FALLS, ID1040035161'LPD-LIC599'15 kW DADIE TLP-8F
17-1 (17)KYTL-LDTWIN FALLS, ID1041029141'LPD-PL564'15 kW DAKAT K723147
26-1 (26)KTKV-LDTWIN FALLS, ID1040035400'LPD3-LIC838'15 kW DADielectric TFU-8WB-LP/VP-R S230
27-1 (27)KBAX-LDTWIN FALLS, ID1041029141'LPD-LIC564'15 kW DAKAT K723147
35-1 (34)KXTFTWIN FALLS, ID 95'DTV-LIC531'230 kW DABOG B16UD
48-1 (23)KKIF-LDTWIN FALLS, ID1040035400'LPD3-LIC838'15 kW DADielectric TFU-8WB-LP/VP-R S230
89.9C0KAWZTWIN FALLS, ID10400350'FM-LIC980'0 kW NDSHI 6510-12
88.9C0KEFXTWIN FALLS, ID10400350'FM-LIC980'0 kW NDSHI 6510-12
99.1C1KXTA-FMGOODING, ID1041912341'FM-LIC761'35 kW ND ERI SHPX-8, 8 section
99.1C1KXTA-FMGOODING, ID1041912197'FX-LIC650'1 kW NDBXT TFC2K, 2 section, 0.88 wavelength spaced
91.7C3KBSWTWIN FALLS, ID 59'FM-LIC492'4.5 kW NDSHI 6822-3D
91.7C2KBSWTWIN FALLS, ID1243414164'FM-CP581'36 kW DA
103.1C1KEDJJEROME, ID1041912341'FM-LIC761'71 kW ND ERI SHPX-8, 8 section
101.3DK267AEJEROME, ID1041029151'FX-LIC571'0.25 kW ND
98.3KSNQTWIN FALLS, ID1044067210'FM-STDIS650'86 kW DA
98.3C1KSNQTWIN FALLS, ID1044067210'FM-LIC650'100 kW NDERI SHPX-10C6-SP
92.1DK221FTTWIN FALLS, ID1041912397'FX-LIC813'0.25 kW ND
93.5DK228FLKIMBERLY, ID1041912220'FX-LIC636'0.25 kW ND
94.3DK232FOJEROME, ID1041029151'FX-LIC571'0.25 kW ND
97.5DK248BZKIMBERLY, ID1041912220'FX-LIC636'0.25 kW ND
96.1DK241DDTWIN FALLS, ID1044067154'FX-LIC626'0.25 kW NDERI SHPX-1AE

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