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Location on RabbitEars Butcher Knife Mountain (UT) TV Stations
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Coordinates: N 40.319-40.329, W 110.15-110.16

ChannelCall SignCity of LicenseASRNAGLRecord TypeHAATPower
2-1 (7)K07AAB-DROOSEVELT, ETC., UT 30'LPT-LIC465'0.047 kW NDKAT DRV 1/4HO
4-1 (8)K08QH-DROOSEVELT, ETC., UT 30'LPT-LIC465'0.047 kW NDKAT DRV 1/4HO
5-1 (9)K09ZW-DROOSEVELT, ETC., UT 30'LPT-LIC465'0.047 kW NDKAT DRV 1/4HO
7-1 (10)K10RO-DROOSEVELT, ETC., UT 30'LPT-LIC465'0.047 kW NDKAT DRV 1/4HO
9-1 (11)K11XL-DROOSEVELT, ETC., UT 30'LPT-LIC465'0.047 kW NDKAT DRV 1/4HO
11-1 (12)K12XG-DROOSEVELT, UT 30'LPT-LIC465'0.047 kW NDKAT DRV 1/4HO
13-1 (13)K13AAN-DROOSEVELT, UT 40'LPT-LIC476'0.047 kW NDKAT DRV 1/4HO
14-1 (24)K38GOROOSEVELT, UT 40'LPT-CP475'0.3 kW NDSCA SL-8
16-1 (25)K25PH-DROOSEVELT, UT 40'LPT-LIC476'0.084 kW NDKAT 765 006
30-1 (26)K26OF-DROOSEVELT, UT 40'LPT-LIC476'0.084 kW NDKAT 765 006
100.1DK261CLROOSEVELT, UT 39'FX-LIC512'0.091 kW ND

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