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Location on RabbitEars Akupu (HI) TV Stations
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Coordinates: N 21.391-21.411, W 158.093-158.113

ChannelCall SignCity of LicenseASRNAGLRecord TypeHAATPower
5-1 (23)KGMBHONOLULU, HI1007114161'DTV-LIC2064'23 kW DADIE TUA-BP3SP-6/18M-1-S
9-1 (22)KFVEHONOLULU, HI1007114161'DTV-LIC2064'40 kW DADIE TUA-BP3SP-6/18M-1-S
11-1 (11)KHETHONOLULU, HI1007114150'DTV-LIC2051'15.7 kW DADIE THA-BP3SP-1H/3HD-1
13-1 (35)KHNLHONOLULU, HI1007114161'DTV-LIC2064'25 kW DADIE TUA-BP3SP-6/18M-1-S
15-1 (15)KUPUWAIMANALO, HI 36'DTS-LIC2254'49.6 kW DAMCI 955338
20-1 (19)KIKUHONOLULU, HI1031769223'DTV-LIC1989'60.7 kW DAAND ALP12L2-HSD-19
20-1 (19)KIKUHONOLULU, HI 118'DTX-LIC1722'40.2 kW DAAND ALP12M2-ESD-20
26-1 (27)KAAH-TVHONOLULU, HI121802369'DTV-LIC1903'262 kW DAMIC 955518
38-1 (18)KALOHONOLULU, HI 65'DTV-CP1893'200 kW NDJampro JUHD-10/4(20)
44-1 (26)KWBNHONOLULU, HI121802369'DTV-LIC1893'4.58 kW NDSWR SWEDL8OI/26-EP
48-1 (36)KHHI-LPHONOLULU, HI121802333'LPD-CP1793'12.3 kW DADielectric TUM-C1-02/02M-T Custom
50-1 (29)KKAIKAILUA, HI 65'DTS-CP2254'118.5 kW DAJampro JUHD-10/2(20) Narrow Cardioid
50-1 (29)KKAIKAILUA, HI 36'DTS-STA2254'24.1 kW DAMCI 955338
66-1 (32)KPXO-TVKANEOHE, HI1278248120'DTS-LIC2339'17 kW DADielectric DLP-12J
88.9DK205FMHONOLULU, HI 49'FX-LIC 0.01 kW ND  
91.5CKLHT-FMHONOLULU, HI 128'FM-LIC1850'100 kW DA SHI 6014-14/1-DA, 14 sections, 1 wavelength spaced
92.3CKSSK-FMWAIPAHU, HI 157'FM-LIC1949'100 kW DA ODD ODD830113AE
93.9CKUBTHONOLULU, HI 135'FM-CP1965'100 kW DA  
96.3CKRTR-FMKAILUA, HI 135'FS-LIC1965'100 kW DA SHI 6014-14/1-DA. 14 sections, 0.9 wavelength spaced
97.5C1KHCM-FMHONOLULU, HI 128'FM-APP1854'17 kW DA  
99.5CKGU-FMHONOLULU, HI 135'FM-LIC1965'100 kW DA ODD ODD960325IC
99.5CKGU-FMHONOLULU, HI 69'FS-LIC1860'50 kW DA SHI 6014-7/1-DA, seven sections
100.3CKCCN-FMHONOLULU, HI 135'FM-LIC1965'100 kW DA ODD ODD900509KE
100.3CKCCN-FMHONOLULU, HI 69'FS-LIC1860'50 kW DA SHI 6014-7/1-DA,seven sections 0.5 wavelength spaced
101.1CKORL-FMWAIANAE, HI 128'FM-LIC1942'100 kW DA SHI 6014-14/1-DA
101.9CKUCDPEARL CITY, HI 135'FM-LIC1965'100 kW DA ODD ODD941202IC
101.9CKUCDPEARL CITY, HI 69'FS-LIC1860'50 kW DA SHI 6014-7/1-DA,seven sections 0.5 wavelength spaced
102.7CKDDBWAIPAHU, HI 105'FM-LIC1893'61 kW DA ODD ODD881205KA
103.5CKLUUWAHIAWA, HI 135'FM-LIC1959'100 kW DA SHI 6014-14/1-DA, 14 sections, 1 wavelength spaced
103.5CKLUUWAHIAWA, HI 66'FS-LIC1857'85 kW DA SHI 6014-7/1-DA
103.9DK280FCWAIPAHU, HI 43'FX-LIC1905'0.099 kW DA  
104.3CKPHWKANEOHE, HI 135'FS-LIC1965'100 kW DA SHI 6014-14/1-DA, 14 sections, 0.9 wavelength spaced
104.7DK284ALHALEIWA, HI 46'FX-LIC 0.01 kW ND  
104.7DK284ALHALEIWA, HI 46'FX-CP 0.099 kW ND  
105.1CKINE-FMHONOLULU, HI 135'FM-LIC1965'100 kW DA ODD ODD881027KA
105.1CKINE-FMHONOLULU, HI 66'FS-LIC1857'50 kW DA SHI 6014-7/1-DA, 7 sections, 0.5 wavelength spaced
105.5DK288FBHONOLULU, HI 220'FX-LIC 0.25 kW ND  
105.9CKPOI-FMHONOLULU, HI 135'FM-LIC1965'100 kW DA  Shively 6014-14/1 DA, 14 section
105.9CKPOI-FMHONOLULU, HI 69'FS-LIC1860'50 kW DA SHI 6014-7/1-DA, seven sections
106.7C2KNANNANAKULI, HI 46'FM-LIC2116'1.85 kW ND  Jampro JHPC-3, 3 bays, 0.5 wavelengh spaced
107.9CKKOL-FMAIEA, HI 135'FM-LIC1965'100 kW DA ODD ODD910724IC
107.9CKKOL-FMAIEA, HI 69'FS-LIC1860'50 kW DA SHI 6014-7/1-DA, seven sections

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