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Coverage Map Page Rewritten

As part of my plans to rewrite the RabbitEars code to support the FCC's new LMS database, the first major step I am making public is a rewritten coverage map page. The code is significantly more efficient and will work with LMS data as it gets phased in. If you put an LMS UUID in the address, instead of a CDBS application ID, it should bring up the correct map. You can also use them to add extra images to the map.

I'm aware that there are some outstanding issues, but would like to find out what others come across. To report any bugs or issues you come across, please contact me or leave a comment here. Please provide a link to the page in question, what you're trying to do, and what it's doing instead of what you expect.


1. On Sunday, December 10 2017, 15:05 by Brian in CT

So far, I am having no problems with the places I frequently go to on this site. This includes all the coverage maps I've pulled up so far. Just wondering, how far along are you on this massive rewrite? When is your target date to be finished?

2. On Monday, December 11 2017, 05:32 by Trip Ericson

There is no target date, just "when it gets done". Life outside RabbitEars is too unpredictable to have a good sense of when it will be done.

But there's plenty still to do. What's done is mostly small stuff; for example, all the antenna patterns now come from LMS data, the call sign history data comes from LMS, and now the coverage map code has been rewritten, but I've spotted a number of bugs that need attention in the coverage map code. The "Technical Data and Screencaps" section of the main listings is mostly rewritten but I've yet to make that public because I've spotted a few bugs there that are pretty big. That will be the biggest accomplishment to date once it's done, and will likely involve splitting that section in two: One section for transmitter data and one for transport stream data. As it stands now, they're merged together in a rather incoherent way.

The TV Query code needs to be entirely rewritten, I'm trying to standardize the map code for other map pages so future Google Maps API changes don't result in changing code in 15 different places, and one of the big items I have yet to address is international stations. Those don't work at all in the new coverage map code at the moment and only partially work in the replacement "Technical Data" section, and I need to figure out how I want to address them. Additionally, pretty much everything in Odds and Ends is dependent on CDBS data, so that code needs to be rewritten as well.

It's truly an enormous task. I wish I had a few weeks without work to just stare at it and get it done, but I don't.

3. On Tuesday, December 12 2017, 18:29 by Chris in PDX

When I click on "Map the translators" under KATU, I get a Google map with only the main transmitter shown with no translators.


Thank you for your hard work on this!

4. On Thursday, December 14 2017, 16:38 by Paul

Trip, WOOD, DT-LIC Channel 7 (their main station) = OK, but minor tower for Muskegon, LD--LIC Channel 46 is blank, with no option to choose to show any item.

5. On Wednesday, December 20 2017, 12:45 by Trip Ericson

Chris, I figured out what was wrong with the "Map the translator" link, which was actually a larger problem with the whole "extra transmitters" function on the map. I had one variable name with a typo in it. It's fixed now.

Paul, this is an issue with translating between CDBS and LMS. I'm pondering how best to fix it. But in this case, removing the site number from the URL, as seen here:


Lets it open.

6. On Wednesday, December 20 2017, 12:57 by Trip Ericson

Paul, I settled on changing the link to the page for stations like that one. The link is currently only adjusted in the main listings.