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Arizona TV Station Update - March 2016

As always, questions, additions, comments and corrections welcome.

Programming changes

  • Almavision has fixed its transmission problems, and its programming is once again airing on Mako Communications LLC stations KTVP-LD 22.5 Phoenix and KEGS-LD 30.2 Las Vegas NV.
  • K18JL-D 25.x Phoenix (Mako Communications LLC) is silent, possibly for good? The AZ Conference of 7th Day Adventists have moved Amazing Facts TV from its own spot on GNTV2 channel 25.1 to sharing time with 3ABN, Hope Channel and LLBN on GNTV channel 22.1.
  • K38IZ-D Phoenix (Spanish Independent Broadcast Network) now airs Gun TV on channel 38.2 overnights (10 pm - 4 am). Gun TV is a new network devoted entirely to selling firearms and is now the overnight programming for Tuff TV. Makes sense.
  • KSNV 3.x (22) Las Vegas NV (KUPN Licensee LLC) has upgraded its broadcast of Estrella TV on channel 3.2 from 480i to 720p.
  • KBLR 39.x (40) Paradise NV (Telemundo Las Vegas License LLC) has added Cozi TV on channel 39.4.


  • KAZT-TV 7.x Prescott and KAZT-CD 7.x (36) Phoenix (KAZT LLC) have been granted a pro forma transfer of control from Larry Schuneman to Priscilla Lynn Londen. Both parties comprised the ownership of both KAZT stations before the transaction and after. The transaction has been consummated.
  • KYMA-DT 11.x Yuma and KSWT 13.x Yuma (Blackhawk Broadcasting LLC) has proposed a pro forma transfer of control, whereby owner Brian Brady would transfer 50.1% of his interest in the stations to NBI Holdings, LLC, of which Brady is the solo member, and 49.9% of his interest in the stations to an insulated party. The two parties would then transfer their respective memberships to Bryson Broadcast Holdings LLC. Bryson and NBI would then become upstream entities between Blackhawk and the ultimate owners and Brady would retain controlling interestin the stations. The proposal is pending FCC approval.
  • KCSG 4.x (14) Cedar City UT (Southwest Media LLC) has proposed an assignment of license to West American Financial Corporation. The proposed sale also includes translators K16DS-D and K27MQ-D, both licensed to and serving St. George UT.

Construction Permits and STAs Requested

  • KSLV-LD 50.x Las Vegas NV (Biltmore Broadcasting Las Vegas Inc.), in conjunction with the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), has requested temporary authority to broadcast using the physical layer transmission parameters of ATSC 3.0 from April 12-22, during the 2016 NAB Show. Technical specifications: Ch 50; TL 36° 0' 31" N, 115° 0' 31" W; ERP 6.2 kW; HAAT 340 m.

Canceled, Denied, Dismissed, Expired or Expiring

  • The FCC has canceled the analog license of KDTP-LP 48 Phoenix (Community Television Educators, Inc.). The odd thing is that other than a brief disappearance in August 2015, KDTP-LP has had a channel 48 analog signal on the air since 2013 and still does. The FCC had incorrectly listed the station as silent. I would imagine that the only reason Daystar has for continuing the analog station is to convert it to digital, which they have been trying to do on channels 9 and 11. The FCC does show KDTP-LD RF 9 as CP OFF AIR, meaning that a valid construction permit exists, but the station has not yet signed on. Contrast this development to this month's license renewals.

License Renewals

  • KBFY-LP 41 Fortuna (Powell Meredith Communications Company) has been granted a license renewal. The station hasn't been seen since KYMA-DT started broadcasting in digital on its transitional channel 41 assignment well over 10 years ago.
  • KCOS-LP 28 Phoenix (Aracelis Ortiz Corporation) has been granted a license renewal. I cannot remember the last time the station was on the air, and with the coming repack, I don't see it surviving for the next renewal.
  • KRPO-LD 21.x Quartzsite (Jenifer Juarez) was granted a license renewal, only to have it rescinded the following day. The license renewal application was filed in June 2014 and a petition to deny was filed in September 2014. The station license was supposedly transferred from Hispanic Christian Community Networks, Inc. (HCCN) to Jenifer Juarez with approval coming from the FCC in April 2010, but the consummation notice was not filed until November 2014, indicating that consummation had taken place in July 2010. However, since the transfer has been consummated, all station documents have continued to be filed by HCCN, including the renewal application. The now-bankrupt HCCN was headed by Cesar Guel, who was shown to not be a US citizen, and was therefore ineligible to hold broadcast licenses. Apparently, the FCC is still trying to figure this one out.
  • KJPO-LD 49.x Parker (Iglesia Manmin Toda La Creacion USA, Inc.) has refiled its 2014 application renewal. The original application was filed in June 2014 by Hispanic Christian Community Networks, Inc. (HCCN), but KJPO-LD had been approved by the FCC for transfer to Iglesia Manmin in September 2008. The Consummation Notice was not filed until November 2014, indicating that consummation had actually taken place in February 2012, but all filings for the station between consummation and this month continued to be in the name of HCCN, including the original renewal application, which falsely certified that the station was on the air. Unlike the original application, this application does not certify that the station is on the air, however, Iglesia Manmin is still headed by Cesar Guel, who is not a US citizen, and therefore, is ineligible to hold a broadcast license.

The following stations have filed for renewal but the licenses have not yet been renewed:

  • KHRR 40.x Tucson (NBC Telemundo License LLC)
  • KJPO-LD 49.x Parker (Iglesia Manmin Toda La Creacion USA INC.)
  • KPAZ-TV 21.x (20) Phoenix (Trinity Broadcasting of Arizona, Inc.)
  • KRPO-LD 21.x Quartzsite (Jenifer Juarez)
  • KTAZ 39.x Phoenix (NBC Telemundo License LLC)
  • KTVP-LD 22.x Phoenix (Mako Communications, LLC)
  • KZVE-LP 30 Littlefield (Hispanic Christian Community Network, Inc.)
  • KAJB 54.x (36) Calipatria CA(Calipatria Broadcasting Company, LLC)
  • KMCC 34.x (32) Laughlin NV (Cranston Acquisition, LLC)
  • K33MB-D 34.X Laughlin NV (Cranston Acquisition, LLC)
  • KVTE-LP 35 Las Vegas NV (Mountain Ridge Holdings, Inc.)
  • KBLR 39.x (40) Paradise NV (Telemundo Las Vegas License LLC)
  • KVMY 21.x (2) Las Vegas NV (Southern Nevada Communications Company)
  • KSNV 3.x (22) Las Vegas NV (KUPN Licensee, LLC)
  • KVCW 33.x (29) Las Vegas NV (Channel 33, Inc.)
  • KVVU 5.x (9) Henderson NV (KVVU Broadcasting Corporation)
  • K28EU-D 5.x Laughlin NV (KVVU Broadcasting Corporation)
  • KNBX-CD 31.x (14) Las Vegas NV (Mako Communications, LLC)
  • KMYU 12.x (9) St. George UT (KUTV Licensee, LLC)
  • K09SU Hildale UT (Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.)
  • K25JS-D 5.x St. George UT (Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.)
  • K28EA-D 5.x Washington UT (Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.)
  • K07SC Hildale UT (KUTV Licensee, LLC)
  • K49AS-D 2.x Santa Clara UT (KUTV Licensee, LLC)
  • K08PC-D 2.x Hildale UT (KUTV Licensee, LLC)
  • K17JQ St. George UT (EICB-TV East, LLC)
  • K40KZ St. George UT (EICB-TV East, LLC)


1. On Friday, April 8 2016, 10:59 by rdvegas

Alamavision, via KEGS 30.2 Las Vegas, is once again stuck on Dish Network graphics. The Hispanic religious provider just can't seem to get a break. They were only briefly seen for a couple of days between their Dish reception problems. You'd think that with all the engineers that will be attending the NAB Convention in Vegas next week that at least one could provide a cure for the plagued sub-channel.

2. On Sunday, April 10 2016, 10:20 by RDvegas

The missing Almavision on KEGS 30.2 in Las Vegas returned to air Saturday afternoon 9 April.

Create on KLVX 10.2 Las Vegas is now broadcasting in 480i 16x9.

Vegas viewers are waiting for the announced launch of Decades on KHSV, and the return of Comet to that same station.

3. On Thursday, April 14 2016, 17:30 by rdvegas

KPVT Las Vegas is exploding onto Valley tv screens today as rf 16.1 virtual 2.1. This is in addition to a second feed also beginning today at rf 27.1 and virtual 2.1 on some tv's and virtual 27.1 on others.

4. On Thursday, April 14 2016, 18:34 by rdvegas

Also new to Las Vegas screens is Grace TV USA. It now airs on KEGS 30.1. This Hispanic religious service also airs on KNLA 20.8 in Los Angeles.

5. On Monday, April 18 2016, 10:01 by rdvegas

Las Vegas KPVT-2 was bust over the past weekend tweaking their equipment getting ready for a launch. Their virtual channel 2.1 (rf 18) was setting up the main channel for a program listings service, like the former TV Guide Channel. They also ignighted their 2.2 to demo drive a Carey Grant movie (sans commercials). By admission of their own graphics, KPVT and sister station KHMP-18 (whuich has been silent for some months), will each host 8 new networks. Their material did not mention if one station will simulcast the 8 sub-channels of the other station, or will broadcast a total of 16 new networks. Meanwhile, KHMP made a brief re-appearance Sunday with a PSIP for their 18.1 position, then shut down.

Unrelated, K41IO-41 Vegas is once again missing. KLSV-50 also flipped the switch to off, probably because of be utilization for a NAB demo of some sort, such as ATSC 3.0 They should return their for subs to use after NAB winds down this week..

6. On Monday, May 16 2016, 14:15 by Showlow

Looking forward to the April update.

7. On Tuesday, May 17 2016, 11:32 by dhett

I'm going to have to combine the April and May updates. My schedule has been murder over the past couple of months and will continue to be into July. Unfortunately, my TV hobby is lower on the priority list than other things.

8. On Tuesday, May 17 2016, 15:21 by Showlow

Oh totally understand. Just glad the updates still coming. Thanks for them!

9. On Tuesday, May 17 2016, 15:21 by Showlow

Oh totally understand. Just glad the updates still coming. Thanks for them!