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Arizona TV Station Update - January 2016

As always, questions, additions, comments and corrections welcome.

Programming changes

  • KPNX 12.x Mesa (Multimedia Holdings Corporation) will retain its NBC affiliation, following a long-term affiliation agreement between NBC and Tegna Media. The affiliation was renewed for all 17 of Tegna's NBC stations.
  • K38IZ-D 38.x Phoenix (Spanish Independent Broadcast Network, Inc.) has added a new subchannel, 38.6, which is the new home of Retro TV. On channel 38.4, it looks like Zuus Country has rebranded, going back to The Country Network, including use of the old TCN logo.
  • KUDF-LD 14.x Tucson (LM Media Group, Inc.) has added a new subchannel, 14.2, which so far is infomercials. It is a channel for lease, according to my Tucson-area source. Perhaps Good News TV may finally succeed in getting a Tucson outlet? They've been trying to lease a channel in the Old Pueblo for several years.
  • KTNV-TV 13.x Las Vegas NV (Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLC) has begun airing Grit on channel 13.3, replacing Heroes & Icons.
  • KVMY 21.x (2) Las Vegas NV (Channel 33, LLC) dropped Comet TV from channel 21.3 and replaced it with Heroes & Icons, then moved H&I to channel 21.1, moving Antenna TV to channel 21.4. Programming on channels 21.2 and 21.3 is unknown; there is no indication of any programming on those two subchannels.


  • Meredith Corporation has added a Memorandum of Understanding to its applications to transfer control of its stations to Meredith Media General Corporation, following anticipated consummation of the merger with Media General. The Memorandum states that for the purposes of the incentive auction, the successor company would use Meredith's FRN and password associated with each station as of Dec. 8, 2015, and that the FCC will not liable for any use of the shared FRN and password. The Memorandum also binds the successor company to whatever actions are taken by Meredith on behalf of each station before consummation of the merger. KTVK 3.x (24) Phoenix, KPHO 5.x (17) Phoenix and KVVU-TV 5.x (9) Henderson NV are the only auction-eligible stations involved in the merger with potential viewers in Arizona.
  • Media General has terminated its merger agreement with Meredith Corporation in favor of a new merger agreement with Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc. As a result, KTVK and KPHO and their translators will not be part of a Meredith Media General corporation, but instead, KASW 61.x (49) Phoenix and its owned translators K34EE-D Prescott/Cottonwood and K34EF-D Kingman, will be part of Nexstar Media Group. Meanwhile, Meredith Corporation will collect $60 million as part of the termination agreement.
  • Ion Media Networks has filed a new restructuring plan, with a slight change to KPPX-TV 51.x Phoenix (America 51, LP). The licensee of KPPX will remain America 51, LP, reasons unknown. All other changes occur upstream in the ownership.

Construction permits and STAs granted

  • FanVision Entertainment LLC has requested and granted an STA to operate a temporary TV station on channel 44 from March 8 through March 15 at Phoenix Int'l Raceway for events surrounding the Good Sam 500, scheduled to be run on March 13.

License Renewals

  • KNBX-CD 31.x (14) Las Vegas NV (Mako Communications LLC) has been granted a license renewal following a settlement with the FCC in which Mako makes a "voluntary" donation to the FCC (in lieu of a penalty) and admits to not filing required children's programming reports during 2012.


1. On Saturday, February 6 2016, 06:21 by Trip Ericson

It's easy to miss, since it's not entered into the FCC database correctly an I can't find it in ECFS, but KPPX petitioned to relocate from channel 51 to channel 31, presumably to allow T-Mobile to use the A-block (former channel 52) now that it's buying that spectrum.

2. On Saturday, February 6 2016, 10:47 by RDvegas

The license renewal of KNBX-31 Las Vegas, and their non-penalty agreement, might explain the sudden appearance not long ago of E/I programming on History Of Television 31.4. Each morning that network is not providing some E/I material. Also, HOT has changed their line-up of programming, it seems, as they have reached back into the vaults for some rarely seen public domain series, such as as The Texan, Red Skelton. Red Ryder, Thin Man, Rocky Jones Space Ranger, etc.

KVMY 21.2 and 21.3 are not airing a PSIP, thus no programming, yet. It seems logical that Comet will reappear on one of those subs, and Decades could take a landing on the other soon whenever (if) those subs activate. Don't expect any advance publicity from Sinclair or Stirk, the owners of KVMY.

GET TV disappeared for several hours this week from KSNV 3.3 in Vegas, but was replaced with a simulcast of THIS TV from KVCW 33.3. By the end of that day, GET was back home on 3.3, and THIS continued on 33.3 as usual.

3. On Saturday, February 6 2016, 10:50 by rdvegas

Change the line above to read: Each morning that network is NOW providing some E/I material.

4. On Sunday, February 7 2016, 17:36 by dhett

I'm surprised that KPPX isn't moving to channel 14, as the FCC opened that channel for them to use in 2012 (http://www.rabbitears.info/oddsande... ). KPPX will have to clear channel 31 with Mexico, as it's being used in Nogales for XHNSS-TDT.

5. On Sunday, February 7 2016, 17:41 by dhett

As a class A station, KNBX-CD is required to air a minimum of 3 hours of E/I programming per week __on each subchannel__. That includes HOT TV. I'm not sure how KPDF-CD 41.x Phoenix and KHDF-CD 19.x Las Vegas get away with their For Lease slides 24/7.

6. On Sunday, February 7 2016, 21:09 by Trip Ericson

Channel 31 is already available for KPPX in Table 6 of the FCC's incentive auction coordination with Mexico.

7. On Monday, February 8 2016, 10:38 by dhett

Something new and something missed:

Programming changes

* KFPB-LD 50.x Globe (Globe LPTV, LLC) has replaced the blue screen on channel 50.3 with Newsmax TV, which is also shown on channel 50.6. However, unlike channel 50.6, which has constant audio drop-outs (as do all of the KFPB subchannels), channel 50.3 has no audio at all.
* KLSV-LD 50.x Las Vegas (Biltmore Broadcasting Las Vegas, Inc.) has added channel 50.4 with a "For Lease" slide.

8. On Tuesday, February 9 2016, 00:56 by dhett

And now we have channel 38.7, airing Rev'n. K38IZ Digital has become the new home of Luken networks with Tuff TV on 38.2, Retro TV on 38.6 and Rev'n on 38.7. Might we see PBJ on 38.8 sometime soon?  Will K38IZ Digital clean up their video quality?  It's awful on several subchannels now.

9. On Wednesday, February 10 2016, 07:42 by Trip Ericson

I've been told PBJ has shut down, but haven't confirmed that yet. However, if you check the PBJ schedule on TitanTV, it now mirrors (or is very similar to) The Family Channel.

10. On Saturday, February 13 2016, 00:15 by dhett

Sorry to hear that - my stepdaughter Elizabeth loved that channel.

11. On Saturday, February 13 2016, 03:17 by dhett

Luken Communications has taken PBJ off their website. JTV is also gone from Luken's website; I wonder if they still handle JTV.

In other news, JTV is gone from channel 22.6, having been replaced by a blank channel. Also, channel 50.3 now is airing Comet TV.

12. On Thursday, February 18 2016, 00:06 by jslimm

I am only seeing video but getting no audio on channel 38.7 REV'N TV. Is anyone else getting audio? I do get video and audio on 38.1 through 38.6; but don't know if my receiver is compatible with 38.7

13. On Thursday, February 18 2016, 10:35 by dhett

Getting audio just fine on 38.7 now. It may have been a temporary issue, or if you're still experiencing no audio, then the problem is not from the station.

14. On Saturday, February 27 2016, 22:05 by Showlow

14.2 now shows a grachic that looks like a computer desktop.Tucson

15. On Wednesday, March 2 2016, 10:17 by Bryan

Channel 38.-1 to 38.7 in Phoenix have not been broadcasting since March 1. I can't find any news about why.

16. On Friday, March 11 2016, 00:13 by Showlow

Hope the February update will be up soon. Thanks for the updates, always informative.