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Arizona TV Station Update - November 2015

As always, questions, additions, comments and corrections welcome.

New licenses

  • K16EO-D 9.x Oro Valley/Tucson (Journal Broadcast Corporation) requested and was granted a license to cover its flash cut to digital. Technical specifications: Ch 16; TL 32° 12' 51" N, 111° 0' 19" W (Tumamoc Hill); ERP 9 kW directional (1.5° electrical beam tilt); HAAT 182 m.

Programming changes

  • K18JL-D 25.x Phoenix (Mako Communications LLC) has returned to airing Amazing Facts TV (AFTV) on channel 25.1, replacing 3ABN Proclaim!
  • KPHE-LD 44.x (16) Phoenix (Lotus TV of Phoenix LLC) has changed a subchannel and added new one. On channel 44.4, PBJ has been replaced by Live Gospel TV, a Quebec-based ministry. Meanwhile, channel 44.5 has appeared, bearing the PSIP short description of "SALUD". It is a Spanish-language health and lifestyle channel, but it is unknown whether it is a network feed or a compilation of programming from the Spanish-speaking world. To date, the channel has featured a show with a .eu web address, suggesting Spanish origin, and a show from Uruguay. The broadcast has had a few technical difficulties.
  • KVMY 21.x (2) Las Vegas NV (Channel 33, Inc.) is going to be changing its affiliations soon, with Heroes & Icons on channel 21.1 and Decades TV on channel 21.2, according to the two diginets' websites, and Comet TV is still rumored for channel 21.3. What would happen to the Antenna TV and Cozi TV programming currently on KVMY is unknown, but with KVMY no longer being owned by Sinclair, it's conceivable that the digitnets would migrate to one of the two stations that Sinclair still owns, KSNV or KVCW.
  • KNBX-CD 31.x (14) Las Vegas NV (Mako Communications LLC) has gotten HOT again, on channel 31.4.
  • KGNG-LD 47.x (48) Las Vegas NV (King Kong Broadcasting) has replaced AVIVA programming on channel 47.2 with Buzzr, supplemented Movies+ programming on channel 47.5 with The Works, and replaced NewsMax TV on channel 47.8 with The Justice Channel.
  • XHAPS 12.x (22) Agua Prieta SO (Gobierno del Estado de Sonora) is broadcasting in digital. The station has only its primary subchannel and broadcasts Telemax programming. Technical specifications: Ch 22; TL 31° 18' 42" N, 109° 32' 5" W; ERP 2.5 kW.
  • XHNAC 7.x (33) Naco SO (Gobierno del Estado de Sonora) is broadcasting in digital. The station has only its primary subchannel and broadcasts Telemax programming. Technical specifications: Ch 33; TL 31° 19' 38" N, 109° 56' 55" W; ERP 0.036 kW.
  • XHCAN 4.x (25) Cananea SO (Televisión Azteca SA de CV) is broadcasting in digital. The station has only its primary subchannel and broadcasts Azteca 7 programming. Technical specifications: Ch 25; TL 30° 58' 57" N, 110° 18' 18" W; ERP 5.11 kW.
  • XHFA 2.x (15) Nogales SO (Televisión Azteca SA de CV) is broadcasting in digital. The station has only its primary subchannel and broadcasts Azteca 13 programming. Technical specifications: Ch 15; TL 31° 18' 7" N, 110° 56' 28" W; ERP 77.34 kW.
  • XHNSS 7.x (31) Nogales SO (Jaime Juaristi Santos) has changed its virtual channel from 31.x to 7.x, matching its analog assignment.
  • XHNOA 22.x (24) Nogales SO (Televisión Azteca SA de CV) is broadcasting in digital. The station has only its primary subchannel and broadcasts Azteca 7 programming. Technical specifications: Ch 24; TL 31° 18' 7" N, 110° 56' 28" W; ERP 76.82 kW.
  • XHNOS 50.x (41) Nogales SO (Televimex SA de CV) is broadcasting in digital. The station has only its primary subchannel and broadcasts Canal de las Estrellas programming. Technical specifications: Ch 41; TL 31° 19' 39" N, 110° 57' 8" W; ERP 35 kW.


  • KMSB 11.x (25) Tucson (Sander Operating Company V LLC D/B/A KMSB Television) has been granted its request for assignment back to TEGNA, formerly Gannett. KMSB has also been granted a temporary waiver of the duopoly rule to allow retention of a Joint Sales Agreement (JSA) with KTTU for a nine-month period following consummation of the sale of the station back to TEGNA. In its grant, the FCC notes that the nine-month period was not necessary, as KMSB had authority from the FCC's 2014 Quadrennial Review Order, as amended by Congress, to keep the JSA until December 19, 2016. However, grant of KMSB's request provides sufficient time to transition even if, for whatever reason, the sales would not have been consummated prior to March 19, 2016. Although KMSB and KTTU were formerly part of a duopoly while owned by Belo, there are no longer enough independent owners in the Tucson market to allow any more duopolies; Journal Broadcast Company's duopoly with KGUN and KWBA was granted pursuant to a failing station waiver, and left the Tucson station with only seven independent owners, prior to Belo's sale to Gannett. With the sale of KMSB and KTTU to separate owners, there are again eight independent owners in the market. The only way another duopoly would be allowed is by waiver, unless a station could be proven to meet the conditions for a failing station, that is not likely to happen.
  • KPPX-TV 51.x Tolleson (America 51, LP) has been granted its pro forma assignment of license to Ion Media Phoenix License, LLC. The transaction has not yet been consummated.
  • KOB-TV, LLC, has been granted an involuntary pro forma assignment from Stanley S. Hubbard to the Shareholders of Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc. due to changes in voting interest following the death of a shareholder. Arizona stations under KOB ownership include K43GQ-D 12.x Klagetoh and K49ET-D 12.x Many Farms.

Construction permits and STAs granted

  • Live Sports Radio, LLC, was granted its two applications for new digital stations in the Phoenix area. It is presumed that the intent is to provide live play-by-play coverage to fans in the stands at the Fiesta Bowl on Jan. 1, 2016 and the College Football National Championship on Jan. 11, 2016, both to be held at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale.

Canceled, Dismissed, Expired or Expiring

  • KLHU-CD 45.x Lake Havasu City (Jensen Investments, FLP) has surrendered its license and has gone off the air. Further discussion on Radio Info's Arizona TV Forum (grateful tip of the hat to K.M. Richards for further research).

Mexican DTV Transition

  • Agua Prieta, SO, is one of the cities designated for analog shutoff on December 11.
  • Analog shutoff is to occur in the rest of Mexico on December 31. Border cities affected include Nogales, Sasabe and Sonoyta, all in Sonora. All other Sonoran border cities are already broadcasting exclusively in digital.


1. On Saturday, December 5 2015, 08:49 by TVinAZ

Does Antenna TV move to 3.3 or 33.3 in Las Vegas, and COZI to 5.2? Sinclair doesn't have any other station that carries COZI, and they're adding Antenna in many markets.

2. On Friday, December 11 2015, 10:10 by RDvegas

KMCC-34 Las Vegas/Laughlin has switched out their two sub-channels (.2 and .3) that had carried The Cool, and now both provide duplicate feeds of The Queue. A recent trip to Laughlin failed to find the Laughlin repeater signal, and the Henderson signal fails to operate or cover the NW part of the Vegas Valley. It's assumed that the Dolan Springs trans is operational.

3. On Tuesday, December 15 2015, 09:54 by Tim Foley

KSAZ has corrected the aspect ratio on 10.2 to fit widescreen TV's correctly. There is no more picture frame or stretched appearance to the image.

KUTP has corrected the aspect ratio of 45.2 (Movies) to also fill in the screen in a widescreen format. They have returned 45.3 (Buzzr) to a standard non-widescreen format.

4. On Saturday, December 19 2015, 10:20 by RDvegas

Comet launched Friday late afternoon on KVMY 21.3 Las Vegas reaching some Arizona viewers.

5. On Saturday, January 2 2016, 12:39 by Bleen Gloob

Looks like KPHE ended their relationship with Luken to become the newest religious Taliban hate channel in Spanish and English.........what a way to start the new year off.

6. On Tuesday, January 5 2016, 05:08 by dhett

LATV is the only new programming on KPHE for the new year, and that's absolutely secular.

There is no hate on any station in Phoenix - religious or otherwise. Just because you may not agree with the programming doesn't make it hate. Branding it as such makes you look like the intolerant one, and somehow, I don't think that's an accurate assessment, either.

7. On Tuesday, January 5 2016, 20:58 by Bleen Gloob

The following shows on 44.4 are purveyors of Taliban like Christianity......absolute hate:
The 700 Club.
Kenneth Copeland
John Hagee
Joyce Meyer
This is for starters............it is a hate channel, much in the same as KPAZ. It is offensive. It is the same as pornography. It is the most dangerous drug in the world and has killed more people than any disease.......religion.

8. On Tuesday, January 5 2016, 21:40 by Showlow

I thought this board was to inform people of new channels not to be someones soap box?

9. On Wednesday, January 6 2016, 10:28 by Trip Ericson

Let's keep this civil. Stations, like individuals, have free speech rights, whether we agree with what they say or not.

10. On Wednesday, January 6 2016, 11:24 by Bleen Gloob

True Tripp, and exactly my point. The airwaves belong to the public and TV stations are supposed to serve the public interest. Now, how are they serving the public interest if they promote hate....i.e. airing programs that attack gay people or women that had an abortion, etc.?
Personally, any station that airs such crap should be deleted from your broadcast list and ignored.

11. On Thursday, January 7 2016, 00:42 by dhett

Bleen, for over 50 years, I have been familiar with the message the above-referenced ministries promote, and promote it myself. There is no hate in their message, or in mine, and your comparison to the Taliban is completely without merit. Calling homosexuality or abortion a sin is no more an attack than is calling adultery, stealing, murder, lying or jealousy a sin - disapproval does not equal hate.  If it did, then I could accuse you of hatred for disagreeing with me.  Do you hate me because I call all of those activities sin?

Further, the stations you reference do serve the public interest; they just don't serve yours. You are a part of the public, but not the entirety. I am also a part of the public, and those stations do serve in my interest.

12. On Thursday, January 7 2016, 11:01 by Razz

I have to agree with comments about KPHE channel 44.4 and will add that the much of the programming appears to be ancient reruns (10-20 yrs ago) of some content, such as 700 Club... from what extremely little I've seen. Like Phoenix needed yet another religious network.

Since I did not see it listed, KPHE channel 44.1 was changed from 'Telemax' to 'LatinTV', about two weeks ago. Telemax was moved to KPHE channel 44. 2, replacing RetroTV. Channel 44.6 still retains 'SmartAZ', a combination of religious and dubious health/lifestyle content. It and Rev'n are the only two english-speaking networks in this channel block now, so I've deleted the entirety from my TV tuner's settings. Just as I have with every other Latin, religious, and home shopping network that makes up approximately 2/3rds of the 67 OTA channels that I can receive.

I'm still annoyed by KTVK dropping 'THIS TV', in favor of turning channel 3.2 into a 24/7 news channel to show duplicate content from channel 3.1 and rerun news content at other times. They put KPHO's '24/7 Weather Channel' (formerly on KPHO 5.2) on channel 3.3, apparently to make room for 'COZI TV' on it's sister network, KPHO 5.2... Even though 'COZI TV' is already available on KTAZ (Telemundo) channel 39.3.

On the topic of religion and hate, I do not typically discuss religion. However, as a gay male over 50, myself, I wish to point out that several televangelists have been hateful and condescending in their preachings over the years. Jerry Falwell immediately comes to mind... So statements that hate against homosexuals isn't televised on religious TV programs are blatant falsehoods. As for it being a sin... That would indicate that it is a 'lifestyle' choice or upbringing/environment , rather than a matter of birth and genetic differences. I can assure you that it is not a 'choice'. I was born as I am and was 'State-ordered' to see a child psychologist from 1st through 3rd grade, because my 1st Grade teacher reported that I was shy of other boys and was displaying "feministic tendencies" and homosexuality was still considered a serious mental illness until 1969. It is the tenets of religious doctrine (of whatever flavor) and fear/distrust that is the cause and foundation of homophobia and hate against homosexuals. Which is an absurd heterosexual ego trip... Certain that every gay male is attracted to them and secretly longs for them. BULL! That fear and hate is on those people, not me... No one has given me cause to hate them, individually. People that do evil in the name of, or in the guise of, a religion are still doing evil. Hated IS an evil and many 'Oh So Than Thou' practice it because their religion says it is their duty to act in such a manner.

Having voiced my opinion, I will concur that this is a forum for informing/discussing DTV issues, such as reporting changes in networks and/or TV programming. Let's try to stick to that format, shall we?!

13. On Thursday, January 7 2016, 11:08 by Trip Ericson

Folks, I really don't want to have to moderate content here. Let's please keep off the subject of religion (and politics) and on the subject of TV. Thanks.