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Arizona TV Station Update - October 2015

As always, questions, additions, comments and corrections welcome.

Programming changes

  • KUTP 45.x (26) Phoenix (Fox Television Stations, Inc.) was scheduled to replace the SD Fox 10 simulcast on channel 10.2 with the Heroes & Icons diginet, also on channel 10.2, effective November 1. The new programming is now expected to begin on November 9.
  • KASW 61.x (49) Phoenix (Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.) was scheduled to add Decades TV on channel 61.2 on October 28. The new subchannel is now slated to debut on November 9.
  • KFPB-LD 50.x Globe (Globe LPTV) has replaced infomercials on channel 50.6 with Newsmax TV. The feed is plagued by a poor-quality signal.
  • K33MD-D 33.x Yuma (BGM License, LLC) is on the air. It rebroadcasts XHILA-TDT 66.1 Mexicali BCN, but not the other subchannels of XHILA.
  • K39KW-D Yuma (Good News Broadcasting Network, Inc.) is on the air. It broadcasts the standard GNTV lineup - GNTV on Program 1, which is a mix of 3ABN, The Hope Channel, and LLBN programming, GNTV Latino on Program 2, which is a mix of 3ABN Latino and Esperanza TV, Proclaim! on Program 3, and a mix of programming on Program 4. The PSIP for the channel was not operational at the time of viewing, so the channel numbers all showed up as 0.0.
  • KVMY 21.x (2) Las Vegas (Channel 33, Inc.) is rumored to be adding Comet TV to channel 21.3 at some unspecified time, although a person claiming to be the chief engineer with Sinclair's Boise ID stations disputes the notion that it will be any time soon. A technicality: KVMY is no longer owned by Sinclair, although they still host the station and rent the broadcast equipment to the new owner.
  • KGNG-LD 47.x (48) Las Vegas NV (King Kong Broadcasting, Inc.) has replaced its feed on channel 47.8 with Newsmax TV, and temporarily replaced AVIVA TV on channel 47.2 with horror programming for Halloween, then went back to AVIVA. Rumor puts Buzzr TV on channel 47.2 sometime in the near future, though, and programming from The Works is to be added to its Movies+ lineup on channel 47.5.
  • XHLRT-TDT 44.x (32) San Luis Rio Colorado SO (Televimex) is on the air with programming from Canal de las Estrellas on channel 44.1.
  • XHRCS-TDT 50.x (30) San Luis Rio Colorado SO (Gobierno de Estado de Sonora) is on the air with programming from Telemax on channel 50.1. The station's digital power output is much better than its analog output was, so now the station puts a strong signal into Yuma.


  • KPPX-TV 51.x Tolleson (America 51, L.P.) has requested a pro forma assignment of license to Ion Media Phoenix License, LLC, as part of corporate restructuring.
  • KMSB 11.x (25) Tucson (Sander Operating Company V LLC D/B/A KMSB Television) has amended two temporary waiver requests as part of its proposed sale back to TEGNA, formerly Gannett Co., Inc. TEGNA has withdrawn its request for a temporary waiver of the newspaper-broadcast cross-ownership rule, following execution of a Voting and Proxy Agreement with TEGNA by Carl Icahn and some of his associates who have interests in Gannett's newspaper holdings. The agreement by Icahn removes his interests in TEGNA, making the waiver no longer necessary. In addition, KMSB currently has a joint sales agreement (JSA) with KTTU, licensed to Tucker Operating Co., LLC, whereby KMSB sells KTTU's advertising time. KMSB had requested temporary waiver of the duopoly rule to allow retention of the JSA for the time period that Congress had established for unwinding those agreements. TEGNA is now seeking a nine-month period following consummation of the sale from Sander, to give KTTU time to transition away from the JSA.
  • Media General, Inc., has amended and restated its Articles of Incorporation as part of its proposed merger with Meredith Corporation.
  • KVMY 21.x (2) Las Vegas NV (Southern Nevada Communications, LLC) has been approved to be transferred to Channel 33, Inc., under the ownership of Armstrong Williams. The transaction has been consummated.

Construction permits and Special Temporary Authorizations (STAs) granted

  • K44ST-D Avondale (Higgs Law Group LLC) applied for and was granted an STA to operate a temporary low-power digital station serving Phoenix International Raceway on RF channel 44. Fan Vision Entertainment, LLC, will operate the station, which is authorized to operate from November 10-17, 2015.

Construction permits and Special Temporary Authorizations (STAs) requested

  • Live Sports Radio, LLC, has filed two applications for new digital stations in the Phoenix area. It is presumed that the intent is to provide live play-by-play coverage to fans in the stands at the Fiesta Bowl on Jan. 1, 2016 and the College Football National Championship on Jan. 11, 2016, both to be held at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale. It is expected that these applications will be approved quickly.

License renewals

The following stations are still awaiting renewal of their licenses:

  • KBFY-LP 41 Fortuna (Powell Meredith Communications Company)
  • KCOS-LP 28 Phoenix (Aracelis Ortiz Corporation)
  • KHRR 40.x Tucson (NBC Telemundo License LLC)
  • KJPO-LD 49.x Parker (Iglesia Manmin Toda La Creacion USA INC.)
  • KRPO-LD 21.x Quartzsite (Jenifer Juarez)
  • KTAZ 39.x Phoenix (NBC Telemundo License LLC)
  • KZVE-LP 30 Littlefield (Hispanic Christian Community Network, Inc.)
  • KMCC 34.x (32) Laughlin NV (Cranston Acquisition, LLC)
  • K33MB-D 34.X Laughlin NV (Cranston Acquisition, LLC)
  • KVTE-LP 35 Las Vegas NV (Mountain Ridge Holdings, Inc.)
  • KBLR 39.x (40) Paradise NV (Telemundo Las Vegas License LLC)
  • KSNV 3.x (22) Las Vegas NV (KUPN Licensee, LLC) - filed as KVMY.
  • KVCW 33.x (29) Las Vegas NV (Channel 33, Inc.)
  • KNBX-CD 31.x (14) Las Vegas NV (Mako Communications, LLC)
  • KMYU 12.x (9) St. George UT (KUTV Licensee, LLC)
  • K07SC Hildale UT (KUTV Licensee, LLC)
  • K49AS-D 2.x Santa Clara UT (KUTV Licensee, LLC)
  • K08PC-D 2.x Hildale UT (KUTV Licensee, LLC)


1. On Thursday, November 5 2015, 22:10 by Tim Foley

KSAZ 10.3 has shown on up my TV as a blank (data only) channel. The PSIP is displaying 10.3 "Heroes". The channel currently has no audio or video feeding through.

2. On Saturday, November 7 2015, 02:46 by dhett

Correct - Heroes & Icons is now on channel 10.3 in Phoenix. Whereas the SD simulcast of KSAZ-TV is on virtual channel 10.2, but is actually on a subchannel of KUTP, Heroes & Icons on virtual channel 10.3 is actually a subchannel of KSAZ-TV.

3. On Monday, November 9 2015, 02:58 by dhett

A communication from the Mexican Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) dated last Friday, Nov. 6, sets an analog shutoff date for Agua Prieta SON of December 11. Station XHAPT channel 17 is the only station mentioned in the communication as affected. I'm not sure if XHAPS channel 12 is off the air or already digital; I have never been able to receive the channel when in the area.

4. On Monday, November 9 2015, 22:44 by dhett

8:45 pm November 9, and Decades TV is now on KASW channel 61.2.

5. On Tuesday, November 10 2015, 03:34 by Tim Foley

Yes, it showed up on my tuner this evening. 720p widescreen. Very interesting.

6. On Friday, November 20 2015, 10:17 by rdvegas

KGNG 47 Las Vegas has been busy the last few days. First The Works was added to the 47.5 sub-channel during some of the dayparts to augment the existing Movies+ programming and local syndication. Then Buzzr landed on 47.2 bumping Hispanic AVIVA. Yesterday, Justice took over 47.8, bumping NewMax. NewsMax is expected to resurface on a KEEN-17 sub-channel. It's not clear if AVIVA will resurface anytime soon..

7. On Wednesday, December 2 2015, 00:32 by Tim Foley

With some help from yours truly, KUTP 45.2 (Movie) is now braodcasting in a 480i widescreen format. I had contacted the Movies Network directly about the "picture frame" format over the weekend. I also contacted the station directly. I just tuned in to the channel and I see it is now in 480i wide format.

8. On Wednesday, December 2 2015, 01:07 by Tim Foley

I see KUTP 45.3 is also broadcasting in a widescreen format too.