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Echostar Expands Channel 56

I got a note from a friend near Raleigh, NC yesterday letting me know that it appears Echostar is running a channel 56 transmitter there with a still "Dish" graphic on it. I got him to send me a transport stream capture and, sure enough, it's running Mobile DTV. Here's what's on it, according to the channel labels:

56-1 INFO
56-2 HGTV
56-3 DISC
56-5 TOON
56-6 FOOD
56-7 TNT
56-8 CNN

Plus ESG (Electronic Service Guide) data. It looks like on 1/31 Echostar notified the FCC that it would be adding transmitters in several locations. I will be adding them to the Echostar page under Discontinued Services (which I will soon have to move to "Active Services" it seems). Those locations are:

Durham, NC
Ann Arbor, MI
Dickerson, MD
Jacksonville, FL
Mount Pleasant, PA
Janesville, WI
Kannapolis, NC
West Bend, WI
Tuscaloosa, AL
Cleveland, OH

I can't figure out what the pattern is there, if any. If anyone else has any ideas, please let me know.


1. On Wednesday, May 15 2013, 08:52 by Ed

Trip... I'm seeing a sub-decode DTV signal on channel 56 beaming towards Tuscaloosa this morning.

73, Ed NN2E

2. On Thursday, May 16 2013, 00:45 by w9wi

Well, that's interesting...

FWIW Janesville is NOT in the Chicago market. (although Echostar seems to feel otherwise :) ) The listed coordinates are a few miles east of the city.

West Bend, on the other hand, is well within the Milwaukee market.

Neither site is well suited for covering the markets in question. Either these are the first sites of an eventual larger network, or market research has told them these areas are more likely to subscribe...

3. On Thursday, May 16 2013, 07:24 by Trip Ericson

I know it's not in the Chicago market, but Janesville is within its Chicago license with the FCC. Thus, that is how I have listed it.

4. On Sunday, May 19 2013, 22:09 by w9wi

Yep, I could tell that information came from the FCC (which I guess is you :) ) & really, in the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, "market" doesn't necessarily mean the same thing it does in the Media Bureau.

Really I have to think these are just the first sites of a forthcoming larger system

5. On Sunday, June 9 2013, 16:38 by Ed

More on WQJZ220...


73, Ed NN2E

6. On Monday, June 10 2013, 15:02 by NoReDist

Interestingly, friend was in the Poconos this weekend and saw them pumping that slide through the cable system there. OSD was carrying through SI as 56.1 too.
Wonder where that one was aired from? Mt Pleasant is on other side of the state.

7. On Monday, June 10 2013, 15:31 by NoReDist

BTW, he was looking for WOLF to watch something on FOX (that just sounds odd) and that led to the discovery. WOLF uses vc 56.1 in that market and I thought it interesting.

8. On Wednesday, July 3 2013, 07:08 by Scott Greczkowski

Looks like DISH wants to do this in 40 Markets.