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The Big Announcement

Yes, it has finally happened, I have gained employment. On November 8, I moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee, and on November 14, I began working for Luken Communications, parent company of networks RTV, Tuff TV, My Family TV, PBJ, Frost Great Outdoors (FGO), My Car TV, The Nashville Network (TNN), and more networks to come. I am working in a dual role at the company, in both affiliate relations and engineering. One of my main tasks will be dealing with the chain of LPTV stations recently purchased from Trinity via the MMTC, but it will be one task among many. So far, I am enjoying my work and have high hopes that it will continue to be enjoyable for the forseeable future.

So what does this mean for RabbitEars? It should mean nothing, except that my daytime availability may be limited in terms of answering e-mails. Part of the reason the people at Luken wanted to have me on board was to ensure that I was not discouraged from maintaining RabbitEars by some other potential employer. In addition, my position will require some amount of travel, which will allow me to collect additional data on stations for RabbitEars, potentially improving the site in that manner.

To address the questions that I know are coming, here's the DX Tool page for my new apartment, TVFool for my new apartment, FMFool for my new apartment, and an AVS Forum thread about the issues I'm having. I will post an FM bandscan for my new apartment at some point in the future, though likely not here. No, I cannot tell you what additional networks Luken has in the pipeline. No, I cannot provide a photographic tour of Luken Communications at this time, as I did with the WDBJ studios and transmitter; however, in the future I will see if there would be any way to make such a thing happen.

Should you have any additional questions, feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment. Have a pleasant week!


1. On Monday, November 28 2011, 21:35 by Jim D


You'll do them well and maybe you'll get up to the DC area (or I'll get to the Chattanooga area).


2. On Monday, November 28 2011, 21:42 by Dave

Congratulations! I'm glad to see you are working within the realm of broadcasting. Good luck!

3. On Monday, November 28 2011, 23:18 by Satpro

Congrats, Very Cool, and in this job market ... Eastern TN is a nice place to live but reception is a problem. Always have problems there except when I was up on Lookout mountain at Ruby Falls. Been to that area many times on my way to Nashville or Ober Gatlinburg (another reception problem for the Knoxville market). Perhaps you will have to get cable, satellite, or Uverse to fill in the gaps. Good luck and enjoy it.

4. On Tuesday, November 29 2011, 06:31 by Mr Pogi

Excellent! Good luck with the job, and the new location.

I know you cannot tell us what additional networks Luken has in the pipeline. But perhaps you and I can push some of my locals into carrying MORE LUKEN NETWORKS!

5. On Tuesday, November 29 2011, 11:25 by dkreichen1968

Yes, like Mr. Pogi I'd like to see Luken Networks in my area also. One or two strong LP stations off of Cheyenne Mountain would make cable an even bigger waste.

6. On Tuesday, November 29 2011, 12:14 by Larry

Congratulations on the new job, Trip! It sounds both interesting as well as a nice challenge. I think you're going to have fun on this job, and I know that Luken Networks has got themselves a great new employee. All the best for great success!

7. On Tuesday, November 29 2011, 15:04 by Ryan N2RJ

Congrats Trip! I like that area of Tennessee.

8. On Tuesday, November 29 2011, 19:32 by Chips

Congrats Trip, I hope you and Luken good success.

9. On Wednesday, November 30 2011, 01:05 by oldschooltv

I've been following your posts on radio-info for many years and have to say you're a stand-up guy and true professional. Luken is more than fortunate to have someone like you. Best of luck in your new endeavors!

10. On Wednesday, November 30 2011, 10:44 by Roy

You will be a real big help to them with your knowledge. Good Luck

11. On Thursday, December 1 2011, 00:45 by itsthemultipath!

Great! I am so happy for you, getting a job in your field (okay, I'm a tiny bit jealous, too, as my work is unrelated to my hobbies).
I'll be looking at 24.2 for the improved RTV!

12. On Thursday, December 1 2011, 22:52 by Brian in CT

Good for you! I'm glad you will still have time for Rabbitears.info to boot. If a business trip ever takes you to Fairfield County, I would like to meet you in person and "pick your brain" about broadcasting. About the only time I get to talk about our hobby with people who care is at WTFDA conventions.

13. On Saturday, December 3 2011, 03:24 by re_nelson

I've expressed my congratulations via e-mail but also felt it would be good to do so likewise in this venue. So, again, best wishes in the Scenic City and as I said in that e-mail, take a break from work and ride the incline!

14. On Tuesday, December 13 2011, 19:00 by MARIO


Now a question, Do you know if PBJ and TUFF TV will be seen on el PASO TX, LAS CRUCES NM, CD. JUAREZ, AREA?