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KRBK Hires SpokeSnuffy to Promote New FOX Affiliation

A friend of mine who lives in the Springfield MO market is very upset about the moving of FOX from KSFX to KRBK, the latter of which has... poor over-the-air coverage, to say the least. It's non-existent in Springfield itself, for starters. He wrote this article that I could not help but post here. Enjoy.


New FOX affiliate KRBK announced today that they’ve hired beloved Sesame Street icon Mr. Snuffleupagus as their new spokesman. Snuffy, as he’s commonly known, commented, "KRBK is a great station, they're just like me… no one believes they exist, but I do. Big Bird can see both of us." KRBK stated, "We know we’re jerking the Ozarks around about our signal, so we thought it would be a great idea to hire a spokesman who can relate to our situation. We do note that Big Bird can get KRBK since he put an antenna on his head and he's tall enough to get our signal."

FOX KRBK also commented, "We really are going all out to convince people we’re for real. The fact we thought transmitters grew on trees was just wrong. We then bought some blue pills thinking they'd get our tower up, but all it did was create smurfs." Snuffy went on to say, "I really feel sorry for them. I went through this for 15 years on Sesame Street, until finally someone other than Bird saw me."

Big Bird added, "I get FOX KRBK and although they have an unhealthy obsession with the Rams, I still watch their infomericals and really bad cut-ins. They claim to be HD, but that's not true; the signal makes their programs look even lousier. At my lake cabin, FOX KRBK is about the only thing I can get, and hopefully when I get my satellite dish, I will be able to watch something other than this. I miss watching Mister Rogers."

KRBK is working to get a signal on the air by April 31.


1. On Friday, August 19 2011, 16:28 by Joe

It's now August 19th and they are still not on the air in Springfield. They have said they hope to get it done by Sept 1.

2. On Sunday, August 21 2011, 08:46 by John

its now August 21st and their wasting their time with fooling around with their spokesperson, verrryyy baddddd......

I would recommend that KSFX's management tries really hard to negotiate before hand.